Zazzle On Campus


This week’s guest post is from Linda Duong, one of our most dedicated Zazzle recruiters!  She has just returned from three college recruiting events and wanted to share her experiences.

At Zazzle, we search far and wide for people who share our vision of re-defining commerce.  As one of the members of our recruiting team, I’ve been travelling across the country to attend job fairs for talent over the past several years.  College recruiting season happens several times each year depending on the school.  I just returned from visits to some of the best schools in California – CalTech, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanford University.  I did spend a bit of time at the airport, but most of my time was spent handing out schwag and meeting energetic young students who are preparing to embark on exciting careers in technology – hopefully at Zazzle!

Airport time means time to catch up on my emails, or browse one of my favorite websites:

campus 1

We don’t want to brag, but we usually give away the most schwag at any event.  We give out t-shirts, candy tins filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans, even a customized Rickshaw messenger bag.  Here is a table of schwag at UCLA:

campus 2

And the crowds were indeed gathering around to learn more about Zazzle.  Here is group photo from UCLA:

campus 3

There was one student at the Stanford fair who went straight to the Zazzle table – he was such a huge fan of Zazzle.   Last year, we found many of our amazing interns through these college recruiting events.

Here they are decked out as Zazzle Rangers:

campus 4

Zazzle is actively seeking passionate, flexible and analytical members to join our growing team.

Later this year, we will be attending recruiting events at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, MIT, Santa Clara University, and San Jose State University.  So get your resume ready, and yes you will get brownie points if you have business cards from Zazzle.  It can’t hurt, right?

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