Birthday Theme Series: Candy Land Party


There’s no reason that Candy Land should be just a game. Why not bring it to life, too? If you add up the time that most kids spend playing Candy Land, with or without us, plus eating actual candy, it’s almost their entire awake time. The more things change…

We can’t imagine any kid saying no to a candy-themed birthday, as a guest or a guest of honor. So in honor of Candy Month (like we need a reason), here’s how we’d deck it out from start to sugary finish.

Invite the pals: The Candy Land birthday cupcake invitations have rave reviews, bright colors and a lovable design that even twinkles. The candy-lined path and gentle hills take you back to that unforgettable board:

Oh Sweet Candy Land Birthday Cupcake Invitations
Oh Sweet Candy Land Birthday Cupcake Invitations by LittlebeaneBoutique

Set the mood: Cover the party walls with Jelly Candy posters to make them pop and keep things festive. You may never want to take them down:

jelly candy poster print
jelly candy poster print by ziggysofi

Stock the sweets: Feed the ravenous revellers their cupcakes, Twizzlers, corn chips and more on our Sprinkles Plates, as packed and crammed as they are bursting with color:

Sprinkles Plate
Sprinkles Plate by CarriesCamera

Here’s to a birthday as sweet and delicious as Jelly Bellies, licorice … and winning Candy Land.

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