Father’s Day Series: Top Gifts for the New Dad


One of the scariest things we can do in life is to have a baby. Will you know what to do when they cry? Will they ever sleep (and will you)? So when that first Father’s Day rolls around and you’ve made it in one piece, it’s a major cause for celebration.

As we kick off our series for Father’s Day, we honor all the New Dads in our lives. Each of them deserves a special, meaningful gift, whether it’s practical, touching or funny.

For starters, every dad can use a new t-shirt — remember how much laundry a new family has to do? The “This Is How I Roll” Tee is a stylin’ choice for walks through the neighborhood, the park or the mall, or even lazing at home:

Baby Stroller - This is How I Roll Tees
Baby Stroller – This is How I Roll Tees by iloveyourshirt

For a more personalized homage, give him the “1st Father’s Day” Photo Card with a priceless pic of your little one:

1st Father's Day - Photo Card
1st Father’s Day – Photo Card by ryckycreations

And for the babe of honor, the “I’m your Father’s Day gift!” Baby Tee is an adorable memento for everyone:

Cute Father's Day shirt for baby to wear
Cute Father’s Day shirt for baby to wear by mollybhappy

Your baby is the ultimate gift, of course — and the umpteenth reason to celebrate your beloved new dad.

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