I’ll trade you tuna for PB&J – but the box is mine


We couldn’t be more excited for the newest arrival to our collection. You definitely had one as a kid. You probably remember what it looked like. You often traded what was in it, but never the vessel itself. Your treasured lunchbox is for kids and grownups alike!

We have thousands of variations to swoon over.  You may grapple with all the difference choices — all of them dishwashable, BPA-free and 100% recyclable. Each lunchbox comes with separate containers for sandwiches and snacks, plus an ice pack. And they’re as adorable as the one you’re now remembering with nostalgia (sigh!)

For eaters-on-the-go, the Customizable Boarding Pass box lets you add your own name, airline, flight number and flight class of choice. Bon voyage!


For children who might sometimes misplace things, the monogram lunchbox could be the best way to make sure it’s never lost.  You can add both a monogram and a name to this colorful design.


Zazzle partnered with yubo  in order to create these awesome lunch boxes. Founded by parents, yubo offers an environmental alternative to disposable plastic bags and messy crumbs.  Happy lunching!

One Response to “I’ll trade you tuna for PB&J – but the box is mine”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Cool! :-)

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