Birthday Theme Series: Tiara, Slippers and All


It is a truth universally acknowledged that most girls would ecstatically be a princess, at least for a single day. Probably on her birthday. Probably when she’s a child (though not necessarily).

Inviting your daughter’s friends to a princess birthday party may be the easiest thing you ever do as a parent. Pink? Tiaras? Wands? Just tell them when.

You may never need to see pink for the rest of your life afterward, but if you’re going to go princess, do it right. Personalize the lovely Princess Party Photo invitation with your most regal-looking shot of Princess Birthday Girl:

Princess Party Photo Birthday Invitation
Princess Party Photo Birthday Invitation by berryberrysweet

Lavish Her Royal Highness and honored guests with fairy cake, cupcakes, birthday cake — her festive sweets of choice — served specially on a Princess Tiara plate:

Princess Tiara Plate (pink background)
Princess Tiara Plate (pink background) by DryGoods

And if our princess is turning three, might we suggest this extra-special version:

Tiara Princess 3rd Birthday Party Plate
Tiara Princess 3rd Birthday Party Plate by pinkinkart 

Silver spoon and platter not included.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a real regal bash without decorations, now, would it? Customize this Princess Print with our special guest’s given name (including title):

Custom Princess Print
Custom Princess Print by PawsitiveDesigns

And leave the rest to her cadre of mice.

One Response to “Birthday Theme Series: Tiara, Slippers and All”

  1. tony Says:

    Lovely pink coloured theme for little princess.
    Like! ;)

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