June Seller News and Updates


Marketplace Changes Coming

Zazzle is making changes that aim to increase traffic and sales for the entire Zazzle community.

Volume Bonus Becomes Associate Volume Bonus

We’re committed to providing strong incentives to all Zazzle community members to encourage each person to put in the extra effort in generating more awareness for products on Zazzle. With that in mind, starting July 1st, the current volume bonus structure will be transitioned to a Zazzle Associate Bonus Program. You can make money by referring customers to Zazzle. We believe that this new program will align the Zazzle community around generating the most revenue from referred traffic. As a Zazzle Seller you are already enrolled in this new program! We will also host a Zazzle Town Hall on Friday with questions and comments.

More Flexible Royalty Rate

Starting June 14th, we will change the standard royalty rate on newly published products to a new lowered threshold of 5%. This will give you additional flexibility in creating pricing that is consistent with your product promotional strategy. You will continue to have complete flexibility in naming your own royalty and the royalty rates you have already set will not be changed. All of your published products will continue to have the same royalty rate that you previously selected.

Stay Tuned

Zazzle is a community which consists of talented artists, designers, Sellers, and Associates like you. We are a thriving market today because all of our members and as always we are making changes to ensure growth for everyone. We’re excited to be sharing the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes to increase traffic and sales for all of our community. Are you as obsessed with mobile as we are? Great things are ahead with more news to come.

Kids’ Apparel Refresh

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.49.02 PM

We’re excited to announce new kids’ apparel! With the addition of 24 styles, we now have 40 total styles of kids’ apparel and over 450 total combinations of styles and colors.

We’ve teamed up with top brands, such as Hanes and American Apparel, to help you outfit your little ones.

Check out all of our new styles and colors!

Summer Designs Show-off

It’s officially summer and that means pool parties, BBQs, weddings and fun times in the sun. With all the events happening this season, it’s the prefect time to get your creativity flowing.

Whether it’s a summer-themed invite for the perfect destination beach wedding or custom postage for a BBQ get-together, we want to see your designs! Messenger bags, apparel and luggage tags are great picks this season for your imagination and designs.

Trend tips for this season: nautical, vintage and monogrammed designs are always “in.”

Go here to start creating!

Maker Faire Highlights


Zazzle was the Goldsmith Sponsor of Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 and hosted ‘Art, Meet Science’ – an installation where attendees could make artwork uniquely their own. San Francisco artists, including ProSeller Nidhi Chanani, created custom illustrations for Maker Faire that were transformed into giant coloring books.

The installation won three Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbons from Make Magazine!

Our partners Rickshaw Bagworks, DODOCase and Dawson Custom Workroom were also there to showcase these amazing pieces of art on locally manufactured products.

Watch our video!


46 Responses to “June Seller News and Updates”

  1. davidebarbanera Says:

    I’m glad to be part of Zazzle community, Though I stil not sold something here. Good Luck to all of you!

  2. Richard Says:

    I love this community

  3. Janet Summers-Tembeli Says:

    I love having a place to create products with my original art and digital designs. It has taken a while but I have finally started to sell and became a pro-seller. Be patient, create lots of quality designed products and success will come!

    • bobbeej Says:

      I keep creating, now having a glitch making cups because the software is not working properly; it acts like I am ordering, not saving to put it up for sale; but I have over 300 items now with my designs; I think the profit is very low, but if volume takes off, I can live with that; so hoping for lots of sales. . . .

  4. Mayra Pau Says:

    Zazzle does great prints of all my arts, which help me out on my sales

  5. Beverly Says:

    I am glad to be a part of Zazzle.

  6. Carolina Says:

    Nice Although never sold antything. Good luck

  7. basantsoni Says:

    Wonderful Site ..Always find best endeavor to Zazzle community to satisfy.all customers through out the world ..My best wishes to entire Zazzle team for their best quality prints & misc.products. by changing & updating themes…!! .
    Till date even after sale i have not withdrawn any amount from my balance However i couldn’t create new product since past 3 4 months as i was away from my home town to UK trip ..Now planning to create some products from my new images/work on
    “Eco Friendly concept of Organic Art..

  8. Michael Says:

    Myself I feel its about quality art, patients and in due season one begins to see the results. I am new and I know its about quality arts and patients to get up the hill to see the results of ones hard work :-)
    Nothing comes free in this world and its always taken hard work to make it up the hill sort to speak as its always been that away be it when people were farmers or? It always takes hard work and patients and faith in Gods love too :-) I admit its not always easy to understand these new ways in computers as its the new age of the times we live in and the more man creates higher tech knowledge the more one needs to learn to operate it ! I’m 58 years old and a body of pain, but I look for the moments when I am ready after resting my weary body so I can place a new item in and do my dearest :-) Blessings to all,

  9. Adrien Antelme Says:

    goood luck all

  10. amokarts Says:

    I love using Zazzle about my only complaint is I used to sell a lot of my Flying Tigers Keds Sneakers, but now they’re gone. What happened to Keds and when are they coming back.

  11. Kimberly Rowlett Says:

    Glad to be Zazzle-ing!

  12. Tara Gutkin Says:

    So happy to find a website that helps my artwork reach a larger crowd!!! Thanks Zazzle!!

  13. splitmelon Says:

    Love me some Zazzle!!! http://www.zazzle.com/splitmelontees* started on July 22nd with my first real store and made 31 sales!! Super fun!!

  14. splitmelon Says:

    Go Zazzlers I am new and loving it! http://www.zazzle.com/splitmelontees*

    So Fun!

  15. Angela Says:

    I’m glad to be a part of the Zazzle community.

  16. Tslph Says:

    I love goofing off on Zazzle. I enjoy seeing which items sell and what doesn’t.

  17. Diane Says:

    Can we make and iPad/ Tablet app, please?

  18. Maninder Pal Sngh (@Maninder2000) Says:

    Thankyou i having great time here.

  19. Miss Diana (@DianaElaine56) Says:

    I LOVE Zazzle! I do not sell my items, but I do purchase them for myself, family and friends. Everyone has loved what they have received thus far, and I intend to continue to purchase many more products.

  20. Hannah Sterry Says:

    Loving Zazzle at the moment! My cloud sheep t-shirts are one of my best selling products so far. :)

  21. Rita Roehsner Says:

    In my store I did have a pair of shoes for sale, and their not listed in my store anymore, what happened to them?

  22. MARCK EAGEN Says:

    Zazzle is a dream come true!!

  23. Alyssa Says:

    How come every time I try to create a store, it always says there is an error?

  24. Aparna Says:

    At zazzle we create customised products by using our creativity,but after that if we get an order what would be the next step! how the ordered product would be manufactured and what about the delievery of the product.I want to know how the store functions ?how can we sell the customised items? plz provide the information.

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Aparna,

      Once you create a product and post it for sale, Zazzle manufactures and ships the product on your behalf. You will get email notifications when your product is sold. This is a helpful page to keep track of your earnings:

      This page helps keep track of your orders:

      Hope this helps.


      Elizabeth P.

      • Aparna Says:

        hi thanks for the reply. Plz tell me how can I sell my customised products after creating them.I have two items in my cart.
        plz help.

      • MARCK EAGEN Says:

        Hi Aparna, so you don’t need to click on Add to Cart if You are looking to sell products, but instead click on Post for Sale, by scrolling down after Your product is ready with design. Then You enter the detailed description and title of Your product, tags, and fill the royalty details, then click submit. Best Luck… & Welcome to the Zazzle Family.

        With regards,

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Aparna,

      After creating a product, when you scroll down, there is a “post for sale” button. Once you click that, it can take up to 24 hours to show up in your Zazzle store because our content team checks all products for copyright infringement. Zazzle manufactures and ships the product to the buyer on your behalf. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.


      Elizabeth P.

  25. Lilly Richards Says:

    I use both Zazzle and Etsy to work from home. Though the income I get from zazzle is very low… the quality of the product is good enough that I typically turn my profit from here back into the objects I would’ve bought from them myself anyways.

  26. Nan Wright Says:

    I REALLY love Zazzle. Since the new changes, my shop has not sold what it did in the past. But I hope it catches up soon. Can’t seem to keep current with all the new product designs, but keep them coming! It is truly amazing how fast Zazzle gets my product into the shop after I create it. No other POD can do that! I wish I could have the category “scroll” feature back. It seems my category boxes take up SO much of the page. Any suggestions?

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Nan,

      Unfortunately there is no way to change this at the moment, but I’ll let you know if I find something out.

      Thank you!

  27. Ashaki Rucker Says:


    I am new to the Zazzle community and have a ton of questions about the royalty rates, product choice options and how the process works when you have your own website built outside of the zazzle site and orders are coming through via that site that I would like to have fulfilled via Zazzle.

    Is there someone available I can discuss this with via a brief phone call? Please let me know. Thank you.

    Ms. Rucker

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Ms. Rucker,

      I will email you all of the appropriate information for our options to integrate Zazzle and your website.

      Thank you!

      -Elizabeth P.

  28. brittshirt Says:

    imposible create a shop when i try to create a shop the captcha code always say error

  29. Cindy Says:

    Am unable to create mugs….as stated above…it acts like I am buying and won’t let it add to my store. Will this be fixed soon?

  30. angfait Says:

    This is great! Thank you!

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