7 Ways to Increase Your Zazzle Referrals

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Tip #1: Get Social


Effort: Medium
Payoff: Long term

Facebook is really just the beginning of the social media landscape. Sites like Tumblr and Wanelo are up-and-coming.  Explore various sites and determine which one is best suited to your kind of products and art. For example, if you’re more focused on wedding invitations, then Wanelo could be good for you.  If you like to create funny t-shirts with puns, then Tumblr may be the way to go. Remember to join social media communities to spread the word and use tools like HootSuite to help you manage all of your social accounts.

Social Media Websites: Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Pinterest  Google+  Wanelo

Social Media Management Websites: HootSuite  Sprout Social  Postling  Sendible

Tip #2: Start a Niche Blog

Effort: High
Payoff: Long term

Starting a blog is an amazing way to get visibility for yourself as an artist and also your work.  Many successful sellers are also bloggers.  But know this – it can take a lot of time and effort – daily writing and photography – to become popular.  However, if you are passionate about writing or photography, this is the way to go!  Niche product markets tend to perform better, like so keep that in mind when creating your blog. Websites like WordPress, TypePad and Blogger. And if you’re not a fan of writing or photography, but have a little extra cash, you can hire an experienced blogger to create content for you! Companies like oDesk, Elance and iFreelance are a few places you can look to do just that.

Tip #3: Create Original & Viral Content

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Immediate

The most popular way to get your content out there is to create relevant and timely products.  That means you can post comments on social news sites, social media sites, popular blogs, etc. Also, sharing other people’s viral content that pertains to your product is a great way to increase your visibility. Is there a funny picture of a cat circling the internet? Share it on your “Funny Pets Blog”.

Tip #4: Pictures Speak Louder than Words

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Long term

There are many sites that are focused on photography, such as Flickr, We Heart Pics, and Instagram.  If your specialty is photography, then this is the way to go.  Just don’t forget the referral code when you’re sharing your beautiful art.

Tip #5: Share the Love

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Medium-term

You don’t have to focus on your own art and products.  You can help the entire Zazzle community by curating amazing content and sharing it on your site or with other bloggers!  So if you are a fan of Waikiki beach, you could curate and share your favorite Zazzle products that celebrate that famous beach – or 10 Cutest Wedding invitations, or funniest dogs – the sky’s the limit!

Tip #6: Invest in Yourself

Effort: High
Payoff: Immediate

There are marketing opportunities that are open to everyone who is willing to invest a little bit of money to grow their business.  For example, you could pay to have a table at your local art fair, or you run a small ad campaign on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to see which products have the highest clicks, conversion rates and which keywords work best for you and your business.

Tip #7:   Stay Informed & Learn More

Effort: Low
Payoff: Immediate

Stay informed by visiting the Zazzle Forum, there you can ask questions and find tips, tricks, and daily insights to improve associate campaigns.


Thanks! I hope you liked it.

One thought on “7 Ways to Increase Your Zazzle Referrals”

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