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5 Keyword Tips to Boost Traffic

September 23, 2013

1.)  Brainstorm initial keyword ideas

Imagine you are selling wedding invitations, so you would start with keywords that relate to your product.

General keywords:
wedding invitations
special occasion invitations

2.) Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner can give you ideas on other keywords you can use. It also tells you which keywords people search for the most and which keywords are in high demand.

How to use Google Keyword Planner:
Step 1: Complete at least one of the sections in the image below and click next. The more you complete the more targeted your results will be.


Step 2: After you click next, you will see results for  Ad Group Ideas and Keyword Ideas, you can use both to refine your keywords. Generally you want keywords that have high monthly searches and low competition. Make sure to only use keywords that relate to your content.

For example, in the image  below “Design Wedding” looks like an interesting ad group because although it doesn’t have as many searches as some of the other ad groups, it only has medium competition and it’s the third ad group by relevance.  It would be worthwhile to click into that ad group and explore those keywords.


After you click on the “Design Wedding” ad group, the tool will populate another group of keywords as shown in the image below. Here, you should also look for the highest searches and lowest competition keywords that come up. The best keyword, in this example, would be “wedding invitation designs”. Of course you can choose more than one keyword,  just make sure it’s relevant to your product. If I have wedding invitations with designs, then I would use this word, but if I just sell plain invitations, I would not choose not to use “wedding invitation designs” keyword.


Step 3: Take a look at the Keyword Ideas as well for suggestions. Looks like “wedding invitation” (the original keyword that we thought of) is a good keyword to use because it has many searches and medium competition compared to the other keywords.


3.) Competitor Research

Search for your keywords on different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to see which websites come up. Check for big brands to see if they’re in the top recommended sites. If they are, it might be tough to compete with them using the particular keyword you searched for.  Also check for advertisements on the top or right-hand side, they usually mean that it’s a highly profitable keyword.  Last but not least, make sure this keyword pulls up products and services that are similar to your product or service so you know you are targeting the correct audience.


4.) Use long-tail words

Use longer keywords like “black and white vintage wedding invitations” or “squares and circles wedding invitations” or “wedding invitations in 24 hours”. Even though these terms are less searched on any given day, they tend to have a higher conversion rate. Just remember, do not use keywords that do not match your product or service.

5.) Use keyword phrases in your topics and content

If you publish content on your site, come up with creative ways to relate your product to popular topics.  For example, is someone famous getting married? Write about the invitations they used and the differences and similarities in design between their invitations and yours. Use the keywords that relate to these famous  folks as well as your own keywords.

Now you know how to find the keywords that are right for you. Next time we’ll talk about Search Engine Optimization, which includes information on where to place your keywords in your Zazzle store,  as well as on your website.

Social Media Tips & Tricks Part 4: Twitter

September 2, 2013

1) Create a Twitter Account

Effort: Easy
Payoff: Long-Term

  • Fill out your name, bio, website, location, avatar and header picture. Use dimensions that Twitter suggests.
  • Stick to your theme by using the designs from your Zazzle store as your background image.
  • Use keywords in your bio and make sure that it reflects you and your brand.


2) Follow People, Join Directories, Use Management Tools

Effort: Easy
Payoff: Long-Term

  • Follow people that have the same interest as you. If you are a watercolor artist, search for #watercolor and follow folks that pop up. (It helps to follow celebrities or people with many followers.)


  • Join Twitter directories like Twellow, which is a  great place to find people to follow because you can search by categories like art, home decor, social media, etc.
  • Useful following tools like Tweet Adder, Tweeter Karma, and Friend or Follow to follow people back and unfollow people that don’t follow you back.
  • Don’t over follow! Twitter has following limits and if you follow too many people, your account can get suspended. Read more on Twitter limits here.

3) Post, Engage, & Discover

Effort: Easy
Payoff: Long-Term

  • Post 4-5 times per day and post different media. (It helps if your account is connected with other social media accounts like Facebook or Tumblr, so you can post on both accounts at once.)


  • Use hashtags in your tweets, but not too many. Two per tweet is enough, and try to have the hashtag word be part of the sentence.
  • Look at what’s trending and participate in the trends. It’s a great way to gain visibility and display a bit of your personality on your account.

TwitterTrend Hashtag

  • Interact with followers by favoriting, responding, tweeting at and retweeting other people’s tweets.


  • Use the Discover tool to search for new content and new people to follow.

4) Examples

  • Here are a few great examples of Zazzle Designer Twitter Accounts.

Social Media Tips & Tricks Series Part 3: Tumblr

August 27, 2013

Starting your Tumblr Blog is easy to do. The tricky part is getting a following and keeping folks entertained. Today we’re going to take a look at a successful Zazzle Designer that was able to do just that – Zazzle Poetry.

Need a quick overview of Tumblr? Click here.

Tumblr Case Study:  Zazzle Poetry

  • On Tumblr, you can choose your own URL and use the Tumblr domain or use your own domain as we see here –


  • Choosing a theme and sticking to it is important. In this case, the theme is funny t-shirts.


  • It’s important to post content that people reblog and comment on,  like this “Here I Am, There I Go” t-shirt. When you notice a post getting a lot of attention, try to post similar products and don’t be afraid to reblog the post a few times throughout the week.
  • It’s key to have a purchase link within your post, like the “get” link below so readers have easy access to the item if they wish to buy it.


  • Remember to fill out all sections when creating a post. As you can see below, there is a “source” link that shows up and a tag link. A source link allows you to enter the original link to the item. Tags are what make your content easily searchable. Tumblr also has something called “Popular Tags.” When you’re typing in your tags, a menu of popular tags will populate and you can choose to include those. I suggest to always include popular tags as long as they are relevant.


  • Engagement is a vital factor when you are growing your presence on Tumblr, so it’s important to have the tools on your blog that let your followers interact with it.  Zazzle Poetry, chose the options to allow requests, submissions, and created an FAQ link. Let’s take a closer look at those
  • First, the request section is a great idea because it gets your audience thinking about your blog, and also gets them checking back to see if their request was fulfilled.


  • The submit option lets your audience share their content on your blog. In this case, the content would be a Zazzle Poetry product that was found online or a picture of  a Zazzle Poetry t-shirt. It’s a fun and easy way to diversify your content.


  • FAQ is not part of participation, but it’s a great way to answer some of the most common questions that your audience has. Zazzle Poetry did a great job in this section because they kept the funny theme going.


By creating funny and engaging content, the owner has succeeded in making this Tumblr blog quiet popular.  Check it out for yourself: Zazzle Poetry

Want to learn more about Tumblr? Find a quick overview here.

Tumblr Overview

August 24, 2013

Tumblr Overview Crash Course

The main ways to be successful on Tumblr are similar to what you would do on any social platform: follow other bloggers, love posts, reblog posts, stay active, vary your content (e.g. pictures, text, videos) , and use relevant and popular tags. Below are a few helpful tips to get your Tumblr blog rolling.


A.)  Choose the type of post you’d like to make from text to video

B.)  Messages

C.)  FAQ

D.)  Settings

E.)  Logout

F.)  Choose the account you would like to see/post from

G.)  View all your previous posts

H.)  Customize your blog with different themes, colors and more

I.)    Liked posts, blogs you follow, and find blogs (go here to seek out new blogs to follow)

J.)   Recommended blogs to follow (following these blogs is a great way to build your audience)


Settings Page


A.) Account (email & password settings) Dashboard (preferences)  Email (preferences) Apps (if you created apps for your blog

B.) Change avatar and add description

C.) Website themes – edit yourself or find a theme

D.) Change URL

Other options on this page are: Replies, Ask, Queue, Facebook,Twitter connect and more.


Customize/Edit Theme Page


A.) Edit your theme with HTML (must be experienced in HTML)

B.) Browse themes – choose an existing theme

C.) Edit your title and description

D.) Theme options – choose the colors for your theme

E.) Add Google Analytics ID so you can track your blog performance.

Other options on this page: Add pages, advanced options, and connect with Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Tumblr Post Page


A.) Create a custom URL for your post here. e.g.  “vintage-invitation-for-spring-wedding”.

B.) Place the source URL here, so people can click through to the original post or your  Zazzle store or product page.

C.) Tag your posts with relevant tags. If a “Popular Tags” list pops up, then add the relevant popular tags to your tag list.


Other Tips

*Download the Tumblr Bookmarklet for easy posting.

*Install Tumblr Mobile or iPad App for posting from your cell phone or tablet.

*Install Disquis to enable commenting on Tumblr.

Social Media Tips & Tricks Series Part 2: Google+

August 19, 2013

1)      Create your Google+ page

Effort : Easy
Payoff: Long Term

  • Choose the product or brand box, and then choose your product category.


  • Fill out your name, website name, and agree to the Page Terms.  The SEO title is the name of your page followed by Google+, so make your name count.
  • Add profile photo, cover photo, and write your tagline and introduction. For SEO, your meta description is the page name, followed by your page tagline, and the first part of your introduction.


Great example of Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Tagline, and Introduction

by Photography TK Designs, a Zazzle Designer.


  • Link your website to G+  and add any other websites or social media pages in the “Links” section.



2)      People &  Communities

Effort : Easy
Payoff: Long Term

  • Join relevant communities and add people in those communities to your circles. When others add you to their circles, don’t forget to add them back.  For example, if are making wedding invitations, join a wedding community. When someone from this community adds you to their circles, return the favor and add them back.



3)      Posts & Engagement

Effort : Medium
Payoff: Long Term

  • Post photos, text, links, and videos on your page. The SEO title of  your update starts with the name of your profile page, followed by Google+ and then the beginning of your status update. This means, it’s always good to have a description with keywords when you’re posting a picture, link or video. The meta description of your update is the main text of the update. Also, a link update will create a dofollow link, but a photo update with link in the text will be a nofollow. Basically, it’s good to have a variety of posts versus always posting in the same media style.

Great example of a text and photo post

by Posh & Painterly, a Zazzle Designer.



  • Use “@” to tag people or pages on your page or in your comments.


  • Use Hashtags  to make your content more searchable.
  • Share other pages and people’s content on your page.

Great example of hashtags and sharing other people’s

content by ZazzleProducts1, a Zazzle designer.



4)      Get Google Authorship (Links your online content with Google+)

Effort : Easy – Medium (Depending on your computer skills)
Payoff: Long Term

  • Register an email from the domain where you contribute content or link your content to your contributions. Read more here.



5)      Connect to your Website

Effort : Medium  – Hard (Depending on your computer skills)
Payoff: Long Term

  • Install Google+ Badge on your website so people can easily follow your Google+ page from your website.
  • Add Direct Connect code so people can add your Google+ page to their circles right from Google Search.


7 Ways to Increase Your Zazzle Referrals

August 5, 2013

Tip #1: Get Social

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Long term

Facebook is really just the beginning of the social media landscape. Sites like Tumblr and Wanelo are up-and-coming.  Explore various sites and determine which one is best suited to your kind of products and art. For example, if you’re more focused on wedding invitations, then Wanelo could be good for you.  If you like to create funny t-shirts with puns, then Tumblr may be the way to go. Remember to join social media communities to spread the word and use tools like HootSuite to help you manage all of your social accounts.

Social Media Websites: Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Pinterest  Google+  Wanelo

Social Media Management Websites: HootSuite  Sprout Social  Postling  Sendible

Tip #2: Start a Niche Blog

Effort: High
Payoff: Long term

Starting a blog is an amazing way to get visibility for yourself as an artist and also your work.  Many successful sellers are also bloggers.  But know this – it can take a lot of time and effort – daily writing and photography – to become popular.  However, if you are passionate about writing or photography, this is the way to go!  Niche product markets tend to perform better, like so keep that in mind when creating your blog. Websites like WordPress, TypePad and Blogger. And if you’re not a fan of writing or photography, but have a little extra cash, you can hire an experienced blogger to create content for you! Companies like oDesk, Elance and iFreelance are a few places you can look to do just that.

Tip #3: Create Original & Viral Content

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Immediate

The most popular way to get your content out there is to create relevant and timely products.  That means you can post comments on social news sites, social media sites, popular blogs, etc. Also, sharing other people’s viral content that pertains to your product is a great way to increase your visibility. Is there a funny picture of a cat circling the internet? Share it on your “Funny Pets Blog”.

Tip #4: Pictures Speak Louder than Words

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Long term

There are many sites that are focused on photography, such as Flickr, We Heart Pics, and Instagram.  If your specialty is photography, then this is the way to go.  Just don’t forget the referral code when you’re sharing your beautiful art.

Tip #5: Share the Love

Effort: Medium
Payoff: Medium-term

You don’t have to focus on your own art and products.  You can help the entire Zazzle community by curating amazing content and sharing it on your site or with other bloggers!  So if you are a fan of Waikiki beach, you could curate and share your favorite Zazzle products that celebrate that famous beach – or 10 Cutest Wedding invitations, or funniest dogs – the sky’s the limit!

Tip #6: Invest in Yourself

Effort: High
Payoff: Immediate

There are marketing opportunities that are open to everyone who is willing to invest a little bit of money to grow their business.  For example, you could pay to have a table at your local art fair, or you run a small ad campaign on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to see which products have the highest clicks, conversion rates and which keywords work best for you and your business.

Tip #7:   Stay Informed & Learn More

Effort: Low
Payoff: Immediate

Stay informed by visiting the Zazzle Forum, there you can ask questions and find tips, tricks, and daily insights to improve associate campaigns.


Money Maker: New Associate Link Builder

June 3, 2009

Learn how to build quick Associate links at Zazzle University.

Take advantage of the last major Zazzle Holiday shopping session before Christmas! You can make a royalty on your products and 15% referrals + Volume Bonus from referring marketplace Father’s Day products on Zazzle!

Check out the tutorial video here.

Money Maker: New Father's Day Banners for Associates

May 30, 2009

dadism banner

We’re going all out for Father’s day (June 21), the last big holiday selling season on Zazzle before Christmas. If you haven’t been submitting new products or started promoting links to Father’s Day content, it’s not too late to start.

Here are the Father’s Day landing pages to link to (replace [rfid] with your own rf id):

We also have five landing pages honoring “dadisms,” the wisdom (like “money doesn’t grow on trees”), wit (like “you are grounded until the end of the world or until I say so, whichever comes first”), and timeless sayings (like, “go ask your mother”) shared by dads everywhere:


Father’s Day Banners are available here, and can also be found on the banners main page.

Class today at 3pmPT & 5pmPT

May 28, 2009

1) Zazzle Basics – 3pm PT

In this class I will cover the basics of getting started on Zazzle. There is an open QA session where the students are free to ask any questions on getting started on Zazzle.
2) Zazzle Advanced – 5pm PT

You will need to know the basics of CSS & HTML for this class. We will have a Q&A session where you can ask any of your advanced Zazzle related questions.


In order to register for either of these online classes, YOU MUST email me directly ( and let me know which one of these classes you wanted to sign up for. These classes are Webex classes, so you will be able to use a microphone to speak, or if you prefer you can use the chat room to ask questions. You will be able to hear my voice and see windows that I will be sharing with you. I will confirm via email that you successfully registered for the class, but the actual invite will not come right away, it will come sometime before the class starts, so check your email :)

Check for updates!

New Zazzle University Homepage & Next Weeks Class Schedule!

May 15, 2009

Hey Zazzlers!

We officially have a homepage now for Zazzle University. SO from now on, go to >>  This will be your one stop shop to learn all the tips and tricks you will need to succeed as a Zazzle Seller.

Class schedule for May 18th – May 22nd.

Zazzle Basics

In this class I will cover the basics of getting started on Zazzle. There is an open QA session where the students are free to ask any questions on getting started on Zazzle.

  • Tuesday – 2pm PT

Advanced Store Customization & Store Builder Installation

You will need to know the basics of CSS & HTML for this class

  • Tuesday – 5pm PT



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