Dress Your iPhone 5 in Galaxies and Coral


Less than a month out of the gate, the iPhone 5 has more clothing options than Anna Wintour. Collected at an Apple Store, boxed in white or gray – it’s nirvana. But then, what to wear?

Bulky or slim? Monochrome or patterns? Boho chic or urban sleek? The closet never ends. So, we’ve poked around the thousands of outerwear options, and as your personal shoppers, would draw your discerning eye to …iphone

Featured: Seafoam and Coral Monogram Quatrefoil iPhone 5/5S Case by thepixelprojekt

Nothing says individual like a monogram. The exclusive Seafoam and Coral Monogram Quatrefoil case is perfectly contoured for your iPhone’s curves, boasting a hard shell exterior and shock-absorbing liner. Sleek and virtually weightless, its stately coral and seafoam hues will never go out of style:

For the brazen carriers, the Abstract Geometric case bursts forth in a kaleidoscope of colors. Its form-fitting shape hugs the iPhone’s corners with a crash-kapow punch, but this beauty also has smarts – a flexible, impact-resistant plastic shell:


Featured: Abstract Geometric iPhone Case/iPhone 5 Cover by Studio25

And for the dreamer, no iPhone is complete without a galactic covering. The Galaxy case is durable and lightweight, tough yet forgiving, just like the skies above us. And like each part of the universe, it connects to everything else – to every port and button – ensuring a joyous journey:


Featured: Galaxy iPhone Cover 3 iPhone 5 Covers by northamericanriot

Join us next time for the Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

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