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Seller Spotlight: TreasureTheMoments

February 28, 2013

After graduating with a degree in psychology and spending some time job-hunting, TreasureTheMoments found out about Zazzle and turned a hobby of designing in her downtime into a lucrative store on our site. She took some time to talk to us about her products and why — when in doubt — leopard print and pink are her go-to patterns and colors. 

I’m mostly self-taught — I taught myself how to use photoshop and took some time to inspect Zazzle, the products and the design tool.

I love making products that are pink and girly. I gravitate towards as much “bling” as possible and animal print. My designs are bold, sassy and loud — it’s for the “confident and popular woman — who owns it.” It’s been a hit, especially with women in their teens to women in their late 20s and early 30s.

Chic Bowed Zebra Print Invite [Pink]
Chic Bowed Zebra Print Invite [Pink] by TreasureTheMoments
Floral Damask Invite with Purple Bow
Floral Damask Invite with Purple Bow by TreasureTheMoments
Sassy Leopard Sweet Sixteen Photo Invite [Brown]
Sassy Leopard Sweet Sixteen Photo Invite [Brown] by TreasureTheMoments

Invites are my most popular products. People have also requested coordinating products, in addition to the invites, for events spanning from weddings to baby showers. Designing coordinated products for events is my specialty — I’ll usually design a whole set around a customer’s tastes and vision.

My advice to others on Zazzle is to be persistent and have faith in yourself. Be authentic and be true to your own style. Someone out there will like it.

Pink Glitter Invite With Zebra Print Bow
Pink Glitter Invite With Zebra Print Bow by TreasureTheMoments

Floral Lace Invite with Diamond Bow
Floral Lace Invite with Diamond Bow by TreasureTheMoments
Admission Ticket Invite [Gold]
Admission Ticket Invite [Gold] by TreasureTheMoments

Seller Spotlight: SquirrelHugger

February 21, 2013

Teri Francis (otherwise known as SquirrelHugger on Zazzle) took up photography in 2004, practicing her camera angles on squirrels in her backyard. Besides her passion for photography, she was also a marketing consultant for 30 years, handling everything from copywriting to graphics to design. She quickly found her niche creating “streamlined and corporate designs” — parlaying her years of designing for “urbanistic and contemporary” advertising and executive events. 

When I started on Zazzle, I saw that there was an opportunity to put more corporate, streamlined designs out there. That’s my main piece of advice for designers out there — do what you know. If you’re a schoolteacher, design for schoolteachers, if you’re a fisherman, design fisherman-related things. It’s a great place to start.

My designs are influenced by my 30 years of corporate marketing, and I love creating for birthday parties and anniversary parties. I get a lot of male clients — for them I try to stay with darker colors. It’s no surprise, but they don’t love fancy, frilly or cute. It’s all about minimalistic designs and blocks of darker color.

Here are some of my favorite designs:

65th Birthday Party Invitation 

65th Birthday Party Invitations
65th Birthday Party Invitations by SquirrelHugger

Working mostly with men for many years, I learned that their favorite colors are usually black, red, maroon, deep blues, textured browns, and gold-tones.  They often miss (or dismiss) fine lines and fancy detail work, so I try to use large block-style accents of color or trim.  The tricky thing to remember with masculine designs is that the product you’re creating may very likely be purchased by the woman in his life — so, it’s important to a put a measured balance in your style that will appeal to his lady and make her say “Oh, that’s just perfect for him!”

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitation

Sweet 16 - Personalized Birthday Party Invitations
Sweet 16 – Personalized Birthday Party Invitations by SquirrelHugger

A customer requested a very specific theme of pink and white “Ice Cream Parlor” style invites for her daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party. I used pink and white stripes to reference the typical ice cream parlor awning, and used a vintage style “menu” board for the invitation text. I also added the big pink bow because she said her daughter was very “girly”. This became a best-seller for me, and I still get requests to duplicate it for other birthday years. One bride had me create her entire wedding ensemble for her with this design.

50th Anniversary Party 

Fancy 50th Anniversary Invitations - Your Photos
Fancy 50th Anniversary Invitations – Your Photos by SquirrelHugger
50th Anniversary - Personalized Photo Album Binder
50th Anniversary – Personalized Photo Album Binder by SquirrelHugger

50th anniversary celebrations have a special place in my heart. I designed the invites and theme for my own parents’ anniversary party — it was one of the most memorable events in our family’s history. My dad passed away shortly after, but we found great comfort in remembering how happy he was and the wonderful memories we have of that day continue to make us smile. I do every anniversary invitation as if it was for my parents. Fun fact: the 1940′s era couple I use in most of my 50th anniversary invites are indeed my parents on their wedding day.

Bride Binder

A girlfriend who was getting married and could not find bridal cards and accessories specifically for women of color, so I created cards, binders and magnets with her in mind.

African American Bride - Wedding Planner Binder
African American Bride – Wedding Planner Binder by SquirrelHugger

Christmas Greeting Card for a Special Friend

Christmas Card - Special Friend
Christmas Card – Special Friend by SquirrelHugger

I created this for a very dear friend who was going through a tough time. When creating greeting cards for any occasion, my best advice is to write the words you would like to hear if you were the one receiving the card. Those are always my best sellers.

Seller Spotlight: Plush Paper

February 14, 2013

Kathleen from Plush Paper was able to parlay her advertising and marketing background into designing beautiful invites for weddings and events on Zazzle. Kathleen took some time to talk to us about her love of design and how she got started on Zazzle. 

I became interested in weddings and invitations as I planned my wedding in 2007. I remember the excitement I had mailing out our wedding save the dates and invitations. It made everything very official, and I loved checking the mail everyday for RSVP cards. My wedding stationery was special to me because I took great care in personalizing everything. I made sure that it would make a great first impression and be a true reflection of our wedding day.

After our wedding, our photographer referred a client to me who had a unique vision for her wedding invitations. I continued working with other clients on custom stationery orders and my business, and Plush Paper Creations was quickly established (early 2008).

I developed my stationery line that I sell through the Plush Paper Design Shop on Zazzle to complement my custom order business. I am focused on design, which I love, and Zazzle fulfills my orders, providing great customer service and quality finished products to my customers. Zazzle has really helped my business to grow, and it is an incredible feeling knowing that my designs have been selected by customers worldwide for their special events.

Wedding Save the Date Card | Movie Poster Design Custom Invites
Wedding Save the Date Card | Movie Poster Design Custom Invites by Plush_Paper

This wedding save the date card was inspired by the first custom wedding invitation that I created five years ago, which was designed to look like a movie poster. The original invitation was a small poster size that was actually rolled up and mailed to guests in mailing tubes. I designed this save the date version that features a classic black and white color scheme, an engagement photo of thebride and groom, and whimsical wording like “A Happily Ever After Production” that can be personalized.

Wedding Save the Date | Classic Elegance Postage
Wedding Save the Date | Classic Elegance Postage by Plush_Paper

Custom postage stamps are one of my favorite products to design on Zazzle. I designed stamps for my wedding, which is how I first discovered Zazzle, and many of my custom order clients have requestedthem to complete the look of their invitations. These elegant and formal save the date stamps can be customized with a wedding date and they are available in many colors, but this champagne gold metallic color is my personal favorite.

Wedding Invitation | Autumn Leaf Frame
Wedding Invitation | Autumn Leaf Frame by Plush_Paper

Here in Michigan, we have a beautiful fall season and it is a popular time of year to get married. Many couples incorporate vibrant autumn colors in their color scheme and natural elements, such as branches and leaves, in their stationery and decor. This wedding invitation, which is part of my Leaf Frame wedding collection, was created with a contemporary and chic fall-themed wedding in mind.

Wedding Bridal Shower | Wine Event Theme Personalized Invitations
Wedding Bridal Shower | Wine Event Theme Personalized Invitations by Plush_Paper

This bridal shower invitation was designed for a wine-themed event, a party I would love to attend! The burgundy wine color has a textured appearance that I think adds depth and a slight rustic feel to the design. I have been experimenting more with textured backgrounds in many of my recent stationery designs.

Big News Birth Announcement | Gray & Charcoal
Big News Birth Announcement | Gray & Charcoal by Plush_Paper

Beyond wedding events, I have really enjoyed developing stationery designs for baby showers and new babies. This birth announcement is a unique and fun way to share the big news of a baby’s arrival, with the look of a front-page newspaper story.

Graduation Party Invitation | Grad Class of 2013
Graduation Party Invitation | Grad Class of 2013 by Plush_Paper
I am also focused on new graduation announcements and party invitations, as spring and summer near. My husband will be receiving his master’s degree in a few months, so I am featuring a graduation party invitation in honor of his school colors, University of Michigan maize and blue.

Seller Spotlight: Thepinkschoolhouse

February 7, 2013

Jill from thepinkschoolhouse spent a few years as a teacher and realized something. For her generation of teachers, there was a lack of hip, creative and trendy designs. “How many school buses and little apples does a teacher really want?” Jill thought. Jill took some time to talk about her background and favorite products with us.

I’ve been an artist my entire life, since elementary school. I’ve done art shows, art club in high school and lots of mural work. When I decided to become a teacher, I would still make my own bulletin boards and materials for my classroom. A lot of the other teachers would always comment that they loved my creations.

I started The Pink Schoolhouse because I knew I wanted to create products for my generation of teachers, and incorporate trendier designs — like animal prints and polka dots. I knew that teacherswanted this and if there’s one piece of advice I have out there for other designers and sellers, it’s to know your audience and your niche.

One of my first creations was a binder for teacher lesson plans, which was a hit. It had leopard and zebra prints, and teachers could personalize the cover. I also love creating tote bags – they’re affordable and make great gifts for teachers.

Here are some of my favorite products:

Art Teacher Paint Splatter Apple Apron
Art Teacher Paint Splatter Apple Apron by thepinkschoolhouse

This art teacher apron features an illustration of an apple filled with a paint splatter design. Art teachers can have such a positive effect on a school and its students, so I definitely didn’t want to leave them out. I also design products for media specialists and parapros, as well as music, special education, and P.E. teachers.

Teacher Bag - Red Owl At Chalkboard
Teacher Bag – Red Owl At Chalkboard by thepinkschoolhouse

Teacher appreciation week 2013 is May 6th through May 10th. Tote bags are an affordable and functional gift idea because most teachers carry loads of books, papers and supplies to and from the classroom on a daily basis. This bag features an illustration of an owl — a very trendy animal right now. Personalize it with your teacher’s name on the chalkboard beside the owl!

Green Apple Multicolor Polka Dots Teacher Business Card Template
Green Apple Multicolor Polka Dots Teacher Business Card Template by thepinkschoolhouse

Teachers need business cards, just like any other professional. These are great for networking with other educators, as well as to give to the parents of students. This business card is professional with a fun illustration of a green apple and has a polka dot design in a trendy color scheme.

Teacher Binder - Zebra Print & Pink
Teacher Binder – Zebra Print & Pink by thepinkschoolhouse

Like many teachers, I used a 3 ring binder to keep my lesson plans, attendance records, and other important papers organized. Some educators keep their binders with them at all times while on the job, so this zebra print binder is useful and stylish accessory to carry at school.

Seller Spotlight: Kat_Parrella

January 31, 2013

Kat (Kat Kadoodle) always thought she would go to art school, but after encouragement to enter a more “streamlined and stable” field, she found herself in information technology for over thirty years. But she always painted and drew on the side, and looked for ways to express her artistic creativity. One day she sat herself down and learned how to use illustrator and different graphic design software. As more and more friends requested invites, she looked around for ways to share and sell her work, and found Zazzle.

I’ve always loved to entertain, which is probably why I love designing invitations. I love in all kinds of different things – iPhone cases, bags, but I always seem to go back to invites. They are my first love and what I truly enjoy creating the most. I love designing for baby showers, graduations, holiday parties and yes – cocktail parties.

You have to celebrate, you know? My family always made a huge deal about celebrations. I feel like I’m passionate about fun and that translates to the designs I create. Life is full of too much drudgery.

My artistic style is pretty playful. I like to use a varied colored palette and mix things up with varied brights and retro colors. I love to play teal, limes and oranges off of each other. I love to design for babies, too – I try to use a lot of pinks and blues and find new ways to integrate them.

A lot of my products have drink designs on them. I work drink elements into a lot of my invites – and no, I don’t put drink images on baby shower invites.

I really do believe just about any celebration is more fun with cocktails; hence the many cocktail-inspired invitations found in my shop:

Valentine Party Heart Love Cocktail Invitation
Valentine Party Heart Love Cocktail Invitation by kat_parrella
Wine tasting parties are one of my favorite parties to host and I have several different designs in this theme – but this is my most loved one:
Wineglass & Grapes Wine Tasting Party Invitation
Wineglass & Grapes Wine Tasting Party Invitation by kat_parrella

An afternoon at a local winery inspired me to create a whole series of wine-themed invitations, including this fun favorite for a wine-loving bride-to-be:

Modern Bride Wine Theme Bridal Shower Invitation
Modern Bride Wine Theme Bridal Shower Invitation by kat_parrella

Probably my favorite baby girl design: I love the way this one turned out with the antique texture, stitching and shadow effects:

Sweet Birdie It's a Girl Baby Shower Invitation
Sweet Birdie It’s a Girl Baby Shower Invitation by kat_parrella

A popular baby shower design: I thought the little tag was a great way to represent the idea of the shower of gifts to come for the mommy-to-be:

Happy Blue Dots Boy Baby Shower Invitation
Happy Blue Dots Boy Baby Shower Invitation by kat_parrella

Coming up with new, modern approaches to traditional themes is something I really enjoy. I think this design really brings that together with the fun color combinations and overall contemporary theme:

Lots of Hearts Couples Wedding Shower Invitation
Lots of Hearts Couples Wedding Shower Invitation by kat_parrella

Zazzle’s new design tool’s rotation feature inspired me to play with the angled photo placement in this new design for this year’s graduation season – I’m hoping it does well!

Sporty 3 Photo Graduation Announcement Black Blue
Sporty 3 Photo Graduation Announcement Black Blue by kat_parrella

Wedding Trends: Wedding Color Schemes For 2013

January 28, 2013

TDSWhite (the dynamic duo of Matthew and Trevor) did such a knockout job giving us an inside look into how they design for weddings that we asked them to flesh out their predictions and play trendspotter for all things weddings 2013. First up: wedding color schemes for 2013. 

The time of year your wedding will take place and the geographic location of your wedding will influence what’s hot this year in wedding colors. The bad news is that you can’t have them all (unless you choose a rainbow wedding theme), but the good news is that there are so many beautiful color options from which to choose.

Many wedding color names this year sound good enough to eat! Popular shades of green that are in this year and that also share their monikers with foods include lime, spearmint and a darker shade of mint. Other in-demand hues that bring to mind edible delights are: chocolate, lemon, tangerine, mocha, strawberry, blueberry and cranberry. Behind these tasty color names are varying gradations from light and bright to heavy and dark of the basic, classic colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown.

Mint Green Honeycomb Pattern Love Birds Wedding Announcements
Mint Green Honeycomb Pattern Love Birds Wedding Announcements by TDSwhite

PANTONE released their spring colors at the end of 2012 and declared emerald as the color of the year for 2013. Designers all over the world wait for the release of PANTONE’s color report in order to incorporate specific colors and complementary color combinations into the worlds of fashion, interior design and graphic design. In turn, all of these areas have an impact on what is hot in wedding colors schemes for the year. Since Emerald is the official color of the year, you can expect to see fifty shades of green in 2013 used as an accent color or a dominating wedding color.

What does all of this mean for the bride who is in the midst of choosing her wedding colors during the wedding planning stages?

On the lighter side of the color chart for spring to early fall, we will see the use of bright neon colors, which is one of many color trends this year. (One note of caution is that neon should be used sparingly in designs unless a bride is planning on a traditional Las Vegas destination wedding. In that case, there is no such thing as too much neon!) For most brides-to-be, a small pop of neon against an overall white or pale colored background will work perfectly.

Here’s an idea for wedding save the dates, wedding invitations and RSVP’s. The bride and groom’s names can be highlighted in neon colors while the rest of the wedding wording should be low key but complimentary, giving the entire wedding stationery ensemble a trendy and stylish designer touch.

Yellow And Orange Fall Wedding Template Invitation
Yellow And Orange Fall Wedding Template Invitation by TDSwhite

On the darker side of the color chart for fall and winter weddings, we will see many nature-inspired earth tones. They will be deep, rich, and fully saturated as opposed to their lighter spring counterparts. Mother Nature’s palette – autumn’s fiery reds, deep bold oranges, and forest browns as well as winter’s blues and snow whites – will surely inspire wedding designers.

Wedding Personalized Invitation
Wedding Personalized Invitation by TDSwhite

What will some popular color choices be for matching and complementary wedding colors? Everybody knows that black and white go together, but color matching goes quite beyond the basics these days. Some notable color coordinating trends for 2013 will be the use of light green or mint green either used alone or paired with salmon (pink), chocolate or mocha (brown), tangerine (orange), dusk or powder blue (light blue).

White And Honeysuckle Wedding Invitations
White And Honeysuckle Wedding Invitations by TDSwhite

Seller Spotlight: Jill311

January 25, 2013

Jill from Jill311 has been designing since the sandbox. She’s always loved to draw and doodle. She graduated with a degree in advertising, and after a few years out in the working world, she still struggled to express and support herself with her artistic talents — until she found Zazzle. “My life would be so different without Zazzle,” she told us. Jill took some time to talk about her “glam” artistic style and her love of Zazzle.

311 Happy Love Day Photo Valentine Personalized Announcements
311 Happy Love Day Photo Valentine Personalized Announcements by Jill311
Custom print invitations on zazzle.

I was so close to quitting designing. I wasn’t making any money, I was going into debt and I remember calling my mom and telling her I was over it. My mom and husband encouraged me to give it another month. Within a month, a client called me to ask if I made stickers. I did a search for “custom stickers” and Zazzle popped up. I thought to myself, “What is this?” I couldn’t believe how it easy it was to upload my own designs, and I didn’t know that I could sell designs online. Now, I design full-time on Zazzle.

311 Glam Crazy Pink Gold Damask Business Card Templates
311 Glam Crazy Pink Gold Damask Business Card Templates by Jill311

I love designing invites and girly products — my work has been called “glam with a touch of bling.” I also love designing for parties. There’s nothing better than getting thanked for a well-done invitation and seeing people’s excitement. I get a lot of orders from California, interestingly. I guess you guys out there are laid back, but still like to dress it up once in awhile.

311 Glitzy Sparkle Bachelorette Blac Kiss Metallic Invites
311 Glitzy Sparkle Bachelorette Blac Kiss Metallic Invites by Jill311

For inspiration and design ideas, I’ll browse the internet, read blogs, look at Pinterest boards and check out wedding blogs for what colors are trending this year, etc.

311 Ciao Bella "Peaches & Cream" Vintage Chic Invites
311 Ciao Bella “Peaches & Cream” Vintage Chic Invites by Jill311

I’ve gotten so much attention from my work on Zazzle, too, and many have reached out. I had the opportunity to design for a PR firm in New York, for a charity fundraiser and for a magazine in Oklahoma. Often it starts with someone looking on the site for someone who’s an expert in “leopard” and then they’ll reach out and contact me. My latest project is really fun. I got to design for Little Waisted’s packaging — they make Glass Glitz, a glittery sugar that is added to cocktail glasses’ rims. It’s a perfect match with my style.

311 Dollface Desserts Kohlie Pink Damask 3.5 x 2 Business Card Templates
311 Dollface Desserts Kohlie Pink Damask 3.5 x 2 Business Card Templates by Jill311

Seller Spotlight:ThePoetryStore

January 17, 2013

Silvi, The Poetry Store poet, has been a writer all of her life. She’s always been fascinated with how words and images can be blended together. A huge fan of the Beat Generation poets of the ‘50s, Silvi got a typewriter for free and serendipitously found a writing desk on the street one day. Even though she had a full time job, she made a goal to sit and write for at least three minutes a day with a timer. Little poems trickled out, and soon she found herself pairing the poems with images and products on Zazzle. Silvi has written and sold thousands of poems throughout the Bay Area and beyond (including Antarctica!).

"just my type..." canvas bag
“just my type…” canvas bag by ThePoetryStore

I’m deeply fascinated with the tiny moments of observation in life. With writing poetry, it’s all about creating art through words. When I get requests for poems, I try to meet people in the moment, the way they are asking to be seen. People often share intimate details with me and I’m honored that I can give them words for something they don’t know how to say. I find myself writing about subjects that people don’t always feel comfortable discussing outloud.

I get a lot of requests for poems and the two most popular topics are love and grief. These are the topics that people don’t know how to talk about and tend to be the most hushed. I strive to take these private moments and make them public. I love that other people find that my words resonate with their feelings and help make them feel less alone. My last series was about loss — I find that what I experience directly in my life influences what I produce in my work.

whale songs mug
whale songs mug by ThePoetryStore

My typewriter also influences my work. With a typewriter, everything is tiny and close together — it forces you into an intimacy with words and images. It’s the same thing with grief. It forces you into an intimacy with yourself that you can’t have at any other time in your life. It’s hard to get away from yourself and you have to experience exactly what’s going on in the moment to survive the grief. My art has always been about healing, seeing people right where they are and offering something back. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

"hearts rooting" greeting cards
“hearts rooting” greeting cards by ThePoetryStore

You’ll notice the frequent use of birds in my images — I gravitate toward birds and wings. Birds have the ability to feel grounded on land, yet free and fearless in flight. To me, birds are fearless and they don’t even know it. I believe that people were made to exist this way, but we often forget and let fear get in the way. As a poet, it’s hard not to look at something that flies without some awe and wonder.

because it should be said stretched canvas print
because it should be said stretched canvas print by ThePoetryStore

I’m fascinated with subjects that inspire mystery and awe. With whales, it’s all about trying to understand a life that exists in a completely different world than what I can conceptualize in my mind. I’m an earth-bound creature — water and ocean are just not my thing. There’s a whole other world in which human beings don’t have access.

whale songs greeting cards
whale songs greeting cards by ThePoetryStore

Seller Spotlight: Kate Tapley

January 10, 2013

Designer Kate Tapley has always been a doodler. From an early age, her father (an artist) encouraged her to draw and be creative. One day, she was perusing some greeting cards in the store when she decided that they were just…”a little too saccharine.” She started making her own cards for her friends with her signature doodles, and they were a hit. Kate took some time to talk about her epic doodles, Ninja Princess and the popularity behind Vladamir.

All of my friends love my doodles, so much so that they encouraged me to put them on products. I’m so glad I found Zazzle – it’s so user-friendly and I love all my options.

I started with just a couple of simple things on cards — just to see if anyone was interested. My humor is a little random and a bit irreverent. One of my first hits was my “Pregnant at Christmas” ornament, which has sold very well during the holidays (including this past season). A baby’s first Christmas is great, but what about all of the pregnant moms? I’ve been pregnant at Christmas and no one ever gives you ornaments for it. Being able to eat anything you want without guilt deserves some commemoration.

Pregnant at Christmas 2012 Christmas Ornaments
Pregnant at Christmas 2012 Christmas Ornaments by katetapley

When I’m dreaming up designs, usually the captions and art come into my head at the same time. For Vladamir, the design came first. I was over saccharine birthday cards and a friend requested something a little different. Vladamir is a dog smoking a Russian cigar, wearing a hat. It’s very popular — a lot of people love random weirdness and it makes them happy.

"Wery Happy Birthday" Card
“Wery Happy Birthday” Card by katetapley

There’s a bit of a story behind this next card. One of my good friends was diagnosed with cancer right after she turned 30. While most of us were stammering, another girlfriend just said flatly: “Well, this sucks.” And it was exactly the right thing to say. Because it did suck and sometimes people don’t need to hear words of encouragement — they just need to know that they’re not alone in hating their situation.

It's what you're feeling. cards
It’s what you’re feeling. cards by katetapley

Seller Spotlight: origamiprints

December 21, 2012

This holiday season, there’s no doubt that you’ll be receiving a pile of greeting cards in the mail. But if you open an envelope only to see a bold, modern and stylish card with striking photography, it’s a good bet that it was designed by Shelby Allison of origamiprints. Known for her bold (“I’m all about being bold!” Says Allison) use of font and collaged pictures, Shelby’s “Bold Merry and Bright” holiday card is a best seller. Shelby told us which of her cards are her favorites.

Bold Merry and Bright Holiday Photo Card
Bold Merry and Bright Holiday Photo Card by origamiprints
The contrast between the black & white photos and bright colors really make this card pop!

I love designing invites, stationery and photo cards the most. That’s where I got my name, origamiprints — the name went well with my goal to combine artwork with paper into an art form.

Here’s a list of my other five favorite products in my store:

New Year’s Trio Photo Card:

New Years Trio Photo Card
New Years Trio Photo Card by origamiprints
I wanted to give this design a clean and classic look by using minimal color along with very clear and simple fonts.

Jeaune Amour Vintage Save the Date:

Jeune Amour Vintage Save the Date Personalized Invite
Jeune Amour Vintage Save the Date Personalized Invite by origamiprints
I got inspiration for this card after my recent visit to Paris, France. I wanted to design a save the date with a very sweet and romantic look with a little bit of a vintage feel.

Ocean Waves Wedding Invite:

Ocean Waves Wedding Invite - Blue Gold
Ocean Waves Wedding Invite – Blue Gold by origamiprints
For this invitation, I wanted to create a design that was a little bit more unique than your average beach wedding invitation. I just love the way the blue and the gold look together.

Sweet Cakes Baby Shower Invite:

Sweet Cakes Baby Shower Invite
Sweet Cakes Baby Shower Invite by origamiprints
My idea for this design came from my love of sweets! I love cupcakes!

Nautical Baby Shower Invite:

Nautical Baby Shower Invite
Nautical Baby Shower Invite by origamiprints
For this design, I wanted to create a baby shower invite with a classy and elegant feel. I think the navy, white and yellow color scheme, along with the organization of the text, is what makes the look.

As you can probably tell, my designs are heavily influenced by typography. I love discovering new fonts and typefaces. Each font has a personality of its own and can really transform the look of a product, depending on which one you choose. I think choosing the right font, including the way you organize the layout of your text, can make a world of difference in a design.


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