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Today’s Wedding Wednesday will be the end of our series, and will introduce some ideas for anniversary gifts. One year from your big day is a milestone, and is a day to be celebrate!

Gear for Getting Ready

No two days are ever the same, but we’ve got some picks to help you get out the door and ready quickly. Whether you’re going out in the morning, or getting ready for a night out, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Let’s get ready together with some fashion essentials!

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Tips and Tricks: Designing for fuZe

At Zazzle, we believe art and technology should stick together—especially when it comes to iron-on printing. Introducing fuZe, a new iron-on technology that gives your customers the ability to print your designs on virtually any fabric. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the final result that you—and the people who buy your designs—want.

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Love is Equal!

With today’s historic decision by SCOTUS, we celebrate that all love is equal! Let the weddings begin across all 50 states!!!!

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Meet a Zazzler: Peter

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Peter, another one of our amazing Zazzlers. Peter’s a football fanatic, and is one of our Customer Service Planners!

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Wedding Wednesday: Gifts for the Happy Couple

Not sure what to get the newlyweds? Today’s Wedding Wednesday will be for the wedding guests! We’ve covered the bases for the couple from save the dates to wedding favors. Let’s celebrate the couple with thoughtful personalized gifts!

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Introducing: Our Summer Wardrobe

The days are long, and the nights are warm, summer is official here! Our summer uniform consists of shorts, flip flops and of course tank tops! Tank tops are comfortable, easy to wear, and recently, with norm core becoming wardrobe staples, the perfect basic to dress both up and down.

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Wedding Wednesday: Same Sex Wedding Invites

Gay Pride Month’s origin traces back to the 1960s, and since then, LGBT individuals gather during June to commemorate history and celebrate culture, freedom, and equality. In honor of Pride Month, today’s Wedding Wednesday will feature a roundup of same sex wedding invites.

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Introducing: fuZe Technology

Zazzle and Group Stahls, one of our Makers, have pioneered a simple way to upgrade our manufacturing process that bypasses previous limitations! fuZe creates full-color digital designs that are crisp, clear and consistent on virtually any fabric. This new process allows us to customize almost ANYTHING and users are no longer limited by ink color or fabric type!

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Guest Post: Mexican Inspired DIY Table Runner

Today’s guest post features our new favorite bright table runner, courtesy of a DIY tutorial from our lovely friends at Bespoke Bride. Emily and Jessica’s blog helps readers find inspiration not only for weddings, but all decor projects, ranging from colorful to creative. Tassels aren’t just for new grads, but for this snazzy table runner, too! This no-sew tutorial is simple and perfect for those getting started in DIY projects. Let’s get started!

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