Birthday Theme Series: Send in the Clowns


Juggling, unicycles, tightrope, trapeze: who doesn’t love a circus? (Especially Cirque du Soleil.) It’s one of the highlights of childhood, and of parenthood, and it screams “Celebration!” more than almost anything else.

If you’re taking your little birthday girl or boy to the circus, or treating them and their friends to a carnivalesque bash, what better way to set the stage than with some quality theme gear?

Start it off right with the Circus Birthday Party invitation, full of merriment and fun:

Circus Birthday Party Invitation
Circus Birthday Party Invitation by eventfulcards

Serve the special cake and snacking goodies on our Happy Birthday plates — with both a circus tent and multi-colored balloons (hello!):

Happy birthday plates
Happy birthday plates by igorsin

And to add an extra something to the top of the birthday cake — just like the last acrobat who completes the human pyramid — brandish your guest of honor’s name on the personalized Circus Tent & Elephant cake topper:

Circus Tent & Elephant Kids Birthday Cake Topper
Circus Tent & Elephant Kids Birthday Cake Topper by kat_parrella

Bring on the tumbling, the juggling balls, the clowns. When’s the next show?

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