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3 Tips for Designing the Perfect Product

What does The Bleed actually mean? It’s an area that may get cut off when the product is printed, but still needs to be filled so you don’t end up with unexpected spaces of white on your product when the product is actually made.

bleed line

The Bleed (though it sounds ominous) is nothing to fear — but there are a few points to note:

1.  You may not be able to see everything in the product area 

Zazzle has made many improvements to view options to help you easily identify missed areas while designing. For a lot of products, you may not be able to see everything in the design area in one view. If you don’t account for “The Bleed,” you may miss areas to design, increasing the chances that a customer might be unsatisfied with your product and return it.

2. You need to click “Art View”

When designing make sure to use the “Art View” by clicking the icon in the button strip on the upper left of the product realview. With this view, you can see details about the printable area not shown on “Product View.”

3. Make sure background designs extend to or past “The Bleed” line  

“The Bleed” line is the outermost red solid line. You want to make sure that important elements like text are inside this area, but that your background designs go all the way past “The Bleed” line, or the base color of the product will show through.

5 Simple Steps for Using Zazzle’s API

Zazzle provides a simple API that allows any third party to automatically generate a customized product with dynamic images and text. You can create a link from any image on your website to automatically generate a custom product for sale, while earning an extra 15% or more on top of your normal royalty if sales come through the link.

Here are 5 simple steps for using our API: 

1. Create a product template (or category of various product templates)

If you’re creating a category, make sure to use the same value for “URL parameter name” for all of your products. “URL Parameter Name” is located under the advanced menu in the design tool (the gears icon). It becomes available after the “Make this a template object” box is checked. Find more info for creating a product template here.

2. Declare your domain

This is the domain where you’ll be hosting your images. Make sure the domain you declare matches the domain you use, or it will show an error.

3. Set up your API links 

Go here. You will have two options: 1) a “template link” for one product and 2) a “template buffet” for a category of products. Enter the product ID number or select the category from the store you’ll want to use.

4. Enter placeholder data

This fills in all of your template fields. As you make changes, the link will automatically update with new information. This link is ready to be copied and pasted into your site for use! More info can be found here

5. Check out some sites using our API for inspiration 

Some great examples are Urban Dictionary and Cartoonize My Pet.

What’s the Best Royalty Range?

Have a great design? Make sure it gets the maximum views on our site, homepage or in emails by setting the royalty rate range within ten to fifteen percent. We recently held a Town Hall and discussed why. Learn more here.

FanMerch Updates

We’re excited to announce our new Frida Kahlo store on Zazzle. Fans of Kahlo will be happy to see media portraits, photographs and original graphics in the store.

Our Frida Kahlo store is also a part of our FanMerch program. Approved FanMerch submissions will post here instead of the main store. Click on “Get Started” to submit your designs. Excited to see your submissions!

en coyoacán


3 Responses to “Seller News and Updates”

  1. allfractup Says:

    When asked if products at 20% to 25% royalty rate are excluded from Zazzle’s promotions the answer was: yes.

    “A rule? We have a policy in marketing not to promote those royalty rate products”

    Why not bump down your prices first Zazzle? They are full retail price from the start. Even higher when it comes to perceived specialty items. Go ahead and exclude me from your paid promotions. I have a direct link from my web-based catalog of 79,000+ fractals straight to my Zazzle catalog. I don’t give a flip about your attempts to hide me in your search queries.

  2. Marilyn aka G-Ma Says:

    The link for “Enter placeholder data” does not work.

  3. Says:

    I do trust all the concepts you have presented on your post.
    They’re very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very quick for starters. May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

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