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New FanMerch Stores: Orphan Black & More

Don’t you love it when two awesome things come together to make something even more awesome? So do we! That’s why we’re so excited about some of our newest FanMerch stores, where fans and brands can come together to create some amazing fan-inspired designs. What’s FanMerch, you ask? FanMerch stores are special stores that allow […]

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OtterBox-Inspired: Designing for the Product

It’s always exciting for us to add new products for our Designers to use to show off their creativity. Just last week, we launched OtterBox phone cases, the number one top-selling case in the United States! OtterBox cases are known for being tough and rugged, built for the most extreme conditions… or just extremely clumsy people […]

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Designer Book Club: Steal Like an Artist

Welcome to our first Designer Book Club! Today we’re chatting about a book with a catchy title and even catchier tips for creativity: Steal Like an Artist by self-proclaimed “writer who draws” Austin Kleon. This book is full of both good advice and attention-grabbing graphics, and steers us toward answering the question: where do ideas […]

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4 Ways to Create Digital Art

In the new landscape of the digital world, there are all kinds of new opportunities for artists and designers to share their skills. Wondering how you can dip your toes into the world of digital art? Here are 4 ways to create your own artwork right from your computer.

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5 SEO Tips For Your Website

Today’s Tips & Tricks is a special guest post from one of Zazzle’s SEO experts, Jamar, with 5 tips for making your website even more search engine-friendly.

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Tips for Designing Lampshades

As you may have noticed, our selection of custom home décor products continues to grow, and has been a hit with both our Designers and our customers. In expanding our offerings for fun home products, we recently added the option with our friends at LampInbox to allow customers to purchase just a lamp shade, in […]

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Fighting Impostor Syndrome

Creatives, it’s time for a hearty dose of motivation. We’re well into February and, for many of us, the fresh start attitude of the new year is wearing off, and our excitement for achieving our goals and resolutions is starting to wane. When you start feeling like “faking it ’til you make it” is all faking and no making, here are some things to keep in mind.

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