More Traffic with Polyvore


Looking for a fresh and unique platform to show off your products? Polyvore is a stylish social shopping site where you can create collections and showcase your favorite products to more than 20 million users around the world.

In this week’s Designer Tips & Tricks, we’ll give an overview on how to create a Polyvore account, and talk about ways to get greater visibility.

1.) Set up your Polyvore account 

Creating your Polyvore account is easy, just go to and sign up with your email or Facebook.



Once you’ve signed up, fill out your profile information by hovering over the  image icon in the right hand corner and clicking on “Settings”. Fill in your name, display name, image, URL (use your Zazzle store URL here), and description. Don’t forget to use keywords in your description, which will make your content more searchable on Polyvore.  You can connect your Polyvore account to your other social media accounts in the “Sharing” tab of the “Settings” section.


Here is an example of a filled out account  from In Case Zazzle, a Zazzle designer.



2.) Add Products

An easy way to add products from your favorite online stores, is to download the Polyvore clipper into your browser.

Once the Polyvore clipper is downloaded, you’ll be able to click “Clip to Polyvore” right from your browser to add any product or image from the web to your Polyvore. In the pop up window, you can add a title, tags and price for your Zazzle product. Make sure you double check all of your product information before clicking the “Like” button.


3.)  Sets, Collections, & Templates


Sets are collages where you can mix and match products and images from different online stores and websites.

To create a set,  go to “Create” at the top of the page and select “Set”.  A window will open up where you can create, edit, save and publish your set.

Set Editor Overview


A. Functions: Publish, open saved sets and templates, save your set, undo and zoom

B. Functions: Remove, flip/flop (turn your design sideways or upside down), clone (duplicate your design/product), forwards/backwards (choose whether that product/image will be in front or in back of an overlapping product/image)

C. Functions: Choose products and images from your items, collections  or other categories

To start creating, simply drag products from your items, collections or other categories onto your canvas. Once you have all of your items placed the way you want in your set, you can publish your set.

Here are a few examples of sets from In Case Zazzle, a Zazzle designer.



Collections allow you to arrange your best sets and items together. Creating a collection is similar to creating a set. To create a collection, go to “Create” at the top of the page and select “Collection.” Then, a window will open up where you can create and publish your collection. To start creating, drag the items and sets of your choice to the canvas.


Here are examples of collections from Pepperberry and Sage, a Zazzle designer.



Templates are pre-made patterns you can create, save, and use later to create sets. 

To create a template go to “Create” at the top of the page and select “Template.” The template editor will open up, which will allow you to add placeholders in certain areas of the canvas. You can re-size, move, flip, and even name these placeholders. You can also add images (your logo for example) to your template, if  you would like to have a certain template that always contains that particular image.


Once you publish your template, you can use it to create a set by going to create->set->open->my templates.



4.)  Likes, Following, Followers


The Likes section will show all of the items, sets, and collections that you’ve liked either by adding them from other online stores or directly from Polyvore. Likes will show up in the  “my items” section of  your set, collection, and template editors.


The Following section will show all of the Polyvore members you are following.


The Followers section will show all of the Polyvore members hat are following your account.

Here is an example of where you can find Likes,  Following, Followers and Views in your account from Pepperberry and Sage, a Zazzle designer.


5.) Groups & Wins


Polyvore groups, similar to Pinterest group boards, are groups of Polyvore members that come together to explore similar themes and topics. As a member, you can create a maximum of 5 groups once you have 30 followers. If you choose to create a group, it is suggested to look through the existing groups so you don’t create a group similar to one that already exists.

Here are examples of groups on Polyvore from Isabel Alfarrobinha, a Zazzle Designer.



The Wins section of your account shows you all of your placements in the contests that you’ve entered. Find out more on how to enter a contests here.


Now that you know the ins and outs of how to use Polyvore, give it a shot! Not only can it get you more visibility, but it also lets the public see how your products can be grouped with other products. Plus it’s a fresh and exciting experience – you never know what ideas you’ll get from creating your sets, collections and templates.

Until next time,

Elizabeth P.


13 Responses to “More Traffic with Polyvore”

  1. Debra Says:

    Looks cool! I have a Pinterest board to feature Zazzle designers who create these types collections which anyone can add to if they send me a note:

    Would you say we could only use Polyvore with our own products and not those we may just want to affiliate?

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Debra,

      I would suggest using your own products on Polyvore since you cannot edit the URL to add your associate ID to it. This way you can receive royalties for your sales.
      I think another fun way you can use Polyvore is create “sets” on the platform, and when you share out these sets on social media you can hyperlink the image and add the associate ID to your link.

      Thank you!
      Elizabeth P.

  2. No.59 Deb Says:

    Looks cool! I have a Pinterest board to feature Zazzle designers who create these types collections which anyone can add to if they send me a note:

    Would you say we could only use Polyvore with our own products and not those we may just want to affiliate?

  3. Celeste Says:

    Thank you for sharing this best ever tip!!! I have multiple platforms for my products and this will be another excellent way to pull them altogether.

  4. Fliss Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, I use Polyvore a lot but did not know I could now link direct via the share button

  5. Madamdreamweaver Says:

    As a long time Polyvore member, I checked out The Zazzle Society. It has less then 20 members (30 are required to have group contests) and shows no activity since it was formed 3 months ago,such as no messages to members, nothing.

    I think a better option is Razzle Zazzle @ which has many members and is actively featuring contests. This group features themed contests that allow products from many online seller sources, including Zazzle, Esty,etc, but such products aren’t required.

    I’ve made sets in Polyvore with zazzle products in the past without getting a single purchase or much in the way of store visits early on, except to have my designs used by others in their sets a few times, still without getting anyone buying anything. But it’s been awhile, so I’ve give it another whirl through a group.

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Madam Dreamweaver,

      Thank you for the Razzle Zazzle group tip.

      Polyvore is a growing company, so it might be worth it to give it another shot.

      Have a great day!

  6. lataarv Says:

    Thank you so much for this update,I thoroughly enjoy doing this.

  7. Clareville Designs Says:

    Reblogged this on Clareville and commented:
    Thank you Zazzle for featuring my In Case Zazzle site:

  8. Clareville Designs Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for featuring my In Case Zazzle Site: I also have a Clareville site at:

    • Elizabeth, Associates Mentor Says:

      Hi Janet,

      We’re very happy that we could feature In Case Zazzle.

      Thank you.


  9. Margieanne Says:

    Is this free? Or are there fees?

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