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New Seller Features – Re-Organized Product Page

April 6, 2012

This week we launched some long-requested features to help sellers manage their products. If you visit the Products tab in My Account, you’ll see some great new stuff:

  • You can now search your Public Products to find that one product you need to look at.
  • Simplified organization of the left-hand navigation
  • Clarified sorting options
  • Consolidated all actions into a consistent menu.

Here’s what it looks like. Be sure and check it out for yourself.

See It On Your Walls!

November 18, 2011

Today we launched a revolutionary new way to shop for Posters, Prints, and Wrapped Canvas – on your own walls! Zazzle’s Realview technology allows you to see Zazzle Prints and Wrapped Canvas on your own walls before buying them. Try it with any Poster, Print, or Wrapped Canvas on Zazzle, and even see it with over 80 different frames and 40 different mats. It’s easy-to-do and will ensure that you are satisfied with the colors, framing, sizing and quality of your custom print for years to come.

Learn more and try it out for yourself here!

New Search Features

November 7, 2011

Here at Zazzle’s secret underground headquarters near the earth’s core, we are constantly working to improve our search features. In the last few weeks we have added several new things.

Narrow By Color

Anytime you do a search on Zazzle, you can now narrow by color. This is helpful if you want to match colors in your house for a Print or just look for a gift for someone whose favorite color is orange.

Color Match

You can also upload your own image and Zazzle will analyze the colors in the image and match Zazzle products to those colors. You can upload a photo of your wall if you want to match a wall color, or enter the link to an image on the internet and match those colors. Give it a try – it’s fun!

Improved Product and Department Matching

Now to find a particular product or department on Zazzle you can just type it in. For example, if you type in “Food T-shirt” we will show you links on the left side match all the T-shirt Departments on Zazzle: Men’s, Women’s, Kids & Baby. We used to have a drop-down menu next to the search field to select the product type, but that menu was getting too long because we have added many products to the site and are in the process of adding many more in the coming months. Such a long menu was very difficult for users to read, so we are letting customers just type the product that they want in the search field and then we will match it to a department.

Give the new color features a try and let us know what you think!

Zazzle Mobile Launches!

October 7, 2011

We are happy to announce that Zazzle Mobile has come to your smartphone! The new Zazzle Mobile web site allows you to search, browse, and purchase from the Zazzle Marketplace on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile phone. It’s compatible with all major smartphone operating systems. Just go to on your smartphone to get the Zazzle Mobile experience.

If you are a Zazzle Seller, you can track your Earnings History and Earnings Summary right from your phone while you are out and about! We recommend bookmarking these pages for easy access.

Let us know what you think about Zazzle Mobile!

New Seller Features!

October 3, 2011

In additon to launching Case-Mate cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SBlackBerry Curve, and BlackBerry Bold, we also made some exciting changes to the Post For Sale process last week. We added Recipient and Events & Occasions fields to the Post For Sale page.  This enables sellers to market their products for specific recipients and occasions. In a few weeks, we’ll introduce these new features as part of our search navigation. This will allow buyers to more easily find cards or gifts for their loved ones and for the upcoming holiday season.

For example, if a seller has made a Thanksgiving card intended for a Niece, they can specify that the Event & Occasion is “Thanksgiving” and the Recipient is “Niece”. If a seller made a Christmas card for Grandfathers, they can specify “Christmas” for the Event & Occasion and the Recipient is “Grandfather”. Once we enable these fields in search then it will be easier for buyers to find the right products.

If you are a Zazzle Seller, you can edit your products now and choose Recipients and Events & Occasions for them, if applicable. If your item is not for a particular person, event, or occasion, then you can leave these fields blank.

Let us know what you think!

New Seller Features!

September 1, 2011

Earlier today I posted about new features for Zazzle customers, now I will share the new seller features we launched yesterday.

Image Search

It has long been requested, and now you have it – My Images Search! Go to My Account – Images, and try it out.

Zazzle Departments and Product Filtering in your Stores
Ever get annoyed because the product filter in your store showed all the products Zazzle offered, instead of just the products in your store? That annoyed us too, so we changed it. Stores now use the same Departments filtering as Zazzle search so your customers can easily see what products you offer and navigate to them.

Additionally, you may now choose to display either three or four products per row in your store.

You can enable the above features in your Store Content page in My Account.

And, last but not least, have you ever wanted a single page that links straight to every design tool that Zazzle offers? Us too – so we built it, try out the All Products Page for Sellers. You’ll want to bookmark this one.

Hope you enjoy the new features!

Custom Wall Art and Much, Much More!

September 1, 2011

Along with our big Custom Wall Art launch yesterday, we also launched several other improvements to the site. Here’s a sampling of the many changes that were made to Zazzle yesterday.

Color Filtering!
To help you easily  match art to your walls, we’ve added color filtering to Zazzle Search. Go ahead and try it (after you finish reading this blog post, of course): search for something like “fine art”. Then, on the left side of the page you’ll see this:

Click on green (or your favorite color shown there) and the search results will be filtered to shades of the color you chose. The search filter will update and similar colors will appear, allowing you to hone in on the exact shade of green you want.

And it doesn’t just work with wall art – color filtering works for any product on Zazzle.

Other Search Improvements
We made several other important changes to search:

  • Price Filtering is now available at all levels of search – previously you could only filter by price if you were searching within a department. This will enable you to always find products in the best price range for you.
  • Related Searches shows similar search terms to try.
  • Search Suggestions show up as you type in the search box.
  • Spell Checking corrects your spelling during search.

We’re constantly striving to improve our search results so expect all of the above and more to improve over time.

Screen Printing Improvements.
Have you ever tried to make Screen Printed T-shirts for your group on Zazzle? While we think we have the easiest screen printing purchase process in the business, there is always room for improvement. We made several usability improvements to screen printing. Among other changes, we simplified the process of converting your image to a smaller number of colors appropriate for screen printing.

Next time you need shirts for a group of people try out Zazzle Screen Printing!

Seller Features
And for you sellers out there, stay tuned – later this afternoon I’ll post about all the seller features we launched yesterday.

Zazzle Connection to the Oscars!

February 28, 2011

We love the Oscars here at Zazzle, and we love Best Actress winner Natalie Portman. We love her so much that we have a larger than life-size graffiti painting by El Mac of her watching over our engineering team. More specifically, it is a painting of her as Padmé Amidala in Star Wars.

And here’s some products featuring Natalie Portman as Padmé Amidala

Check out more Padmé Amidala products or more Star Wars products on Zazzle now!

A Zazzle Essay

December 6, 2010

My daughter really loves that I work for Zazzle and shows it in her third grade essay.

Zazzle Essay

Improvements for Sellers

August 30, 2010

Last week we made a couple small changes based on feedback we heard from our Sellers.

New Sku Filter

Let’s start with the new feature first.  Last year we added the ability for Sellers to control the styles on which their designs can appear – only on sustainable fabric t-shirts, for example.  Due to popular demand, we added an additional sku filter for T-shirts.  You can now limit to “The current style only”.  This will allow you, the seller, to limit to a single style but let all colors of that style be selectable by buyers.  When you post new t-shirts for sale you can choose this, and it can also be applied to existing shirts by editing them in My Account – Public Products.

New Sku Filter

The current style only sku filter

Post for Sale Link

A few weeks ago we updated the Design Tool to better match the Product Page and to make it easier for customers to purchase.  As part of this redesign we turned the  Post For Sale button into a link to decrease its visibility and reduce confusion for buyers.  Apparently, we may have decreased its visibility too much and some sellers had trouble locating it.  We heard your feedback, and we have now relocated and made it red so it stands out more.  We think this is a good compromise between decreasing the confusion for buyers and making it visible enough for sellers.

Post for Sale Link

New red Post For Sale Link

We hope you enjoy these changes.  Anything else we can do for you?


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