5 Keyword Tips to Boost Traffic


1.)  Brainstorm initial keyword ideas

Imagine you are selling wedding invitations, so you would start with keywords that relate to your product.

General keywords:
wedding invitations
special occasion invitations

2.) Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner can give you ideas on other keywords you can use. It also tells you which keywords people search for the most and which keywords are in high demand.

How to use Google Keyword Planner:
Step 1: Complete at least one of the sections in the image below and click next. The more you complete the more targeted your results will be.


Step 2: After you click next, you will see results for  Ad Group Ideas and Keyword Ideas, you can use both to refine your keywords. Generally you want keywords that have high monthly searches and low competition. Make sure to only use keywords that relate to your content.

For example, in the image  below “Design Wedding” looks like an interesting ad group because although it doesn’t have as many searches as some of the other ad groups, it only has medium competition and it’s the third ad group by relevance.  It would be worthwhile to click into that ad group and explore those keywords.


After you click on the “Design Wedding” ad group, the tool will populate another group of keywords as shown in the image below. Here, you should also look for the highest searches and lowest competition keywords that come up. The best keyword, in this example, would be “wedding invitation designs”. Of course you can choose more than one keyword,  just make sure it’s relevant to your product. If I have wedding invitations with designs, then I would use this word, but if I just sell plain invitations, I would not choose not to use “wedding invitation designs” keyword.


Step 3: Take a look at the Keyword Ideas as well for suggestions. Looks like “wedding invitation” (the original keyword that we thought of) is a good keyword to use because it has many searches and medium competition compared to the other keywords.


3.) Competitor Research

Search for your keywords on different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to see which websites come up. Check for big brands to see if they’re in the top recommended sites. If they are, it might be tough to compete with them using the particular keyword you searched for.  Also check for advertisements on the top or right-hand side, they usually mean that it’s a highly profitable keyword.  Last but not least, make sure this keyword pulls up products and services that are similar to your product or service so you know you are targeting the correct audience.


4.) Use long-tail words

Use longer keywords like “black and white vintage wedding invitations” or “squares and circles wedding invitations” or “wedding invitations in 24 hours”. Even though these terms are less searched on any given day, they tend to have a higher conversion rate. Just remember, do not use keywords that do not match your product or service.

5.) Use keyword phrases in your topics and content

If you publish content on your site, come up with creative ways to relate your product to popular topics.  For example, is someone famous getting married? Write about the invitations they used and the differences and similarities in design between their invitations and yours. Use the keywords that relate to these famous  folks as well as your own keywords.

Now you know how to find the keywords that are right for you. Next time we’ll talk about Search Engine Optimization, which includes information on where to place your keywords in your Zazzle store,  as well as on your website.

7 Responses to “5 Keyword Tips to Boost Traffic”

  1. Dimitris Minatidis Says:

    When use Google Keyword Planner , I wish to enquire on the following :
    1. ” A.) Complete at least one of the following sections and click next. The more you complete the more targeted your results will be. ”
    Your products or service
    Questions :
    a. I wish to type : minerals , gemstones , gems , fossils .Can I type them separated by comma ?
    b. In my Landing page : This will be my site in the web where I have the Zazzle Flash Panel Or will type my store at zazzle ? Or both in the same Landing page space available separated by comma ?
    c.If there is no product category for minerals,gemstone and fossils in Google Keyword Planner can I add one that exists ,e.g. Hobby ?
    -I may have missed it but I wish to know if Google Keyword Planner is a Paid Service or Free Service ? Or it is paid based on clicks I get in the landing page ?
    Thank you for your attention
    Dimitris Minatidis

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Dimitris,
      Google Keyword Planner is a free service. For your products, you can type them in separated by comma. If you’re selling gemstones and fossils, I would probably choose “hobby.” If you’re selling items with pictures of these on them, like invitations with gemstone images or shirts with fossil images, then I would choose gifts and occasions. You cannot add your own category into Google Keyword Planner, unfortunately. As for the landing page, you can choose either one to place there or neither. I would take the time test some combinations of keywords and landing pages.
      Hope this helps.

      Elizabeth P.

  2. maigi Says:

    Great post! I love Google. They have strict rules, but they teach how to live with their rules and make the best out of them. I love it. It’s the best customer oriented service. Everyone wants to have their products to be found by customers who really need and like them, not to spam those who don’t care. Google keywording tips help to target your website and products. Good and clear instructions are always very helpful. Thank you for the post!

  3. Madamdreamweaver Says:

    In looking up this “keyword planner”, the link took me to signing into my Google account, then took me to a page to sign up for their ad program, so it seems this tool isn’t available unless you’re part of their adsense program. Do you have any other similar tool links available NOT related to adsense & google?.

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi there,

      You can use the Keyword Tool by logging into AdWords with your Google account. It’s free to use, so all you need is to create a Google account.

      Hope this helps.

      Elizabeth P.

  4. Achempong Says:

    Beautiful amazing steps on how to increase traffic on your website. You just need to know your product very well and let the search engines boost your Traffic with the right key words definately Google will just pick them up. I will definitely follow these steps. “Hakuna Matata” Thanks for sharing

  5. rusty Says:

    Thank you Elizabeth! It is a very useful post!

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