DIY Holiday Series: Custom Wrapping Paper


When Zazzle first launched custom wrapping paper I knew exactly what I was going to do with it – cover it with the faces of my friends and family. Not only did I find the idea hysterical, I also figured it would save me a lot of money on gift tags!

This super-simple DIY project is less of a craft project, more of a silly prank. Have fun.

DIY Custom Wrapping Paper #zazzle


  • Custom Zazzle Wrapping Paper (Upload the recipients photo and chose the “Design Area: Tile” within the design tool to achieve the tile-look pictured)
  • Embellishments (permanent markers, glitter glue, sequins, etc.)

DIY Custom Wrapping Paper #zazzle

Step 1: Buy the recipient a sweet holiday gift. Wrap it! Consider the placement of the photos. The more facial surface area the better!

DIY Custom Wrapping Paper #zazzle

Step 2: Draw! Glue! Go crazy on your friends and family! The more ridiculous the better. I started with a classic mustache.

DIY Custom Wrapping Paper #zazzle

DIY Custom Wrapping Paper #zazzle

Then I thought, “You should be a pirate!” So I made him into a pirate.

Let your imagination go wild!

Here are some other fun ideas:

  • glasses
  • whiskers
  • clown makeup
  • speech bubbles
  • earrings
  • devil horns/halo (depending on whether they’ve been naughty or nice of course)

At the end of the project, you’ll be left with super awesomely wrapped gifts. The giftee won’t even care what’s in the box!

DIY Custom Wrapping Paper #zazzle

That’s a wrap.

Show us how you’ve customized your gift wrap by including a link in the comments below!

4 Responses to “DIY Holiday Series: Custom Wrapping Paper”

  1. jLynJim Says:

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    Cute ideas on how to DIY Custom Wrapping Paper!

  2. Reflekshins Says:

    completely awesome

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    awesome idea

  4. Paul Stickland Says:

    Great fun idea!

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