Summer at Zazzle


We’ve said it before:  Zazzle is a company that is all about people. Our customers, our sellers, our partners, and our employees! This summer we have been lucky to have some super fun and intelligent students join our team.  Now without further ado, on with the introductions:

Lilly Oh Stanford Class of 2014

As a knowledge management intern, I’ve been wrangling a lot of internal information into clear, consistent and meaningful articles about best practices for Zazzle’s web-based operations. Specifically I’ve been creating internal documentation for Zazzle’s international team, which is a small team of awesome project managers for Zazzle’s international domains. To be able to document how things work, I met with people across the company from engineering to merchandising to marketing in order to write technical guides about the how, why and where of many internal tools. It’s great to see people at Zazzle use what I’ve created to help them work more efficiently and consistently. In addition to working on internal documentation, I’ve been researching the maker-creator landscape in international domains like the United Kingdom to support exciting new product developments that are currently underway.


Brenton Dano U.C. Berkeley Class of 2014

I got to design a new responsive web app for the manufacturing team from start to finish this summer. Having little previous JavaScript, HTML and CSS experience, I had to pick it up on the job and eventually used Bootstrap, jQuery, and Dust.js to build a really cool app that displays statistics of the manufacturing floor. Not only did I learn a lot, but I built lasting friendships with the other interns and employees. Everyone is really friendly, and we have a modern and open office environment with a great view and an awesome gym. I also got to ride around on our road bikes and explore the shoreline at lunch, our code is not the only thing that is beautiful here. And not to mention great food too!


Cindy Ho U.C. Santa Cruz Class of 2016

Working with Zazzle this summer under business development and marketing allowed me to see consumerism in another perspective. I was given the chance to create potential marketing campaigns for our collegiate licensing program. One of the biggest tasks for me was being able to grasp the actual idea of Zazzle in order to design successful campaigns, because there are so many unique layers to this company that I had not seen when I first joined. I also gained knowledge in many branching aspects of my position, such as merchandising, productizing, and traffic optimizing. I am truly thankful to my supervisors, mentors, and peers for teaching me so much within a short amount of time. I enjoyed my time spent here, and I am going to miss Zazzle a ton!


Tomer Borenstein Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2014

My name is Tomer Borenstein and I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineering and Human Computer Interaction Double Major at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This summer I had the pleasure of working as a part of Zazzle’s User Interface team and I had an absolute blast! First of all, my team was amazing, and just in general everyone at Zazzle is awesome which makes for an extremely fun working environment and atmosphere. Zazzle, as a technology company, has some very interesting problems that need to be solved. In fact, they’re so interesting that, over the years, Zazzle’s engineering team came up with mainstream solutions to such problems years before they became mainstream. I’ve only got a limited space to fill, but to conclude – interning at Zazzle this summer was the complete package: challenging problems with awesome people.


3 Responses to “Summer at Zazzle”

  1. Zazzle News: Summer at Zazzle | teeblr Says:

    […] introductions: Lilly Oh Stanford Class of 2014 As a […]…Read the complete post over at Zazzle Blog. Create custom t-shirts and gift items at Zazzle and create your own small […]

  2. Nicole Says:

    Nice to see you guys and the best of luck! Indeed Zazzle continues to offer great products, became innovative along the years. As a contributor since 2005, I’ve seen Zazzle grow into one of the bests companies of this style. Compared to others I find the interface to be the best to work with. I also like the fact that unlike some Zazzle allows contributors to express their own inspiration and does judge on what “art” is or should be! Customer service, impeccable! :-)

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