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Do You Agree With Nick?

April 16, 2010

Look at what’s happening across the pond! British political leaders locked horns on Thursday in Britain’s televised leaders’ debate. A first in Britain and very similar to the televised presidential debates we have here in the US. The catch phrase of the night? “I agree with Nick”!

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, dominated proceedings. Throughout the night, British Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown and Conservative Party leader David Cameron would repeatedly agree with their political opponent, and they both used the phrase “I agree with Nick.” An awesome catch phrase which will forever be remembered in British political history, and on Check out these great I agree with Nick T-shirts and other I agree with Nick designs!

Holiday Seller Success List – Check it Twice!

September 30, 2009

Here’s a recent seller email full of great tips for the holidays. Just in case you missed it, read this post:

Holiday Check List Mantle
Create Custom Gifts
Good News! Our biggest time of year, the holiday season, is upon us and economists (both liberal and conservative) are predicting this will be the best Holiday shopping season in the last 3 years.

Here are the ten most important things you can do this holiday season to increase your Zazzle sales. Many of them are quick and easy “to do’s”. Do them all and you’ll be way ahead of most sellers.

Create Custom Gifts
Create Custom Gifts

Create 2010 Calendar and Photocard Templates

Get a head start on the holiday season now! Most of your competition has not yet created these key sellers. Be the first on your block to have a whole array of 2010 calendar and photo card templates ready for the season’s rush.

Create Custom Gifts

Start Creating Holiday Hot Gift Products

We expect the following items to be hot gifts this holiday: Cards, mugs, apparel, bags, shoes, pet apparel and skateboards. However, always be true to yourself. If you are a specialist in something else, like business cards, create these. Make sure you offer some designs or templates that are easily turned into gifts.

Create Custom Gifts

Get Your Products Featured on Our Landing Pages

When you have a product featured on one of our landing pages, your page traffic goes up exponentially. We would love to feature your products and give you this potential sales boost. We are looking for quality designs on the following product types: Photo cards, Holiday Cards, Christmas Cards, Christmas Gifts, 2010 Calendars, Holiday Invitations, Embroidered Sweatshirts. We scour the site for great designs that fit our most popular search terms and hopefully you’ll soon be featured.

Create Custom Gifts

Merchandise your Products with our New Category Sorting Feature

Our new merchandising tool allows you to create categories (formerly called product lines) and display them with personalized icons on your store front. It’s also easy to set the display order of products and categories within your store so your best sellers are seen first. If you haven’t begun using this powerful new feature, now’s the time.

Learn more here.

Create Custom Gifts

Optimize Your Pricing

Our extensive analysis has shown that the sweet spot for mark-ups is 12-15%. At this price point, your profits will be maximized. Up to 12% your profits go up with little affect on sales. However, above 15%, the increase in profits does not compensate for the typical fall in sales. As always, at Zazzle, you are free to price products anywhere you want, but using our findings as a guide, you’ll maximize your profits.

Create Custom Gifts

Market Your Own Products

Successful sellers market their own stores. It’s surprisingly easy, particularly during the holiday season. Start with family and friends. They are all looking for unique gifts and you’ve got them! Email gift ideas and new product designs to your fan list. They’re already fans, so they love it when you come up with something new.

Click here for more promotion ideas.

Create Custom Gifts

Use Zazzle Products to Showcase Your Talents

Send out your own holiday cards in mid-November using one of your templates and a link to your store so people can buy their own holiday cards. Carry business cards everywhere you go and hand them out when you meet new people. Chubby Cards or Skinny Cards make the unique impression you’re looking for. You can also print rack cards and photo cards showcasing your different designs.

Create Custom Gifts

Make an additional 15% on Associate Sales

Here’s a little known secret. Any time you refer someone to our site via an Associate Sales Link, you make an additional 15%, above your normal mark-up. But it gets even better. If that person buys products from other sellers during the same session, you make 15% on all those sales as well. We also have volume bonuses, so this 15% referral fee can go as high as 32%. Promoting Zazzle through an Associate Sales Link can be done on your website or blog or on Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo or any forum you participate in. For more detailed information on the Associate Referral program, click here.

Create Custom Gifts

Overuse Tags and Find Yourself at the Bottom of Search

This is our hand-slapping tip. If you’re not guilty of this, ignore it. Some people load up their product pages with tags which have nothing to do with the product itself just to attract Zazzle searches to their page. We consider this SPAM. When someone does a search, we want the results to be relevant. Over-tagging produces non-relevant search results which frustrates the customer and hurts our entire community. If you over-tag products with non-relevant tags, you risk dropping all your products to the bottom of search.

Create Custom Gifts

Enjoy the Holiday Season with Your Friends and Family

Create Custom Gifts

Black Friday is November 27.

Cyber Monday (which beat Black Friday in US online purchases in 2008) is November 30.

Thanksgiving, which has a surprising high level of online purchases is November 26.

This all adds up to, It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas.

Newsletter Bottom

Money Maker: New Associate Link Builder

June 3, 2009

Learn how to build quick Associate links at Zazzle University.

Take advantage of the last major Zazzle Holiday shopping session before Christmas! You can make a royalty on your products and 15% referrals + Volume Bonus from referring marketplace Father’s Day products on Zazzle!

Check out the tutorial video here.

Money Maker: New Father's Day Banners for Associates

May 30, 2009

dadism banner

We’re going all out for Father’s day (June 21), the last big holiday selling season on Zazzle before Christmas. If you haven’t been submitting new products or started promoting links to Father’s Day content, it’s not too late to start.

Here are the Father’s Day landing pages to link to (replace [rfid] with your own rf id):

We also have five landing pages honoring “dadisms,” the wisdom (like “money doesn’t grow on trees”), wit (like “you are grounded until the end of the world or until I say so, whichever comes first”), and timeless sayings (like, “go ask your mother”) shared by dads everywhere:


Father’s Day Banners are available here, and can also be found on the banners main page.

Tree-Shirt Releaf! You buy a shirt, Zazzle plants a tree!

April 20, 2009

Earth Day is April 24th!

Zazzle has teamed up with American Forests to plant trees in the US.  Every shirt that is purchased on Zazzle with promo code PLANTATREE09 will enable American Forest to plant a tree.  You can get more information here:

This is a great campaign that you can promote on your websites and other marketing channels to help drive additional sales. Get the banners to promote it here.

Money Maker: New Banners for Associates

March 31, 2009

Here are the first marketing banners from Zazzle that will make linking and earning referred sales even easier! For the first time, Zazzle is providing banners you can use to send customers to our hottest seasonal selling items — Mother’s Day gifts and custom wedding postage and stationery.

It’s easy to get started immediately, just grab the banners from the links below and plug them into your website, blog or emails to friends and family. Include your unique rf code, in your links so when anyone clicks on one of the banners and buys something at Zazzle, you will have at least 15% of the sale credited to your account.

Here are the best seasonal landing pages (replace [rfid] with your own rf id):

Banners are available at these links:

  • Easter Gifts Banners (you must message: “Use code SPRINGCARD30 upon checkout for 30% off Zazzle cards” for these banners)

For more ideas and suggestions about earning referral fees, check the Zazzle Associate Referral Program page.


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