Managing your Social Media Accounts: HootSuite


1.) Set-up Account

Register with your email, and then start syncing with your social media networks.  With the free account, you can add up to 5 unique social profiles.


HootSuite is integrated with many of the main social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. For those social media sites that HootSuite is not directly integrated with, like Tumblr for example, there is an option to download these networks as HootSuite apps. So, in order to add Tumblr to your HootSuite profiles, you must first download it from the app section as shown below.



2.) Organize & Monitor

Decide which streams from each profile you are most interested in. Do you want to see your News Feed and Wall Posts on Facebook, but maybe your Mentions and Retweets from your Twitter profile? The decision is yours to make.



3.) Manage

Scheduling is one of the greatest advantages of HootSuite. You can write a single message and schedule it to be posted on all of your social networks. This helps with planning ahead for when you know you will be busy because it keeps your communities active. You can choose the times when you want your posts to go out  or use the AutoSchedule option which is supposed to share your message at optimal times. I suggest trying both and seeing which option gives you more visibility.


If you have a team and choose to use the Pro option of HootSuite, you can assign messages to your team members to make sure that every message gets answered.


Another great attribute is you can monitor your account followers and klout score for Twitter, Google+ and a few other networks by click on the “Contacts” tab in the sidebar.


4.) Analyze

Overview reports of your social accounts are available on the free version of  HootSuite, but they have very little information. If you are planning to use HootSuite as your main hub for your social networks, it might be worthwhile to purchase the pro option so you can see all your analytics in one place.  Some social media networks like Facebook, for example,  offer their own analytical tools for free after your page reaches 30 likes. Twitter, however, doesn’t offer any tools at all, so if you use Twitter a lot, this might be a good option.  You can also create custom reports with HootSuite Pro, which will allow you to dig deeper and really understand your numbers and which campaigns are working for your business.



One Response to “Managing your Social Media Accounts: HootSuite”

  1. Peekaboom Says:

    Interesting post, hootsuite is very useful to manage several social media accounts from one place.

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