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Miss America

September 12, 2013

“Miss America represents the highest ideals. She is a real combination of beauty, grace, and intelligence, artistic and refined. She is a type which the American Girl might well emulate.”

These words were spoken over 75 years ago by the Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce President Frederick Hickman. Over the years the women who have held the title of Miss America have used their celebrity status to educate and make a difference in people’s lives through charitable and community endeavors. We are honored and excited to launch the Miss America Zazzle Store!

To commemorate the very first Miss America, we feature this vintage Zazzle custom postage. Give your mailings a touch of Miss America nostalgia:

Miss America 1921 Margaret Gorman with flag Postage Stamps
Miss America 1921 Margaret Gorman with flag Postage Stamps by missamerica

Know a little princess with big dreams? Encourage her aspirations and let her express herself with this self-proclaiming tee:

Little Miss America Tees
Little Miss America Tees by missamerica

Whether it’s for a Miss America in the making, or for a Miss America supporter, this messenger bag holds the all the essentials with style:

Miss America doodle pattern Messenger Bags
Miss America doodle pattern Messenger Bags by missamerica

Browse our impressive collection of Miss America gifts today!

Zazzle Will Host ‘Make It Yours’ at Maker Faire New York September 21st and 22nd

September 11, 2013

Maker Faire is a family-oriented event, a science fair and a celebration of local manufacturing. As a Goldsmith Sponsor, Zazzle will be hosting ‘Make It Yours’ – an event where everyone can get creative – for adults and children and all ages in between. We’ll have postcards with robot designs that you can color in and decorate. We’ll also have photo buttons that you can create by taking a picture of yourself. With your imagination and all sorts of creative supplies – markers, crayons – you can make these products uniquely your own. Zazzle will have merchandise on display to show all of our amazing products from skateboards to iPad cases, including products made by New York makers such as Case-Able in Brooklyn, New York.

Retro Robots (Cream) iPad Caseable Case
Retro Robots (Cream) iPad Caseable Case by funkypatterns

Zazzle is a marketplace where people can buy and make anything customized from iPhone cases to shirts. Zazzle has a manufacturing facility in San Jose, California. We are making products ourselves, so of course Maker Faire is the place to be. Zazzle is front and center in the maker movement by helping to change and evolve manufacturing in the U.S. Each product we sell is made-to-order, when ordered, typically within 24 hours – everything from shirts and sweatshirts, art and posters, to mugs and pillows. Zazzle is creating a radical new approach to manufacturing that allows for “made-to-order” merchandise, supporting our local New York makers.

Check out what we did at Maker Faire Bay Area:

Fun & Fright

September 10, 2013

Witches and goblins and fairies…oh my! Hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner. For Halloween gifts ranging from scary to cute, Zazzle is your one-stop shop.

Planning to throw a Halloween party? Get the ball rolling with some unique invites:

Black Crow Luxury Gold Party Invitation
Black Crow Luxury Gold Party Invitation by HalloweenTees

Don’t use just any old bag for trick-or-treating. Get creative! If you’ve got a little Halloween super hero, this might just be the perfect bag:

Super Hero Treat Bag
Super Hero Treat Bag by DizzyDebbie

Among the scary creatures of the night are, of course, ZOMBIES. No better a time than Halloween to sport a zombie shirt:

Vintage "Midnight Zombie Jamboree" T-Shirt
Vintage “Midnight Zombie Jamboree” T-Shirt by Zapple824

And while candy is always a treat, why not change it up this year? Hand out some spiffy stickers instead. Or include it with the candy, if you are feeling particularly generous:

Halloween Love Stickers
Halloween Love Stickers by jamiecreates1

The variety of Halloween gifts we have is, well, downright scary. But in a good way. Check us out today!

Here Comes the Wedding Day

September 3, 2013

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white…

Zazzle is the best kept secret for creative wedding ideas. We’ve got everything from save the date cards to wedding favors. Check out our creative ideas and get ready for the big day!

Before you tie the knot, you’ve got to have a bridal shower. We’ve got all kinds of games like bridal word searches and word scrambles:

Bridal Wedding Shower Word Scramble Game Customized Letterhead
Bridal Wedding Shower Word Scramble Game Customized Letterhead by henishouseofpaper

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply a fan of wine, you’ll love our wine bottle labels. Give the wine you’ll be serving at your wedding your personal touch with customizable labels that showcase the momentous occasion:

Pink Daisy Zebra Print Wedding Wine Bottle Labels
Pink Daisy Zebra Print Wedding Wine Bottle Labels by wasootch

And let’s not forget about the food. Tell your guests what you are serving with some elegant menu cards:

Wedding Menu Teal Black Damask Full Color Rack Card
Wedding Menu Teal Black Damask Full Color Rack Card by DreamingMindCards

And while it is of course your day, you don’t want to forget your guests. Show them a token of your appreciation with unique wedding favors:

Elegant Vintage Rose, Magenta Custom Wedding Favor Candy Tin
Elegant Vintage Rose, Magenta Custom Wedding Favor Candy Tin by CustomInvites

Make your special day unforgettable with creative ideas from Zazzle.

Perfect Picks for Back to School

August 27, 2013

School is starting, and it’s time to go shopping for new gear. Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, has some great ideas for kids for back to school. Steve is a huge fan of Zazzle and traveled all over the country to go on TV to talk about his suggestions for back to school. From New York to Portland, he showcased an amazing array of must-have items for the new year.

Here is one of the TV shows from Houston, Texas -

Steve picked two amazing Zazzle products to showcase – water bottles and sleeves.

The customized water bottles from Liberty Bottleworks are great for active children and can be personalized by name or by style. Made out of aluminum, each bottle has an easy to open/close cap and tapered neck – of course it’s 100% BPA free:

Peace, Love and Soccer Liberty Bottle Reusable Water Bottles
Peace, Love and Soccer Liberty Bottle Reusable Water Bottles by funshirtsandstuff

Steve also brought along an amazing sleeve from Rickshaw Bagworks. This unique sleeve uses images selected from your smartphone or Instagram to create a personalized must-have sleeve for the new school year. The Rickshaw iPad sleeve is a simple, stylish, and sustainable solution for protecting your electronic device:


You can read more about Steve and check out his back to school recommendations on his blog –

Summer at Zazzle

August 23, 2013

We’ve said it before:  Zazzle is a company that is all about people. Our customers, our sellers, our partners, and our employees! This summer we have been lucky to have some super fun and intelligent students join our team.  Now without further ado, on with the introductions:

Lilly Oh Stanford Class of 2014

As a knowledge management intern, I’ve been wrangling a lot of internal information into clear, consistent and meaningful articles about best practices for Zazzle’s web-based operations. Specifically I’ve been creating internal documentation for Zazzle’s international team, which is a small team of awesome project managers for Zazzle’s international domains. To be able to document how things work, I met with people across the company from engineering to merchandising to marketing in order to write technical guides about the how, why and where of many internal tools. It’s great to see people at Zazzle use what I’ve created to help them work more efficiently and consistently. In addition to working on internal documentation, I’ve been researching the maker-creator landscape in international domains like the United Kingdom to support exciting new product developments that are currently underway.


Brenton Dano U.C. Berkeley Class of 2014

I got to design a new responsive web app for the manufacturing team from start to finish this summer. Having little previous JavaScript, HTML and CSS experience, I had to pick it up on the job and eventually used Bootstrap, jQuery, and Dust.js to build a really cool app that displays statistics of the manufacturing floor. Not only did I learn a lot, but I built lasting friendships with the other interns and employees. Everyone is really friendly, and we have a modern and open office environment with a great view and an awesome gym. I also got to ride around on our road bikes and explore the shoreline at lunch, our code is not the only thing that is beautiful here. And not to mention great food too!


Cindy Ho U.C. Santa Cruz Class of 2016

Working with Zazzle this summer under business development and marketing allowed me to see consumerism in another perspective. I was given the chance to create potential marketing campaigns for our collegiate licensing program. One of the biggest tasks for me was being able to grasp the actual idea of Zazzle in order to design successful campaigns, because there are so many unique layers to this company that I had not seen when I first joined. I also gained knowledge in many branching aspects of my position, such as merchandising, productizing, and traffic optimizing. I am truly thankful to my supervisors, mentors, and peers for teaching me so much within a short amount of time. I enjoyed my time spent here, and I am going to miss Zazzle a ton!


Tomer Borenstein Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2014

My name is Tomer Borenstein and I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineering and Human Computer Interaction Double Major at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This summer I had the pleasure of working as a part of Zazzle’s User Interface team and I had an absolute blast! First of all, my team was amazing, and just in general everyone at Zazzle is awesome which makes for an extremely fun working environment and atmosphere. Zazzle, as a technology company, has some very interesting problems that need to be solved. In fact, they’re so interesting that, over the years, Zazzle’s engineering team came up with mainstream solutions to such problems years before they became mainstream. I’ve only got a limited space to fill, but to conclude – interning at Zazzle this summer was the complete package: challenging problems with awesome people.


We’ve Got Banners

August 21, 2013

We’re at it again! We’ve created a bunch of nifty new banners for all of our associates. We value the support we receive from our associates, so we are happy to present these new banners that are sure to be useful.

Kids are in the groove and back to school. A bright banner like this could easily attract some shoppers:

Back to School

T-shirts are always a must-have and a big hit:

Create Custom T-Shirts

If you’ve got international stores, draw people in using this colorful banner:


Get lots of clicks and make some money! To learn more about using banners, click here:

Cute Critters

August 16, 2013

Whether you’re decorating a nursery for the first time, or in the mood to re-decorate your child’s room, we can help you get started. Give that room the “Awwwww” factor with an adorable animal throw pillow. With so many to choose from, you can make that room look like a jungle, farm, or forest.

Little pink pigs. You can’t help but smile when you see one. And your little one will squeal with delight with this pillow:

Pig Standing Looking Up Pillows

Pig Standing Looking Up Pillows by prophoto

This baby Chihuahua pillow adds just the right touch to a baby’s room. So sweet:
Chihuahua Puppy (6 weekds old) lying Throw Pillows

Chihuahua Puppy (6 weekds old) lying Throw Pillows by prophoto

Or give your cute little monkey a cute little monkey throw pillow:
Little Monkey Throw Pillows

Little Monkey Throw Pillows by POPPYGIG

When you’re through decorating, you won’t be able to stop saying “Awwwww.” Get started today!

A Sweet Treat

August 14, 2013

Jumpin’ jelly beans! Are you in for a sweet surprise. We are proud to announce our latest and greatest addition to our ever-growing plethora of products: Jelly Belly jelly beans!

What’s your favorite flavor? Whether it’s green apple or popcorn we’ve got the right one for you. Pick one flavor or pick a bunch; the choice is yours. There are so many flavors to choose from.

The customization doesn’t stop there. We’ve got tins for your candy. Add a cool photo or cute design to the tin’s lid. Or choose one from our huge selection of pre-designed tins:

You Are Jelly Belly™ Candy Tin
You Are Jelly Belly™ Candy Tin by PolarBaby57

Perfect for gifts and party favors. And a variety of flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth.

What’s New?

August 6, 2013

Just in case you’ve had your head in the sand (and we wouldn’t blame you; it’s summertime after all), we’ve recently launched some pretty cool products. Check them out…

You’ll flip when you see these. Customizable flip flops. We’ve got them in all different colors, designs, and sizes. Give your sandals your personal touch by adding your own design. Match them with your favorite swimsuit and hit the beach in style:

Retromania 2 Flip Flops
Retromania 2 Flip Flops by Psychedelightful

What time is it? Time to browse our vast selection of watches. We’ve joined forces with eWatch Factory to bring you one-of-a-kind watches you can customize and wear on any occasion. Don’t waste a single second and start shopping right away:

Girly Pink Chevron Teal Anchor Fashion Monogram Wrist Watches
Girly Pink Chevron Teal Anchor Fashion Monogram Wrist Watches by girly_paradise

Last but not least, we invite you to look at our invitation accessories. You might say we’re pushing the envelope just a bit by throwing in some color. While the basic white envelopes work just as well, you can now add a little flair by placing your invites inside colorful ones:

July 4 Independence Day BBQ Grunge Invitation
July 4 Independence Day BBQ Grunge Invitation by mistyqe

Staying fresh and new is what it’s all about. Come take a look!


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