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Piñata Party

May 16, 2007

So I was just hanging out at Zazzle, waiting for the other guests to arrive for the big Cinco de Mayo party when I heard the faint sound of a festive Mariachi Band. I was so excited to join the celebration that I accidentally got tangled in some low hanging ropes. I yelled and yelled for help but no one seemed to hear me over the sound of the loud – yet glorious – Mariachi.

A little heartbroken, I was losing hope that the others would find me. But just as I was at my lowest, the partying Zazzlers began to funnel into the room where I was “hanging out.” I was excited because everyone was energetically circling around me, perhaps they were going to free me of my obvious (and embarrassing) entanglement.

I was trying to squirm my way out of when one of them hit me with a plastic stick… I was shocked, not that it hurt, but still. My guess was that he/she noticed that I was tangled up in the ropes and was trying to assist me out of my predicament…

Soon everyone was trying to help! One after another they enthusiastically tried to rescue me, jumping, spinning around, trying to knock me loose with bats (and even fists). These gestures, well intentioned, proved to be of little or no use. So, I continued to wiggle and spin until I finally broke free. But at the very same instant, an errant strike in the stomach caused my innards to explode onto the floor.

Everyone there – bless them – crowded around me to see if I was alright. I was better then alright! I was fortunate enough to land into a massive pile of candy, gum and all sorts of treats. What a party!




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