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Birthday Theme Series: Candy Land Party

June 10, 2013

There’s no reason that Candy Land should be just a game. Why not bring it to life, too? If you add up the time that most kids spend playing Candy Land, with or without us, plus eating actual candy, it’s almost their entire awake time. The more things change…

We can’t imagine any kid saying no to a candy-themed birthday, as a guest or a guest of honor. So in honor of Candy Month (like we need a reason), here’s how we’d deck it out from start to sugary finish.

Invite the pals: The Candy Land birthday cupcake invitations have rave reviews, bright colors and a lovable design that even twinkles. The candy-lined path and gentle hills take you back to that unforgettable board:

Oh Sweet Candy Land Birthday Cupcake Invitations
Oh Sweet Candy Land Birthday Cupcake Invitations by LittlebeaneBoutique

Set the mood: Cover the party walls with Jelly Candy posters to make them pop and keep things festive. You may never want to take them down:

jelly candy poster print
jelly candy poster print by ziggysofi

Stock the sweets: Feed the ravenous revellers their cupcakes, Twizzlers, corn chips and more on our Sprinkles Plates, as packed and crammed as they are bursting with color:

Sprinkles Plate
Sprinkles Plate by CarriesCamera

Here’s to a birthday as sweet and delicious as Jelly Bellies, licorice … and winning Candy Land.

Superhero Party Series: Action-Packed Presents for the Superboy

June 9, 2013

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s the best-ever superhero party! Every boy needs a superhero to idolize, like Batman or Spiderman or maybe Steve Nash. And when it comes time to celebrate him and his favorite idol, a superhero birthday party is a surefire way to go.

We’re here to help you plan the easiest and most fun superhero party ever. To start things off, get everyone pumped to join the party with the Superhero Birthday Party Custom Invitation — featuring your favorite photo of the beloved guest of honor:

Comic Book Superhero Photo Insert Birthday Party Custom Invitations
Comic Book Superhero Photo Insert Birthday Party Custom Invitations by McBooboo 
Suit him up right with a badass Spiderman Hoodie or Batman Tee:
Looking Forward Hooded Sweatshirts
Looking Forward Hooded Sweatshirts by spiderman
Chibi Batman Tees
Chibi Batman Tees by JusticeLeague

And pump up the walls with a POW! Poster starring Batman, Robin and the Joker:

Chibi Pow Print
Chibi Pow Print by JusticeLeague

Superheroes, super boys, super birthday: what’s not to love? Next and last in our Superhero Party series, but not at all least, we pay tribute to the kids at heart who just can’t get enough of superheroes (we understand).

Museum Art Round-up

June 8, 2013

It’s summertime and most of you seeking reprieve from the heat will likely be looking to duck into somewhere air conditioned — art museums and galleries are a great choice.

But if you can’t visit your local art gallery or museum, check out some of our top products adorned with beautiful art pieces:

<Farmer's Garden> by Gustav Klimt iPhone 5 Cover
<Farmer’s Garden> by Gustav Klimt iPhone 5 Cover by corbisimages
Flaming June by Frederic Leighton Jewelry
Flaming June by Frederic Leighton Jewelry by corbisimages
The Great Wave of Kanagawa Print
The Great Wave of Kanagawa Print by bridgemanart
<Nympheas> by Claude Monet 2 MacBook Pro Sleeve
<Nympheas> by Claude Monet 2 MacBook Pro Sleeve by corbisimages
Cafe Terrace, Place du Forum, Arles, 1888 Party Plates
Cafe Terrace, Place du Forum, Arles, 1888 Party Plates by bridgemanart

National Candy Month – Top Product Picks

June 8, 2013

Sweet tooths and kids (or kids at heart) celebrate! June’s also National Candy Month, a celebration welcomed by many. What’s your favorite go-to treat? M&Ms, candy bars or chocolate?

While we can’t offer you straight sugar to help celebrate, we have many candy designs on our site: iPhone cases, bags, apparel and more!

Here are our top picks:

For everyone who chooses sprinkles on top:

Sprinkles iPhone 5 Case
Sprinkles iPhone 5 Case by CarriesCamera

Sport your love of sugar on this sweet bag:

Wonderland Cupcake Candy Lollipop Sweet Tarts Bags
Wonderland Cupcake Candy Lollipop Sweet Tarts Bags by LittlebeaneBoutique

For sweet-tooth experts, there’s only three steps:

Twist, Chew, Repeat T-shirts
Twist, Chew, Repeat T-shirts by airheads

Cover your laptop with something colorful and sweet:

Colorful Chocolate Buttons Sleeve For iPads
Colorful Chocolate Buttons Sleeve For iPads by CustomiPadSleeves

While your makeup isn’t edible, you’re going to wish this bag was:

Chocolate Bar Bagettes Bag Cosmetic Bag
Chocolate Bar Bagettes Bag Cosmetic Bag by CarriesCamera

Here’s our favorite sweet treat throwback:

Sweet Treats Retro Pattern. Travel Bag Tag
Sweet Treats Retro Pattern. Travel Bag Tag by KPattersonDesign

National Adopt a Cat Month — Top Cat Product Picks

June 7, 2013

You don’t have to be a bona fide cat lady (or guy) to appreciate that June’s Adopt a Cat Month. Zazzle has some great products for anyone who loves these regal, playful and adorable balls of fur.

Who said that dogs are man’s only best friend? Here’s some love for the feline lovers among us:

Why save one life when you can save nine?

Rescue a Cat, Save Nine Lives Tee Shirt
Rescue a Cat, Save Nine Lives Tee Shirt by NickerStickers

Taking the plunge to adopt? Here’s hoping you don’t get a grumpy cat:

Grumpy Cat Mug
Grumpy Cat Mug by thegrumpycat

Have you hugged a cat today?

Kitty Hug
Kitty Hug by thekitschycat

Place all of the best snaps of your feline friend and its antics on a personalized cat bowl:

Instagram Cats Cat Water Bowls
Instagram Cats Cat Water Bowls by Antepara

Zazzle also partners with The Humane Society of the United States, so tell your friends to do the same:

Mutts Adopt! Postage
Mutts Adopt! Postage by HSUS

June Seller News and Updates

June 6, 2013

Marketplace Changes Coming

Zazzle is making changes that aim to increase traffic and sales for the entire Zazzle community.

Volume Bonus Becomes Associate Volume Bonus

We’re committed to providing strong incentives to all Zazzle community members to encourage each person to put in the extra effort in generating more awareness for products on Zazzle. With that in mind, starting July 1st, the current volume bonus structure will be transitioned to a Zazzle Associate Bonus Program. You can make money by referring customers to Zazzle. We believe that this new program will align the Zazzle community around generating the most revenue from referred traffic. As a Zazzle Seller you are already enrolled in this new program! We will also host a Zazzle Town Hall on Friday with questions and comments.

More Flexible Royalty Rate

Starting June 14th, we will change the standard royalty rate on newly published products to a new lowered threshold of 5%. This will give you additional flexibility in creating pricing that is consistent with your product promotional strategy. You will continue to have complete flexibility in naming your own royalty and the royalty rates you have already set will not be changed. All of your published products will continue to have the same royalty rate that you previously selected.

Stay Tuned

Zazzle is a community which consists of talented artists, designers, Sellers, and Associates like you. We are a thriving market today because all of our members and as always we are making changes to ensure growth for everyone. We’re excited to be sharing the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes to increase traffic and sales for all of our community. Are you as obsessed with mobile as we are? Great things are ahead with more news to come.

Kids’ Apparel Refresh

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.49.02 PM

We’re excited to announce new kids’ apparel! With the addition of 24 styles, we now have 40 total styles of kids’ apparel and over 450 total combinations of styles and colors.

We’ve teamed up with top brands, such as Hanes and American Apparel, to help you outfit your little ones.

Check out all of our new styles and colors!

Summer Designs Show-off

It’s officially summer and that means pool parties, BBQs, weddings and fun times in the sun. With all the events happening this season, it’s the prefect time to get your creativity flowing.

Whether it’s a summer-themed invite for the perfect destination beach wedding or custom postage for a BBQ get-together, we want to see your designs! Messenger bags, apparel and luggage tags are great picks this season for your imagination and designs.

Trend tips for this season: nautical, vintage and monogrammed designs are always “in.”

Go here to start creating!

Maker Faire Highlights


Zazzle was the Goldsmith Sponsor of Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 and hosted ‘Art, Meet Science’ – an installation where attendees could make artwork uniquely their own. San Francisco artists, including ProSeller Nidhi Chanani, created custom illustrations for Maker Faire that were transformed into giant coloring books.

The installation won three Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbons from Make Magazine!

Our partners Rickshaw Bagworks, DODOCase and Dawson Custom Workroom were also there to showcase these amazing pieces of art on locally manufactured products.

Watch our video!

Birthday Theme Series: Camping Birthday Party

June 4, 2013

Camping season is officially back, and we’re so excited that we want to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, presidents, weekends — you name — out it in the woods. It’s never too early in life to start camping, whether in a campsite, in the thick wilderness or even in the backyard.

So for all those upcoming birthdays in your calendar, think about a camping party — and think about some of these ideas for swag to help make it happen:

Get the kiddies pumped with a woodsy invitation that screams campfire, bright moon and marshmallows galore. There’s the Birthday Camp Out Invitation:

 Fun Birthday Camp Out Invitation

Fun Birthday Camp Out Invitation by origamiprints

Or, for some added pow, go with the Pink Tent Camping Birthday invitation:

Pink Tent Camping Birthday Party Invitation
Pink Tent Camping Birthday Party Invitation by JillsPaperie

Once you’re out there among the trees and stars, serve up your tortillas and s’mores on our Happy Camper plates:

Happy Camper Plates
Happy Camper Plates by makemystyle

And give your happy campers a memento and badge of honor (beyond the dirt, scrapes and fire-scented laundry) with the sweet Camping Birthday Party Favor stickers:

Camping Birthday Party Favor Sticker
Camping Birthday Party Favor Sticker by OrangeOstrichDesigns

Have an extra s’more on us. Happy birthday and happy camping!

Favorite Gifts to Make Your Father’s Day

June 2, 2013

We love our dads. Looking back on our series of Father’s Day posts, saluting new dads and funny dads and grandfathers alike, we wanted to end with a round-up of presents to appeal to dads of all kinds — whether they’re serious or funny, seasoned or new. What makes your dad most special is that he’s yours.

If we think about our checklist for Father’s Day gifts, we need to start with a card. One of our favorites is the “My heart belongs to Daddy” Card. You can personalize it with your favorite family or baby photo, and it works just as perfectly for either your husband or your dad:

my heart belongs to daddy hearts with blue ribbon card
my heart belongs to daddy hearts with blue ribbon card by papermadness

The next item on our checklist is something practical that’s not at all boring (like a hammer). With all the coffee, or tea or hot chocolate, that dads tend to drink, we think the “Best. Dad. Ever.” Mug makes a heartwarming and matter-of-fact addition to his kitchen “toolkit”:

Best. Dad. Ever. Coffee Mug
Best. Dad. Ever. Coffee Mug by teesforyourfamily

Finally, you can never go wrong with amusing or heartfelt clothing, especially when new babies and their spills are around. As a present for both baby and dad, spring for the “I Love My Dad” Baby Bodysuit:

I Love My Dad Father's Day Infant Bodysuit
I Love My Dad Father’s Day Infant Bodysuit by koncepts

Or for a funnier accessory for him — right on time for barbecue season — get him the snazzy “Stand Back: Dad Is Grilling” Apron:

Stand Back Aprons
Stand Back Aprons by omglolbbq

Dads have a ton to be proud of, and with these gifts, so will you. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Superhero Party Series: Super Girl Birthdays to the Rescue!

May 30, 2013

Superhero birthday parties are a standout part of childhood, along with any visit to a waterpark, foods on sticks, and napping (actually, that still sounds like the perfect day). Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may be the superheroes of the year for grownup girls, but until the age of majority (give or take a few years), it’s Batgirl and Wonderwoman who reign — with honorable mention going to the Pink Power Ranger.

To kick our Superhero Party Series into high gear, we’re pumped to start off with birthday gift ideas for the supergirl (which, really, is every girl). And if there’s one day to remind your daughter, sister, cousin or friend how incredible she is, it’s on her birthday. To get the party started, invite her friends in style with the Superhero Birthday Party Photocard, starring her as the guest of honor:

Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Card Personalized Announcement
Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Card Personalized Announcement by McBooboo

At the party and beyond, she’ll definitely need the right gear. Get something kicking for her to wear with pride, like a Batgirl or Spiderman T-shirt:

Chibi Batgirl Tshirts
Chibi Batgirl Tshirts by JusticeLeague
Spider-Man Leap - Color Tshirts
Spider-Man Leap – Color Tshirts by spiderman

And pump up your party walls with a supercharged Super Best Friends Poster:

Super Best Friends Forever - Group Poster
Super Best Friends Forever – Group Poster by dccomics

Awesome gifts to the rescue! Coming up next in our series, the most action-packed presents for the superhero-loving boy.

Special bonus: Fans of DC Comics should check out our Batman store for 15% off all Batman merchandise today. Use code 15OFFBATGIFT.

DIY Baby Shower Series: Baby Bodysuit Cupcakes

May 26, 2013


Fans of unique presents for baby showers know that diaper “cakes” — rolled up diapers made to look like tiers on a cake — were extremely popular last year. Why limit yourself to one cake when you can make a few “mini-cupcakes” with our adorable baby bodysuits? They’re easier to pass out and hold more variety for the mom-to-be.



1. Baby bodysuits

2. Jumbo cupcake wrappers

3. 1 yard of 1.5 inch ribbon (1 foot per “cupcake”)

4. Red pom-poms

5. Double-sided tape


Step 1: Fold the baby bodysuit in half, length-wise. Then, fold in the sleeves, followed by folding the suit in half again (lengthwise).

Step 2: Once the bodysuit is in a long strip, start at one end and roll the baby bodysuit until it’s a tight spiral. Attach double-sided tape to secure the spiral (or “onesie cupcake”).

Step 3: Take a piece of ribbon and attach it to the double-sided tape. Wrap around the “cupcake” completely. Take one more piece of double-sided tape to secure the cupcake and ribbon together.

Step 4: Take a red pom-pom and stick it on top of the cupcake (like a cherry!). This will also add a nice pop of color.

You’re done!

Check out some other ideas for a great baby shower gift:


1. Little Princess Custom Baby Pacifier

2. I Love You to the Moon and Back Throw Pillows

3. Bun in the Oven Tee Shirt

4. Earthy Quatrefoil Courier Bag 

5. Little Man Mustache Custom Baby Pacifier

Photography & Collage by: Aaron Calestar and Nicole Pittman

Concept & styling by: Jenny Wagner

T-shirt designs by: geek_supply_shop, looneytunes, lizphoenix 


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