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At Zazzle, we believe art and technology should stick together—especially when it comes to iron-on printing. Introducing fuZe, a new iron-on technology that gives your customers the ability to print your designs on virtually any fabric. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the final result that you—and the people who buy your designs—want.

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Guest Tips & Tricks: How to Create a Blog on

Our friend WebJess is here today to share just how easy it is to create a blog on to showcase your Zazzle products, and share your story as a Zazzle designer.

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5 Tips for Taking Great Photos with your Smartphone

Smartphones are everyone’s best friends. They do everything for us including get directions, find dinner, chat with friends and of course – take pictures. In this week’s Tips & Tricks, we’ll be presenting you with a few ways you can get that perfect pic you’ve always dreamed of with the camera that’s always with you.

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4 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Website traffic, or the number of visitors to your site, is the key to success for an online business. There are many different ways to get people to your site from paid advertising to public relations, but there are also just the basics. Today, we’d like to share a few basic tips that can help you increase traffic to your website.

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5 Tips for Getting Started as a New Designer

Our ever-growing community of talented designers is a huge part of what makes Zazzle special. We love helping artists share and sell their work. Are you ready to show off your skills? Join the fun with your own free account and store, and follow some of our tips to get started as a designer on Zazzle!

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5 Tips & Tricks Posts You May Have Missed

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but with graduations, weddings, holidays and other occasions it can get quite busy. We know that there isn’t always an opportunity to drop by the blog to check out what’s going on, so we’ve created a list of the latest tips and tricks posts for you to take a look at in case you missed them.

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5 Ways to Use Photoshop Brushes in Your Designs

Welcome to a very special guest post from our friends at Creative Market! Today they’ll be showing you how to use some of Creative Market’s amazing resources to design unique products on Zazzle. To the average non­-designer, Photoshop is a nifty hack that celebrities use to cheat about their bodies. We’ve all seen it being […]

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Tips for Writing Engaging Blog Posts

Beginning to blog? The modern blog is actually a product of evolution from the online diary, in which authors would share experiences through posts and conversations with others. Blogging then gained popularity quickly in the early 2000s as a means of outreach, opinion forming, and self- expression. Whether you’re new to the blogosphere or not, […]

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Tips & Tricks: Instagram

Fun fact: over 70 MILLION images are shared on Instagram daily. Given that staggering figure, how on Earth do you get your images noticed? 1. Great in-situ imagery. “In-situ” shots are taken to show the product “in situation” and help to tell the photo’s story. In the photo below, @evablack_ takes a quick, well-composed, nicely-lit snapshot […]

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