Zazzle Featured Designer Interview with Dina


Today we had a chat with an amazing 8-year-old, Dina, who just created her first Zazzle store: DinasDesigns.  We talked to Dina about her artwork, her allowance, and her love of animals.

Zazzle: How did you get started designing with Zazzle?

Dina: I saw SPCA ads on TV and they were talking about how, if you gave them some money, they could save the lives of cats and dogs. At first, I wanted to give my allowance money, but it wasn’t enough. Then, one time at dinner, my Dad was talking about how, when he was a kid, he made greeting cards with his sister to sell. It gave me the idea to do that. My mom suggested to put my artwork on Zazzle. My goal was to raise $50 and give it to an animal shelter, and I just got to $50!


Zazzle: Pandas, giraffes, frogs, cats, dolphins – your store is like a zoo!  What inspires you? How do you get ideas for your art?

Dina: It’s usually how I’m feeling at the time. Sometimes I’m feeling like something really bright and yellow. Sometimes I’m sad and tired and I paint in blue shades. My feelings really inspire me. Most of the drawings have a happy feeling to them; a couple, excited. I usually have a lot of crazy ideas. I try not to get too crazy, but sometimes I can’t help it! My favorite thing to draw is something that moves, like an animal.



Zazzle: Which piece of art is your favorite?

Dina: Oooo. Hard one. I think my alien is my favorite. My teacher let me put a lot of imagination into that one with eyelashes and a belly button, changing colors, painting her toenails … it was just really fun to make and turned out super-cool at the end.


Zazzle: What else do you like to do besides art?

Dina: I love to read. My favorite book so far might be “A Wrinkle in Time”, and I also like the Pandora series. My very, very, very favorite is the Narnia series. It has a lot of imagination, and I always like happy endings. Reading is my favorite thing because I can go into other peoples’ imaginations.


Zazzle: What is your favorite class at school?

Dina: I like STEM Lab because I get to experiment. It’s fun to experiment and guess what’s going to happen, just like I do with books. I like to work with partners. Science is really fun.


Zazzle: What are your favorite animals? Do you have any pets?

Dina: My favorite animals are sea turtles because they’re so nice. Some people kill them to make jewelry or to eat, and I want to help save them.

I have a pet kitty named Nala. She’s named after a character from The Lion King. She LOVES to pounce. She’s a tuxedo cat, half Maine Coon and half American Short Hair. She’s really playful, especially in the morning when I’m sleepy and tired. She’s a great pet!


10 Responses to “Zazzle Featured Designer Interview with Dina”

  1. annie Says:

    Your designs are wonderful – so colorful and fresh!

  2. Marian Designs Says:

    What a talented girl! I love her paintings. The skill at her age is impressive. And her imagination is lovely. It’s inspiring that her goal was to give to the SPCA. A great interview that cheered my morning.

  3. Gail Schlachter Says:

    I loved this interview. Great questions. And, really interesting answers!



  5. Sumyyah Says:

    I love your work…most of all I love your heart. Both are simply beautiful!

  6. Zazzle Interviews My Daughter About Her DinaDesigns Store | Goldman's Observations Says:

    […] store and asked to interview her (initially by phone until I pointed out that Dina is only 8). Read her interview. Reader comments have been heart-warming, such […]

  7. ElineYin Says:

    So lovely!

  8. rusty Says:

    Love the artworks, the drawing style and the colours! There is a special charm to them that just radiates happiness! Great background story for creating the store and I wish you lots of success!

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