Tumblr Overview


Tumblr Overview Crash Course

The main ways to be successful on Tumblr are similar to what you would do on any social platform: follow other bloggers, love posts, reblog posts, stay active, vary your content (e.g. pictures, text, videos) , and use relevant and popular tags. Below are a few helpful tips to get your Tumblr blog rolling.


A.)  Choose the type of post you’d like to make from text to video

B.)  Messages

C.)  FAQ

D.)  Settings

E.)  Logout

F.)  Choose the account you would like to see/post from

G.)  View all your previous posts

H.)  Customize your blog with different themes, colors and more

I.)    Liked posts, blogs you follow, and find blogs (go here to seek out new blogs to follow)

J.)   Recommended blogs to follow (following these blogs is a great way to build your audience)


Settings Page


A.) Account (email & password settings) Dashboard (preferences)  Email (preferences) Apps (if you created apps for your blog

B.) Change avatar and add description

C.) Website themes – edit yourself or find a theme

D.) Change URL

Other options on this page are: Replies, Ask, Queue, Facebook,Twitter connect and more.


Customize/Edit Theme Page


A.) Edit your theme with HTML (must be experienced in HTML)

B.) Browse themes – choose an existing theme

C.) Edit your title and description

D.) Theme options – choose the colors for your theme

E.) Add Google Analytics ID so you can track your blog performance.

Other options on this page: Add pages, advanced options, and connect with Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Tumblr Post Page


A.) Create a custom URL for your post here. e.g.  “vintage-invitation-for-spring-wedding”.

B.) Place the source URL here, so people can click through to the original post or your  Zazzle store or product page.

C.) Tag your posts with relevant tags. If a “Popular Tags” list pops up, then add the relevant popular tags to your tag list.


Other Tips

*Download the Tumblr Bookmarklet for easy posting.

*Install Tumblr Mobile or iPad App for posting from your cell phone or tablet.

*Install Disquis to enable commenting on Tumblr.

One Response to “Tumblr Overview”

  1. Jenny Setchell (@NZChurchmouse) Says:

    Thanks for this – I had quite forgotten I used to use Tumblr back in the dark ages so am encouraged to try it. A walk-though like this is so helpful when I don’t have time to fiddle and experiment and (usually embarrassingly) get things horribly wrong!

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