Seller Spotlight: Wasootch


Shannon (wasootch) has quite a varied background. She started her career in the electronics field, providing technical support and programming for a variety of tech companies. She then decided to pursue psychology — but always kept an interest in art and design. She never thought to pursue art as a career until she stumbled upon Zazzle. Shannon took some time to tell us about her background and favorite products.

I found Zazzle in 2009 and decided to give it a try. It was a great way to hone my design skills and get an idea of what customers like and are willing to purchase.

My style:

My style varies depending on what I’m trying to accomplish, so I guess it’s fairly eclectic. I tend to do a lot of girly designs, but I love getting a chance to work on something more “man-focused,” as well as something cute for kids. I also like trying to get “out of my box” so to speak and will intentionally try to work on a different design style from time to time. I love designing for Zazzle because it gives me a lot of freedom and is suited to my personality.

My inspiration:

Nature inspires me. I love getting outside to hike and walk. I’m also a bit of a photography fan, so I like getting out to take photos. I love to travel. A couple of years back my husband and I went on a trip to Namibia and Botswana and it inspired a lot of my designs.

My tips for other designers:

There is no magic bullet for everyone. I’ve always tried to be as original as possible and offer designs and products that customers can’t easily find anywhere else. Others follow trends and seem to do well with that. In my opinion, you should try to design with integrity and not copy the designs or design styles of other sellers because you just end up undercutting yourself and the other designer in the process. There are always niches that you can look for and you should design for those. I also believe that having relevant titles, descriptions and keywords are just as important as the design.

Elephant Floral Yellow Grey Baby Shower Invitation
Elephant Floral Yellow Grey Baby Shower Invitation by wasootch

I like elephants and I was playing around in Illustrator… just trying out the swirl tool options. I like this elephant design because the colors (yellow and grey) are unique. It’s not your typical baby shower invitation.

Top Secret Agent Mission Baby Gender Reveal Party Personalized Invites
Top Secret Agent Mission Baby Gender Reveal Party Personalized Invites by wasootch

A group of Zazzle designers have started a blog and we hold “design challenges” for blog posts. One of those challenges was gender reveal party invitations. Now, most of these are all baby pink and baby blue variations on baby shower designs. I thought I’d do something different and make a “secret agent” version. I figured why not? After all, these parties are for adults, not for kids.

Kid's Easter Activity Fun Sheet 8.5"x11" Notepad
Kid’s Easter Activity Fun Sheet 8.5″x11″ Notepad by wasootch

Sometimes I just want to try out new ideas on Zazzle’s different products. In this case, I used a notepad to create an Easter kid’s activity and coloring sheet.

Green Brown Personalized Bridal Shower Bingo Letterhead
Green Brown Personalized Bridal Shower Bingo Letterhead by wasootch

This is a new design where I used Zazzle’s letterhead paper to create a bridal shower bingo game. There is a matching brown and green floral bridal shower invitation for this design as well.

Tropical Toucan Destination Wedding Reception Only Cards
Tropical Toucan Destination Wedding Reception Only Cards by wasootch

Post-wedding reception only invitations are for couples who have had a destination wedding or a private ceremony, but still want to have a reception celebration at home with family and friends. A lot of the destination style designs feature beaches and sand. I wanted to do something a little different by designing a jungle featuring a toucan, butterflies and greenery.


3 Responses to “Seller Spotlight: Wasootch”

  1. Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve Says:

    Yeah, Shannon is getting the recognition she deserves. Lovely designs from a lovely person.!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Great article! Very interesting an unique designs!

  3. Ilene Says:

    Great interview by an awesome designer!

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