Zazzle Featured Designer Interview with Barbara Arnstein


Barbara Arnstein, from the Zazzle store BeautyUnlimited, talks with us about her photography, where she finds inspiration, and her favorite Zazzle products.

Zazzle: Tell us about yourself – where do you live?

Barbara: I live in Queens, NY, and I often write for the Queens Tribune. I’m a self-taught photographer and I’ve had photos in art shows held in galleries, a library, a bank and other places. Two of my photos were recently part of two separate three-borough traveling exhibits held recently, “NYC in Focus, Volume One and Volume Two”. One is of an amazing swing contraption that was at the 2010 Maker Faire in Queens. I timed the shot just right to take it when the man was completely upside-down.


Zazzle: What is your background in art?

Barbara: To mention just a few things: I’ve taken photos along with some of my reporting assignments, such as those I took when I covered the filming of a scene from the television show “Unforgettable”, and the photo of Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg, whom I interviewed twice. Last year I won a T-shirt design (and copywriting) contest run by a New York delicatessen.


Zazzle: What inspires you?

Barbara: I love to take pictures that can’t be duplicated, such as the photo I took of the kitten in the garden that looks as though it has a smile made from a violet. When you’re trying to photograph cats, it takes a lot of tries before you can get the perfect expression. In this case, I was very lucky.


I take nature photos to capture sights that might never have been noticed, like a tree in full bloom or beautiful autumn leaves.


Zazzle: What brought you to Zazzle? How long have you had your store?

Barbara: A friend of mine recommended it one day, so I decided to take a look. I’ve had my store for about four years now. As a reporter, I’ve written close to a thousand articles for various magazines and newspapers, and my Zazzle store has been a way to express my visual creative interests.

Zazzle: What is your favorite Zazzle product to design?

Barbara: Greeting cards, especially friendship and birthday cards. I enjoy knowing that people can share something I created to express caring, so I can help create their emotional connection.


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  1. bmthourBrenda Thour Says:

    Love the kitten!

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