Talk Like a Pirate Day


Ahoy there!

Ye be wanting some special booty, do ye? Something to shiver ye timbers. Well, buckos, we’ve much swag to offer ye landlubbers. Arr.

Me hearties say that ye rascals be liking “prints” in ye shelters, like this loot:

arrr_pirate_print-r564b88b4186e4783a168a132b3b804f0_v69p_8byvr_400Blimey! Ye wenches be needing long clothes on land, and there be no duds here. See this cloth with dear Jolly Roger billowing in the breeze:




Worry not, ye lads – we’ll not leave ye marooned:



As ye villains know, we buccaneers be chasing the high seas for 2,000 years. Aye. And this treasure map be the Real McCoy from our golden years:

authentic_1690_pirate_map_print-rb8bc2fd77d234fe3926ff1664ba089db_asnx_8byvr_400Rest assured, we not be hornswaggling scallywags. This swag be the greatest of the seven seas. If ye don’t agree, ye can walk the plank.

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