It’s Purim time: the hamentaschen’s in the mail


This Saturday marks the Jewish festival of Purim, one of the major holidays on the Jewish calendar and a time of celebration. Like Hanukkah and Passover, Purim commemorates the survival of the Jewish people in spite of many obstacles — this time in ancient Persia.

The holiday involves drinking, being merry, hearing the Book of Esther (or Megillah) read out loud, dressing up — like a Jewish Halloween — and sending loved ones gifts of food and drink, called Mishloach Manot.

When it comes to Mishloach Manot, the contents are “choose your own adventure” as long as they’re ready to consume. Chips, soda, candy, wine, yummy pastries, fresh or dried fruit, elaborately cooked dishes, canned food and all kinds of snacks are Purim-friendly (just choose two).

The real question is: what to send them in?

We suggest: the reusable Mishloach Manot Tote Bag, showing a hint of what’s to come. It’s bedecked with an array of hamentaschen, a Purim must-have — the delicious jam-filled pastries shaped like the hat of Haman (the evil enemy in the Purim story):

Pop on a Happy Purim Gift Label, personalized with your own words, to make the gifts extra festive for your family and friends:

And if it’s going in the mail, it has to have a Hamentaschen Stamp — ‘tis the season:

Bust out your noisemaker, put on your costume and uncork the wine: Happy Purim to all!

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