5 Tips on Promoting Your Small Business With Swag And Gear


We all know that social media is an effective way to market your small business, but if you’re hosting an event or trying to get a local marketing strategy going, you’re going to need some in-person enticements. One of the best ways to do that is with company swag or gear. To ensure your swag marketing efforts are effective, check out these five tips.

1. Make Your Swag Relevant

Think about your audience. Handing out key chains at an event with a lot of young kids is probably not going to be the right strategy. On the other hand, giving away iPhone cases at a function with an older audience probably won’t work so well either. Take some time to think about what kind of swag your audience truly wants or needs, and tailor your strategy accordingly.

2. Commit to a High Level of Quality

It’s always tempting to go with inexpensive swag, but it’s just not a good business move. You might consider giving away 1,000 flyers with your logo on them a success, but since they are not reusable, most likely the majority of them will get lost or thrown away. Products like t-shirts, tote bags and stationery are great example of items people will use again and again, and when they do, they’ll see your logo on them.

3. Get Involved in a Wide Variety of Events

You can get different types of swag or gear no matter how you want to market your business, but it all depends on the particular event – the more you sign-up for, the wider the audience you reach. Research local events, investigate area businesses looking for sponsorship, and keep abreast of upcoming regional festivals. Once you have an understanding of how to promote your business, you can get a better idea of the swag or gear you need.

4. Get Creative

Giving out smaller swag may be seen as passé or cheap, and handing out generic bottled water doesn’t get the word out about your business. However, if you gave away a reusable water bottles with your logo on it, your advertising has staying power. You could also give out something unique like a flask or a deck of playing cards.

5. Ask your customers

Still having a hard time coming up with the right swag or gear for your next event? Just ask your customers. Reach out to them via your social media pages, alert them of your upcoming event, and don’t be shy about asking what kind of swag they’d most appreciate. You can even institute a customer survey if your event isn’t imminent. Choosing the right swag or gear is important, but you can avoid the guessing game by going straight to the source.

What successes have you seen from using swag or gear to promote your business?

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