Social Media Tips & Tricks Series Part 2: Google+


1)      Create your Google+ page

Effort : Easy
Payoff: Long Term

  • Choose the product or brand box, and then choose your product category.


  • Fill out your name, website name, and agree to the Page Terms.  The SEO title is the name of your page followed by Google+, so make your name count.
  • Add profile photo, cover photo, and write your tagline and introduction. For SEO, your meta description is the page name, followed by your page tagline, and the first part of your introduction.


Great example of Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Tagline, and Introduction

by Photography TK Designs, a Zazzle Designer.


  • Link your website to G+  and add any other websites or social media pages in the “Links” section.



2)      People &  Communities

Effort : Easy
Payoff: Long Term

  • Join relevant communities and add people in those communities to your circles. When others add you to their circles, don’t forget to add them back.  For example, if are making wedding invitations, join a wedding community. When someone from this community adds you to their circles, return the favor and add them back.



3)      Posts & Engagement

Effort : Medium
Payoff: Long Term

  • Post photos, text, links, and videos on your page. The SEO title of  your update starts with the name of your profile page, followed by Google+ and then the beginning of your status update. This means, it’s always good to have a description with keywords when you’re posting a picture, link or video. The meta description of your update is the main text of the update. Also, a link update will create a dofollow link, but a photo update with link in the text will be a nofollow. Basically, it’s good to have a variety of posts versus always posting in the same media style.

Great example of a text and photo post

by Posh & Painterly, a Zazzle Designer.



  • Use “@” to tag people or pages on your page or in your comments.


  • Use Hashtags  to make your content more searchable.
  • Share other pages and people’s content on your page.

Great example of hashtags and sharing other people’s

content by ZazzleProducts1, a Zazzle designer.



4)      Get Google Authorship (Links your online content with Google+)

Effort : Easy – Medium (Depending on your computer skills)
Payoff: Long Term

  • Register an email from the domain where you contribute content or link your content to your contributions. Read more here.



5)      Connect to your Website

Effort : Medium  – Hard (Depending on your computer skills)
Payoff: Long Term

  • Install Google+ Badge on your website so people can easily follow your Google+ page from your website.
  • Add Direct Connect code so people can add your Google+ page to their circles right from Google Search.


10 Responses to “Social Media Tips & Tricks Series Part 2: Google+”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Thank you. Very helpful . :-)

  2. charlieray45 Says:

    Extremely useful. Thanks.

  3. Adam Asar Says:

    Will put these tactic into action right now. ty for sharing/

  4. Eileen O'Toole Says:

    It looks great but what if you don’t have a personal website?

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Eileen,

      You don’t need to have a personal website to make a Google+ account, just create a Google account and start working on your Google+ page. It’s free and easy.


      Elizabeth P.

  5. splitmelon Says:

    So Useful. Setting up great online presence was project number one!!! I have got Google, FB, INSTA, Twitter, and Tumblr firing on all cylinders and it works like a charm! Oh and Pinterest

    Go Zazzlers I am new and loving it!*

    So Fun!

  6. Eileen O'Toole Says:

    Thanks Elizabeth. That’s always been a “what if” for me. I don’t have a cell phone either. Just call me starving artist for sure.

  7. Al Kinney Hardin Montana... Montana Wonderland .... Says:

    I had been using Google+ in different ways Posting my Website and Listing Different Items from my Site ( No Money Listed)
    But I then I received a Message From ( Google+ ) – I Al Kinney have been Violating the Google+ (User Content and Conduct Policies )
    - I had been Posting my Website and Miner listings of Different Items from my Site – Coffee Mugs T-Shirts Ball caps – and at random
    a small listing of Finished Templates about my site or the State of Montana… They clam this unwanted or of Mass Solicitations…
    Well it might very will be but it is Clean and not degrading to People or Country… They Clam that its not allowed on Google…
    So that’s were my Acc. with Google+ has gone…. I am very disappointed and share this Information with You..

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Al,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve received this message from Google+. Were you posting this content on other people’s pages or your own?

      I can take a look at it for you if you’d like to send me your information to


      Elizabeth P.

  8. grosir baju batik Says:

    It is truly a great and helpful piece of info.
    I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us.
    Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you
    for sharing.

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