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Spring Trends 2014

March 17, 2014

Spring is here! And along with it, some of our most popular holidays including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation. In this week’s Designer Tips & Tricks, we’ll show you the styles, trends and products that we’ll be highlighting for this season’s celebrations.

Upcoming Holidays

  • Easter 4/20/2014
  • Mother’s Day 5/11/2014
  • Graduation 5/2014-6/2014
  • Father’s Day 6/15/2014

Easter Product Ideas

Products to create:

  • Ornaments
  • Tote Bags
  • Kids clothing
  • Sendables


Mother’s Day Product Ideas

Products to create:

  • Cards


  • Mugs

  • Accessories

  • T-shirts


  • Cases


  • Announcements
  • Stamps
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Invitations
  • Photo gifts “school memories”

Father’s Day

  • Cards

  • Mugs

  • Keychains

  • T-shirts

  • Gifts for men

Don’t forget to check out the Zazzle Merchandising forum thread where we periodically post “call to create” threads asking designers to create products related to holidays, seasons, or certain themes.

It’s Purim time: the hamentaschen’s in the mail

March 14, 2014

This Saturday marks the Jewish festival of Purim, one of the major holidays on the Jewish calendar and a time of celebration. Like Hanukkah and Passover, Purim commemorates the survival of the Jewish people in spite of many obstacles — this time in ancient Persia.

The holiday involves drinking, being merry, hearing the Book of Esther (or Megillah) read out loud, dressing up — like a Jewish Halloween — and sending loved ones gifts of food and drink, called Mishloach Manot.

When it comes to Mishloach Manot, the contents are “choose your own adventure” as long as they’re ready to consume. Chips, soda, candy, wine, yummy pastries, fresh or dried fruit, elaborately cooked dishes, canned food and all kinds of snacks are Purim-friendly (just choose two).

The real question is: what to send them in?

We suggest: the reusable Mishloach Manot Tote Bag, showing a hint of what’s to come. It’s bedecked with an array of hamentaschen, a Purim must-have — the delicious jam-filled pastries shaped like the hat of Haman (the evil enemy in the Purim story):

Pop on a Happy Purim Gift Label, personalized with your own words, to make the gifts extra festive for your family and friends:

And if it’s going in the mail, it has to have a Hamentaschen Stamp — ‘tis the season:

Bust out your noisemaker, put on your costume and uncork the wine: Happy Purim to all!

DODOcases for all

March 13, 2014

In 2012, we partnered with DODOcase to add their amazingly crafted iPad cases to Zazzle.  DODOcases are manufactured locally in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding techniques.  The DODOcase protects your iPad while also giving your device the timeless look of a hardcover book.

Now customers can not only customize the inside of the case, but also choose the color for the exterior.  The exterior is made from black Moroccan cloth, with an eco-friendly bamboo tray and a custom interior liner that you can design yourself.  You can select colors for the exterior cloth – your choice of black, orange, coral, granite, merlot and blue. For the inside of your case, there is a wide selection of designs that would add some spring style to your high tech accoutrements.

We’ve got cases for your iPad 2/3/4, iPad mini as well as the iPad Air.  And you can be confident that this case was manufactured locally in San Francisco.  In April 2010, the DODOcase launched alongside the Apple iPad as the original bookbound iPad case.  It’s become a favorite among hip San Franciscans as well as anyone with a taste for design and a passion for local manufacturing.

You may no longer be reading hardcover books, but you can enjoy reading on your iPad while also feeling inspired to travel back in time to a previous era when bookbinding was done by hand.  The Dodo bird remains on the list of extinct animals but thanks to DODOcase, bookbinding continues to thrive.

All About Patterns – Harlequin Style Art

March 11, 2014

Harlequin is a pattern that has truly stood the test of time.  Where did this diamond-shaped checkerboard print get its start? For this little history lesson, let’s take a trip to Italy in the late 1500s.

During the Italian Commedia Dell’arte days of the 1580s, Harlequin was not a pretty pattern, but a stock character in many theatrical performances. He was typically portrayed as an astute servant who was lighthearted and jovial, and always got the girl.

In these performances, the playful Harlequin would rival against Pierrot, a sadder, stern character, for the mutual object of their affection, Colombine. Harlequin always wore clothing that was adorned with a diamond-shaped checkered pattern, symbolic of his good nature. Conversely, Pierrot’s clothes were plain and white, fitting with his more boring, somber persona.

The duds that Harlequin made famous ultimately traveled the trails of time and made their way to the 21st century. The pattern is still found in many places — especially ones that speak for the same lifestyle defined by our fabulous friend, Harlequin.

While Harlequin was a funny guy, we definitely aren’t clowning around when it comes to representing the best of Harlequin style. Step your style up a notch by incorporating some harlequin into your space.

Give your living quarters some pizzazz by adorning the walls with this classic Paul Cezanne print, the aptly named Pierrot and Harlequin, which portrays the two walking side by side. Vivid colors and that prototypical harlequin pattern make this piece of art a quintessential sample of Harlequin at his finest.

Looking for something a little more inconspicuous? Perhaps a print of Juan Gris’ gorgeous painting, Harlequin With Table, is more your speed. It has all the joys of harlequin, with a side of confusion. Is it a man? Is it a table? What does it mean? Hang this print on your living room wall and let your guests be the judge.

If you’re ready to take your harlequin love to the streets, then you can’t go wrong with these snazzy red leggings with a small display of black harlequin diamonds. They’re a clear yet subtle way to let your fun side peek through in any outfit. Pair them with low-tops and a long sweater for a casual look, or try them with a pencil skirt, blouse and ankle boots for a work-day favorite.

There’s so much more Harlequin love to go around. How will you make your statement?



Keep It Coordinated with Wedding Collections

March 10, 2014

Wedding season is about to get into full swing, and we’re here with a great tip for your Zazzle wedding designs.

One easy way to make sure a soon-to-be-married couple can find all of the great Zazzle products they’re look for is by creating a wedding collection, or wedding suite.

What do we mean by that? Easy! A wedding collection is simply a category in your store that houses different types of wedding products, all featuring the same coordinated design. By creating a wedding suite, you’ll be creating an easy one-stop shopping place for your customer to find all of the wedding accessories they need, already in their chosen theme.

For starters, try out creating a Save the Date card or wedding invitation in a trendy design. From there, you can use the same theme, colors, or design elements on other products that will fit right in with your invitation: an RSVP card, address labels, or even a postage stamp.

Invitations are just the beginning. What couple wouldn’t love a matching table card, escort card, or ceremony program?

Don’t forget – weddings aren’t just about the invitation and the Big Day. A matching wedding wrap-up Thank You note is the perfect finishing touch.

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration to start adding designs into a new category in your store for a perfectly coordinated wedding collection.

All About Animals: Chickens in the Kitchen

March 7, 2014

When it comes to chickens in the kitchen, we aren’t clucking around. There’s a reason these feathered friends have been a staple in kitchen decor for over a century, and here’s why — chickens are awesome.

Whatever your style, we’ve got a chick for you. We did a little hunting and pecking and found these great farm-fresh favorites that will give your kitchen a small taste of the country life.

Check out this fantastic wall clock featuring a prominent watercolor of a Barred Plymouth Rock rooster, looking just a tad bit cocky. There’s no room for numbers in this simple showstopper, but who needs ‘em when you’ve got this gorgeous guy hanging out.

Cut it out. No, really—use this vintage-inspired cutting board to slice and dice all the produce you come across. Rich hues of reds, blues, yellows and greens comprise this old-school ad for Morningside Canadian Apples featuring a rooster crowing at the morning sun.  Pay homage to America’s favorite dinner guest, the chicken, with this classic design.

How cute are these Chubby Chicken napkins? Even if dinner is a disaster, your guests will still be raving over the polka-dotted folk-art chickens and eggs that adorn these green, printed cloth napkins. They are truly egg-cellent.

For us mere mortals, mornings are not always the high point of the day. Put a little pep in your step by doing the Funky Chicken with this funky coffee mug. Harness your inner rooster and bask in the orange, blue and pink feathers that make this bad bird a morning favorite.

No kitchen is complete without a good recipe binder. Check out this classic we found. This Vintage Chicken Recipe Binder has the quintessential country-red checkerboard pattern against a weathered backdrop and is completed with a front-and-center illustration of a pretty prestigious rooster. Best of all, this binder is totally customizable, making it a great gift for the special chef in your life or an easy way to label the recipes that are yours.

Channel your inner farmer and represent the kitchen-classic chicken in a chic way through any one of these styles.

All About Animals: Unicorns for Kids’ Rooms

March 6, 2014

Unicorns weren’t always so sweet, you know. The unicorns of the Old Testament were wild, untamable mountain beasts of ferocious power. In Ancient Greece, they were described as so swift of hoof that no creature alive could catch them.

One thing is certain, though, unicorns always were and always will be magical. In Japan, unicorns dispense one-horned mystic justice, hunting down and punishing criminals. In China, gentle unicorns are omens of good fortune. In the West, unicorns dominated the legends of the Middle Ages with their uncanny abilities to manifest miraculous healing and true love. In their mystery and majesty, unicorns have come to occupy a respected place in the royal crests of kings from the UK to Hungary and beyond.

Unicorns may have faded into mere fables today, but they still have the power to bewitch the young, and young at heart everywhere. Now, the magic doesn’t have to go away. Bring home your own private unicorn to magically brighten up the room of your little princess or prince.

The Musée National du Moyen Âge in Paris is built around displaying this 700-year-old master tapestry from Flanders. There is no more iconic image of the medieval unicorn and its chosen maiden than this one, which has enchanted artists and storytellers for centuries.

May your dreams always be unicorns and rainbows. Make it happen with these soft and colorful pillows for little girls and boys who would love a little magic in their lives. The pillows come in three different sizes, and each can be personalized with the name of the person in your life who makes everything fantastical.

Your kids are probably too young to remember this, but Journey kicked off the ’80s with their power anthem, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The people listened, and they didn’t stop. That’s what made this track the best-selling rock song in iTunes history with over five million downloads. Fly your Journey flag high and pass on the love to your kids with this fun rainbow and unicorn poster tribute to the power of believing.

So yes, unicorns are quite awesome!

All About Animals: Elephants in Your Office

March 5, 2014

Majestic and inspiring images of elephants are a perfect way to promote excellence and goodwill through your everyday accessories. The grandest of land mammals, elephants are known for their high intelligence and exceptional memory. Many Asian cultures consider elephants to be symbols of wisdom, and these sage animals are rightly protected worldwide by international law. Although you may not want to occupy the desk right next to one, pondering pictures of these awesome giants reminds us to be big, bold and beautiful.

Organize your appointments and jot down your to-do lists in this handy notebook adorned with a picture of a playful young pachyderm. This compact notebook is a perfect fit for your handbag or backpack – you’ll be excited to write down all your ideas, big and small!

Outfit your favorite space with this colorful dry-erase board. Keep important details and events in focus with big, bright writing next to the animal known never to forget. This fun addition to your decor is available in small, medium, or large sizes and can be customized with designs and photos to match your mood or project’s personality.

Fleeting ideas, mini-thoughts and momentary wisps of inspiration can morph into groundbreaking works and innovative ideas. It’s a good thing you keep a journal handy to jot it all down while on the go, lest you forget and rob the world of your brilliance! This handmade journal with a tribal paisley elephant design is perfect for afternoons at the museum, walks in the woods and cross-country adventures.

Wrap your digital library of written works with this hand-sewn case made from recycled materials. As masters of memory protect your literary passions, reading will be a joy every time you gloss over this friendly cover. It’s tailored to fit your device and will get you ready for a thrilling safari, a lazy roam on the savanna, or a cleansing waterfall bath in the middle of the jungle!

These elephant-inspired items will instill a sense of strength and fun in your life! Hang it up, jot it down and don’t forget to take it with you.

Battle of the epics: Harry Potter vs. The Hobbit

March 4, 2014

Are you a Bilbo fan, or a Hogwarts devotee? Do you revile the dragon Smaug or Lord Voldemort? Are you partial to the Shire, or the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


This battle of Tolkien’s hobbits versus Rowling’s wizard friends will never truly end, for as long as people are reading, they will be forever torn between these mega epics (as we are).


It all starts with the shirt (or the sweatshirt) on your back. Will you brave the mighty elements in the Thorin and Company Hair Shirt, boasting no fewer than fifteen styles of hobbit hair? Or will you shield yourself in the warmth and comfort of the Hogwarts Four Houses Crest Pullover, and swear never to tickle a sleeping dragon (in Latin: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus)?

Shifting from tees to teas: will your breakfast blend and milk steep together proudly in the Muggles mug, or will you forswear all other beverage receptacles for the Burgla-Hobbit mug?


And when you forge your own way in the wider world, battling demons and surmounting adversity with cool perseverance, will you turn to the Harry vs. Voldemort Tri-Fold Wallet in times of pressure and tests, or will you seek aid and refuge from the Legolas Drawing Bow Wallet?

May you always find your way in your own epic journey, and may you choose your side wisely in this epic battle of books.

Tax Season Checklist and Payment Updates

March 3, 2014

Tax season is almost upon us, and with earnings on all of our minds we wanted to let you know of a few small improvements related to your royalty payments.

We know you like to get paid (doesn’t everyone?) so we want to be fully transparent with you about these improvements. In order to be able to respond to all of the issues that may arise in a timely manner, we’re making some changes starting now.

  1. Any designers whose profile information is incomplete or incorrect will have the payment cancelled (e.g., incomplete names, addresses or incorrect tax identification numbers). The payments will be canceled and the funds returned to the account no later than the 20th of the month they were issued and the accounts will be placed on hold pending corrections. Please contact Zazzle directly if you have any specific questions.
  2. Any checks returned as undeliverable will have the payments canceled and the funds returned to the account within 10 days of receipt and the accounts will be placed on hold pending corrections.
  3. Any claims regarding payments not received within 90 days of issuance will be researched to determine the issue. If it is confirmed that the payment was lost (i.e. the check has not been cashed) a replacement will be sent.
  4. Any claims regarding payments not received beyond 90 days of issuance will be researched to determine the issue. If it is confirmed that the payment was lost (i.e. the check has not been cashed) the payments will be canceled and the funds returned to the account. The funds will then be added into the next payment cycle based on the designer’s payment settings. No replacement payments greater than 90 days will be issued.
  5. Checks that are stale dated (beyond 180 days) will be voided on at least a quarterly basis, the payments will be canceled and the funds returned to the account and the accounts will be placed on hold pending corrections.
  6. Canceled payments will continue to show in your account, so you will be able to see what has occurred with your payment.

With these updates in mind, here is a quick checklist of important things to review under your payment settings in your account to ensure you receive your payments:

  • Payee Information: Some of the most important pieces of information for us to be able to submit payments and other important documents to you are your mailing address and full first AND last names. Please double-check that your full name and address are complete and correct, especially if you have moved recently. This information is important to have completed in every account, even for our designers who choose to receive payments via Paypal.
  • Tax ID number: Your Zazzle earnings are reportable income. To make sure that we send you the correct payments and documentation you need to complete this portion of your taxes, we must have your Tax ID number. The name entered in your payment information must exactly match your tax ID number, as well as your Social Security Number. For example, if your tax ID number is filed under the name “Jane A. Doe”, and your Social Security Number is filed under the name “Jane A. Doe”, the name listed on your payee information must be “Jane A. Doe”, not “Mr. & Mrs. Doe”, in order for us to properly submit payments to you and provide you with your tax documents.
  • Payment Preferences: If your account has been placed on hold pending corrections or updates to your payment information, please make sure to change these settings back to “Normal” after you have made these required updates to your information to ensure you receive your next payment as scheduled. Even if you do receive a payment, these settings will not update automatically, so make sure you check these settings if you encounter any of the above payment issues.


If you make any updates to your payment information – such as inputting the correct name for your Tax ID number or entering a new address – after hitting “save” on your payment settings page there will a 30 day delay, from the day the update is made, on your upcoming payment to allow for these updates to fully go into effect. This delay will occur after any time you hit this “save” button on your payment settings – regardless of whether an actual change has been made.

As always, if you have specific questions about these updates or your payment information, our friendly support staff will be glad to help.

Happy tax season, and here’s to another great year of Zazzle earnings!


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