Poetry time: sun it with smiles


As our new year begins,

We turn to gifts for those who choose

To read poems, both night and day,

Even if you’d rather play.

We start with a plate of A Poison Tree

By William Blake, whose majesty

In verse is almost unsurpassed,

Depending on the one you ask:



Next we celebrate Dickinson,

Whose poems move us deep within.

What better cover for their iPhone 5

Than Hope Is the Thing With Feathers, right?



And our post wouldn’t be complete

Without a Shakespeare gift that’s neat.

We hope the notebook with Venus and Adonis

Will help inspire your beloved:



(And, quoting Shelley on music,

This mug gets honorable mention.)


Now we’ve reached our series’ end.

Happy holidays to all our friends.

2 Responses to “Poetry time: sun it with smiles”

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