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Zazzle University Class Schedule for May 4th – May 8th

May 1, 2009


We just added more classes to next weeks schedule and if you want to attend, you will have to act quickly since the seats are limited! We will be hosting 5 more beginner classes and we are adding an advanced class specifically for Store Builder!

These classes have limited seating so if you want to attend one of our ONLINE classes,   please send me an email ( with the following information:

  • Name
  • Zazzle Store
  • email (must be tied to a Zazzle store)
  • The class(es) you would like to attend this week

Again, send you email to in order to receive an invite to on of our online classes.

Class Schedule for the week of May 4th through May 8th:

Getting Started on Zazzle

Learn the basics on how to make products quickly, build your store and navigate your dashboard! I will also cover topics like referrals and how you can build referral links. Things like Volume Bonus and other topics will also be covered in this class. Its a well rounded class to take that will cover all the basics a new Zazzler will need to know!

Available times for “Getting Started on Zazzle”:

Tuesday May 5th — 1pm PT / 4pm ET

Wednesday May 6th — 10am PT / 1pm ET

Wednesday May 6th — 1pm PT  / 4pm ET

Thursday May 7th — 1pm PT / 4pm ET

Friday May 8th — 10am PT / 1pm ET

Store Builder FULL

In this class we will cover the basics on how to set up your website with Store Builder. Before requesting an invite to this class, please read the documentation linked below to determine whether or not you want to attend this class.

Friday May 8th — 3pm PT / 7pm ET This class is FULL.


Zazzle University – Spring Quarter Sign-ups

April 28, 2009

Hey Zazzlers!

I just set up 6 online classes that I will be hosting this week. These classes will be the essential building blocks for any seller out there that wants to get up to speed with building their Zazzle stores and products. These classes are invite only and the seller will need to contact me ( with the following information in order to be sent an invite for these classes.

I will need:
• Your Name
• Your MAIN VB Store url
• Your email address (has to be registered to a Zazzle store)
• Which class you want to attend
• Topics that You would like to see covered in future sessions.

The times for the classes available this week are:

Wednesday April 29th – Getting started on Zazzle – Basic

LIMITED TO 25 seats per class!

Class 1 – 9am PST / 12noon EST

Class 2 – 12noon PST / 3pm EST

This class will be for beginners. I plan on covering everything from:
• Product creation
• Store set up
• Exploring ‘My Zazzle’
• How to refer to your store/products
• Basics of Quick Product Create.

Thursday April 30th – Getting started on Zazzle – Basic

LIMITED TO 25 seats per class!

Class 1 – 9am PST / 12noon EST

Class 2 – 12noon PST / 3pm EST

This class will be for beginners. I plan on covering everything from:
• Product creation
• Store set up
• Exploring ‘My Zazzle’
• How to refer to your store/products
• Basics of Quick Product Create.
Friday May 1st -Getting Started On Zazzle – Advanced

LIMITED TO 25 seats per class!

Class 1 – 9am PST / 12noon EST

Class 2 – 3pm PST / 6pm EST

This class will be for those slightly more advanced. I plan on covering everything from:
• Quick Product Create Templates
• Understanding Referrals and how to build referral links
• Bulk Editing / Bulk Upload

DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE, I will be adding more classes next week, so if you cant make the classes posted above for this week, you will be able to watch the recordings or attend classes that I will schedule for next week. Check back here to see updates on class times as I will add more classes shortly.


Rob Greenleaf

p.s. feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding these classes and signing up etc. ->

Zazzle's Commitment to Sellers

April 23, 2009

Since yesterday morning, Zazzle HQ has been flooded with phone calls, emails, forum posts, blog posts, and tweets from our own Sellers and from the greater community inquiring about the Zazzle e-commerce platform – in particular, Zazzle’s Seller programs, policies and tools.

The concerned tone of many inquiries is understandable. We are living in uncertain times – the economy is in a deep recession, institutions we have trusted for years are now failing us, and many aspects of the future we planned for have been changed for the worse.

At Zazzle, we empathize with the struggles, risks, and rewards of creating a business that can sustain growth for long-term success. We take our responsibility as a business partner to heart and are passionate about investing in the tools, programs, and products that empower our community of Sellers to drive the rapid growth of independent businesses built on the Zazzle platform. Above all, Zazzle is passionate about earning and keeping the trust of our Sellers with program policies and practices that are aligned toward our mutual, long-term success.

Interested in Becoming a Zazzle Seller?

There has never been a better time to join the Zazzle Seller community and to start building your own business or, if you are already a valued member of our Seller community, to now double-down on your efforts and investment in the Zazzle platform. Here’s why…

IT’S FREE: Zazzle Doesn’t Charge You to Sell

Zazzle doesn’t charge its Sellers for any premium features or programs. We think that’s counterintuitive and counterproductive. Because each Seller contributes to the overall marketplace growth, everyone benefits from having more Sellers: customers enjoy more variety and Sellers have access to more customers. As such, we don’t believe in putting up any artificial barriers for you to join.

GET PAID: Zazzle Has the Best Earnings Program

Zazzle pays you top dollar to invest your valuable time in our platform and we respect your ongoing investment by not distinguishing between your Store and Marketplace sales. Grow your online earnings with Zazzle’s Seller Incentive Program features:

  • Price and earnings control on all products:
    Zazzle’s Name-Your-Royalty pricing system allows you to protect the value of your content, set earnings and the final sale price of each product, whether sold through your own Store or through the Zazzle Marketplace.
  • Generous 15% referral fees paid on all referred sales:
    Zazzle’s Associate Referral Program is a free program that allows you to earn referral fees on all sales you drive through qualified links – whether your own Store’s product or a third-party product from the Zazzle Marketplace. Choose from over 18 billion custom products and from premium, branded content.
  • Significant Volume Bonus and helpful ProSeller Programs
    The Zazzle Volume Bonus Program gives you the opportunity to earn as much as 32% of qualified sales (in addition to your product royalty) on sales through your Store or through the Zazzle Marketplace. Bonus tiers start at just $100. Sellers averaging just $100 in earnings for 3 consecutive months qualify for Zazzle’s ProSeller Program – a program designed to help you accelerate your earnings growth even more.
  • Earnings are subject to modest carve-outs in specific cases:
    Managing a fast-growing marketplace with customers, partners, and Sellers is highly-complex and incurs significant costs for ongoing administration and improvement. Referred sales and royalty rates in excess of 20% are subject to modest earning carve-outs. Learn More

GET PAID MORE: Grow Your Zazzle Business FAST with New Tools

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work developing the best tools and features for you to rapidly develop, launch, and grow your online Zazzle Stores, absolutely FREE:

  • Get your content on Zazzle, fast:
    Drag-and-drop thousands of images directly into your account with Zazzle’s Bulk Image Uploader for Windows. Coming very soon: Zazzle’s new flash-based Bulk Uploader allows Macs and PCs to upload hundreds of images to your account at a time!
  • Create Zazzle products quickly:
    Use Zazzle’s Quick Product Create (QPC) tool to create up to 100 products simultaneously. Use QPC in conjunction with Zazzle templates to rapidly create great-looking products. Coming very soon: Sku / Style filtering allows you to control the available styles for your Store’s custom products!
  • Control the look and feel of your Zazzle Store:
    The Zazzle zBar reduces the size of the standard Zazzle header to provide you with more space to highlight your own Store branding. The Zazzle Create API allows you to pass custom content to Zazzle products from your own site. The Zazzle Store Builder allows for easily featuring your Zazzle Store products on an external website. Coming very soon: Zazzle’s Advanced Store Customization Public Beta will allow for highly-flexible Store skinning using CSS and custom HTML!
  • Take advantage of Zazzle’s rapidly growing traffic: nearly tripled in traffic in the last 12 months and now has over 7.5 million unique visitors per month with no signs of slowing down ( is low, but is a good relative indicator of growth). Zazzle’s Google Base upload service streamlines the process of listing products in the Google search engine. Zazzle also recently launched a true localized website in the United Kingdom, optimizing the new domain implementation ( to enable Sellers to reach an important market of brand new customers. Coming soon: More localized international sites, more new customers!

Zazzle’s Technology-Driven Innovation = Sustainable Growth for Sellers

Zazzle offers Sellers the unbeatable combination of management integrity, aggressive earnings programs, and sustainable long-term growth through technology-driven product and software innovation. In 2008, Zazzle launched four brand-new, industry-recognized product lines: Business Cards and Profile Cards, Custom Keds Shoes, Custom Skateboards, and real on-demand Custom Embroidery. (And coming very soon: Pet Apparel!) Our unique ability to strategically launch new, highly-marketable custom products provides our Sellers with new revenue opportunities and access to different and growing markets. Zazzle is recognized as a technology leader in the mass customization space and was named to Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 Best Retail Websites for 2009.

Zazzle’s Commitment to the Long-Term Success of our Sellers is Unwavering

If you’re already a Zazzle Seller, we hope you are as excited as we are for another successful year full of new features, tools, and custom products to help you grow your sales! If you are new to the Zazzle platform, welcome! You have found a great community of Sellers to join and there is no time like the present to start investing in a bright future with Zazzle as your partner.

What Do You Think?

We’d love to know your thoughts.  What makes a good platform partner?  What are the tools and features you’d like to see?  How about new products?  Are you as excited as we are about the possibilities, and what’s to come?  Let us know by posting a comment!

Visit Zazzle’s Sell Section | Create an Account

Tree-Shirt Releaf! You buy a shirt, Zazzle plants a tree!

April 20, 2009

Earth Day is April 24th!

Zazzle has teamed up with American Forests to plant trees in the US.  Every shirt that is purchased on Zazzle with promo code PLANTATREE09 will enable American Forest to plant a tree.  You can get more information here:

This is a great campaign that you can promote on your websites and other marketing channels to help drive additional sales. Get the banners to promote it here.

Money Maker: New Banners for Associates

March 31, 2009

Here are the first marketing banners from Zazzle that will make linking and earning referred sales even easier! For the first time, Zazzle is providing banners you can use to send customers to our hottest seasonal selling items — Mother’s Day gifts and custom wedding postage and stationery.

It’s easy to get started immediately, just grab the banners from the links below and plug them into your website, blog or emails to friends and family. Include your unique rf code, in your links so when anyone clicks on one of the banners and buys something at Zazzle, you will have at least 15% of the sale credited to your account.

Here are the best seasonal landing pages (replace [rfid] with your own rf id):

Banners are available at these links:

  • Easter Gifts Banners (you must message: “Use code SPRINGCARD30 upon checkout for 30% off Zazzle cards” for these banners)

For more ideas and suggestions about earning referral fees, check the Zazzle Associate Referral Program page.

Force The zBar!

March 6, 2009

Quick update!!

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately about how to force the zBar every time you send someone to one of your product pages or your own store page. So I figured it would be best to post it here so you guys could spread the word! Here’s the deal, you need to read this post first (zBar – Do You Come Here Often?) just so you know how to build a basic referral link. IF you need to figure out what your associate ID is, simply click here ( and you will be prompted to log in, but once you do it will take you to a page with your Associate ID in bold.

OK, now that you know how to set up a referral link, you will have to append the follow snippet of code in order to force the zBar:

?zbar=true OR &zbar=true

Remember, the zBar only works when using the correct referral ID for the store you are referring traffic to, in addition to adding the ‘zBar’ code to your link .

Some of you have multiple stores and will have to make sure to use the right referral ID when linking to the right product pages and store pages.

This is what you links should look like:


And that’s basically it!

Banking off Zazzle's Elite Edition T-shirt

January 23, 2009


As you may’ve already heard, ARTSPROJEKT launched an exciting new initiative today: ARTSPROJEKT/LABz.

With this launch comes two exciting opportunities for all you sellers out there to earn cash and get recognized.  How do you do it?  Check it out …

1. Offer this Elite Edition tshirt to your buyers and fans. You earn 15% on all purchases – and you keep your buyers interested by featuring a product that is new and totally cutting edge.  Use this link and be sure to add your referral ID:

It’s the tshirt to wear this season.

2. Submit your own design to be considered for the next round of products.  Ever want the chance to see your design in a retail shop?  Interested in exploring mind blowing embellishments?  Now is your chance.  The deadline to submit is February 20th – so get rollin’!

More juicy marketing info on the project

The shirt will only be available for a limited time, and features an original design and collaboration by internationally renowned artist Luca Ionescu of Like Minded Studio in Sydney Australia and the fashion apparel brand Drifter.  The design is called “NEON DREAMS” and features a 3-D chrome skull illustration with neon reflections.  This one of a kind shirt features many high-end embellishments including specialty inks, silver and black foil, textured flock, and high-density raised ink.

ARTSPROJEKT/LABz is powered by Zazzle’s manufacturing R&D laboratory and also leverages Zazzle’s innovative on-demand retail platform.  ARTSPROJEKT LABz will feature original art from ARTSPROJEKT artists combined with cutting-edge product embellishments. We will release new, mind-blowing products on a regular basis.

Each new product will also bring a new opportunity to enter your own designs for a chance to be featured alongside your favorite international artists & brands, with the release of your very own AP/LABz BREAKOUT EDITION product!



LUCA Ionescu’s iconic identity and illustration work can be found in films, television, magazines, and galleries worldwide. Luca guides the interview and design magazine Refill, and counts MTV, VH1, Tiger Beer, Etnies, Reebok, and Zoo York among his clients.

Drifter supplies LA’s fashion elite with finely tailored apparel using high end blends of Supima cotton, modal, and mercerized jersey.  Featured in top retailers including Saks 5th Avenue, American Rag, and Fred Segal, Drifter is worn by Adrian Grenier of Entourage, hip hop icon DJ Shadow, and in such publications as Glamour, Stuff, and URB.  The men’s and women’s Drifter SKUs used for the ARTSPROJEKT LABz0001 Elite Edition are double-layered 60 single Supima Twofer Tops, which are stylishly fitted and extremely soft.


Each time we launch a new LABz product, we’ll also kick off a new BREAKOUT EDITION Design Challenge. The BREAKOUT EDITION Design Challenge will transform today’s underground visionaries into tomorrow’s global success stories. We’ll pick ten winners for each contest. If you win, your design will be sold in the LABz Special Editions Gallery. We may also show the winning designs to potential buyers for high profile retail lines, so you could find yourself checking out your T-shirt in your favorite boutique.  Each time we launch a new product, we’ll tell you how to submit your designs! You’ve got one month to cook up a design to send back.


It’s easy to submit your designs. Have a look at the AP/LABz0001 Neon Dreams design, download our design template and cook up your own version. When your design is done, just fill in the submission details on the Labz Contest PageThe deadline to submit design for the LABz BREAKOUT EDITION 0001 – the Luca inspired t-shirt – is Wednesday, February 20th, 2009., and upload your design.


1.      We’ll make your design, including the hangtag, and package it up with your sticker design. It’ll be the real deal.

2.      We’ll promote and sell your design on the website. You’ll get 10% royalties on every shirt we sell.

3.      We’ll also be showing the winning designs to buyers for high profile retail lines, , so you could find yourself checking out your T-shirt in your favorite


Luca Ionescu Designs Insane Skull for Labz 0001!

Australia based artist Luca Ionescu applied his crazy mix of technology and art in the creation of the 3D rendered ‘Neon Dreams’ design.


Luca currently operates Like Minded Studios where he has created incredible stuff for clients like Nike, Zoo York, MTV, VH1, ONeil, Etnies, Absolut Vodka, Reebok and Coca-Cola. He also co-runs and publishes Refill Magazine along with curating the Refill Seven Laser Skate Deck exhibition.

We caught up with Luca – over the phone of course – we’re way too low budget for a trip to Oz, and learned about his background, design inspirations and that amazing Skull.

Q: Tell us something about your background?

I come from the eastern land of Romania. I was raised in the land of OZ, and now deliver the typographic message worldwide.

Q: How does the world REFILL?

Through the global network known as Synchronicity.

Q: How do you define synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the way we are all connected globally. It is why so many community websites pop. They are networks driven by synchronicity, showing how we are all connected within six degrees of freedom. It is the way people inspire each other.

Q: What is Refill magazine?

Refill magazine started locally in Sydney in 2003. There were no magazines to bring artists together, globally. And there was all of this fresh work and new ways of doing things. I wanted to document the global art scene and bring that global flavor to my local audience. It was a period of self-discovery, bringing the design community together, creating something collaborative and being able to give something back to the community. Creating a physical magazine was important because it’s something tangible – something you can hold. It’s a quality magazine, versus an abstract digital media presence. With print, the smell of the ink and the feel of the paper complement the artists’ work well. We grew up on prints and books; it’s traditional. However, we embrace digital media as well and there will be a stronger online presence for the Refill re-launch, with daily community exchanges and artist interviews. This will be paired with a quarterly release of the physical magazine.

Q: What is Like Minded Studio?

Like Minded Studio is an umbrella for four artists. We each have different skill sets that complement well and we do work for various clients and agencies, ranging from answering briefs on a commercial level to t-shirt design. Sometimes we bring other artists on-board for individual projects.

Q: What is one word you would use to describe yourself, and why?

Progressive. I am always changing and evolving as a creative and applying that to my work. I like to use older, traditional techniques and bring a new translation to traditional design work.

Q: Describe 3 inspiring encounters you have had as a designer and magazine publisher.

1.     My first inspiring encounter was discovering the work of the Designers Republic while I was a design student. This snowballed into a hunt for more knowledge and who was behind the work. I discovered one of the men responsible for much of the goodness was Michael C Place. His amazing layout skills and typographic work includes brilliant use of one of my favorite typefaces at the time, Helvetica. He motivated me to keep producing what I loved doing most: design. I got in touch with Michael and since then he has been both a friend and a source of inspiration.

2.     My second inspiring encounter was meeting Futura 2000 in 2002. He triggered what was to become one of my greatest learning journeys via Refill Magazine. The concept behind Refill Magazine was for me to learn about and showcase artists such as Futura. Since launching Refill, we have showcased several hundred artists and have tried to enrich the Sydney art and design community by cross-pollinating with international artists through exhibitions, collaborations and the like.

3.     I would have to say my most recent inspirational experience was meeting my beautiful partner Bianga and the birth of our son, which without I wouldn’t be producing the work I am today. The love I feel for my family and which they give me is an endless source of inspiration for my work.

Q: Tell us about the story of “Neon Dreams”

It was originally a white skull on my homepage. It represented me. Faceless, it was the bare framework or structure that clients would come to my studio for work on. It was a starting point, from which I would flesh out my designs.

I redesigned the skull in titanium for a client, and while playing with it in my 3D rendering program, was excited about the look of all of these multicolored lights reflecting off of the surface. It is a stand-alone piece but could also be developed into a series, which I’ve considered. It represents Like Minded Studio’s love for design and that we’re here for the long haul, and we’re going to let the work shine. But it’s also open to interpretation, and overall it’s just a cool-looking skull.

Q: Snapshot the Sydney scene for our friends around the world.

Sydney has a lot of talent to offer. For a small sample, keep your eyes on and My agent, Rebecca Wolkenstein also represents a group of amazing photographers and artists who I am honored to be on books with.

Friends and Family:





Monster Children


Terrence Chin






What are you working on right now?

Something I love. View some of it here.


Beyond Business Cards

January 17, 2009

Traditionally, business cards are used for, well, business, as the name might suggest.  :)  They’re valuable tools in the realms of networking, company perception, and of course, ensuring your new found connection can contact you tomorrow!

Is a business card an important part of a successful Zazzle business?  Absolutely!

Not only are you better equipped to network, but the business card is tangible proof of the amazing quality and variety available at Zazzle.  To present your business as cutting edge or unique, choose the skinny or chubby card and go for the gold stock – why not? :)  You’re blingin’ and you know it.

If you can’t think of a business card design on your own, browse the Zazzle templates – and be sure to add your own logo, if you have one!  Here are a few examples:


But business cards aren’t just for business anymore.  Take business cards in Japan, for example; cards here are also used socially, with teenagers and adults exchanging business cards at the most casual of gatherings.  Trading business cards is almost like a game, with business card storage containers featuring prominently in any stationary or luggage shop, nationwide.

There are innumerable ways business cards can contribute to the success of your Zazzle store.  Here are a few alternative uses of the cards:

1. Design a skinny card to look like a coupon and promote a discount at your store.  Whenever you have a seasonal sale on your items, print up a bunch of skinny cards to hand out at work, at the gym, at family functions, or a random encounter in an elevator!

2. Use the chubby card to go into greater detail about your business.  What’s your business creed, what demographic do you speak to, is there an interesting story behind the birth of your business?

3. Use the chubby card to display your designs or photos as a mini-portfolio

4. Product line ideas to stock in your store:

  • Collectible cards
  • Sport cards
  • Recipe cards

Zazzle is currently having a 50% off sale on all types of businesscards:  visit

Promote the discount to your database of buyers or use it for your own business before the deal ends!

Best of Luck!

Merchandising: Giving the buyer what they're looking for

December 22, 2008


So you have a store full of fabulous products, your family is supporting the cause, and your fan base is growing by the day.  What next?  How can you take it to the next level and start thinking about your store as a real business?

One aspect of free and effective marketing is your merchandising approach.  In other words, how are you making your products available to the Zazzle buyers and the general public?

In a traditional retail space, presentation is key – and online, those who dominate SEO (search engine optimization) are the real winners of the game.

So let’s start with basics – how to name your products and utilize your description field so buyers everywhere know what you sell – and most importantly, can find their way to the shopping cart, full of your goodies!

Product Titles: The importance of the name game

1.  Consider SEO: keep in mind popular search terms when naming your product.  Do some research on what keywords/phrases to use.  Google Zeitgeist is a great place to start:

Eg. “Obama Supporter Heart Mug”

2.  Relevance: Pick words or phrases that speak to your niche and audience.  If you are designing for a certain audience, use familiar words in the title.

Eg. “Green Bliss Yoga Hoodie”

3.  Be descriptive: Use elements from your design, or the actual name of the design to specify your product’s name.

Eg. “Burnt Out Skull and Crossbones Tie”

4.  Be specific, but not too specific: “Vintage red and green Santa Alarm Clock T-Shirt” might be a little too much (ya think?!)  Save this much detail for the description. Instead use something like “Vintage Santa Alarm Clock T-Shirt”.

5.  Multiple products with the same image: if you’re creating a few basketball themed t-shirts, instead of naming them all “basketball t-shirt”, consider variations like:

Eg. -basketball tshirt, basketball t shirt, basketball tee, basketball tee shirt

Product sub-titles

Make this a longer version of the product title. Be a little bit more descriptive, but try to keep it in one sentence.

Utilize the Description Section: Picking up longtail traffic from search engines

1.  Give a background story to your design filled with phrases you want to target

2.  Add your website URL

3.  Use key words that describe your product, including the product type, like ‘mug’ or ‘poster’

4.  Cross merchandise by adding links to your other products.  This works especially well if you’re selling stamps, for example – you could also link over to cards or postcards you sell.  If the product is a gift, you might consider cross-merchandising a gift for the recipient’s boyfriend or girlfriend.  If the product supports a cause or message, cross-merchandise a shirt with a poster: “Don’t just wear your message, drink from it, display it, and send it in the mail!”

5.  Multiple spellings: If you are making a tshirt, add as many of these phrases to the product description as possible …  in a readable paragraph, if at all possible :o):

o    t-shirt

o   t-shirts

o   shirt

o   shirts

o   t shirts

o   t shirt

o   tshirt

o   tshirts

o   tee shirt

o   tee shirts

o   tee

An example of a great description field: supports Tibetan liberty, just as it supports liberty for all people. We hope that China allows the Dalai Lama to return, ceases Han immigration, and that nonviolent pressure from within and without causes China to allow Tibetaninternal autonomy .

We made this shirt to show support for the Dalai Lama’s quest to return to a free Tibet. Place this design on any shirt, or go into the customization engine to reorganize the elements or add your own!

We’ll have more merchandising tips for you in upcoming blogs – any more ideas on the product titles and description field?  Feel free to post a comment here!

Avoid Carpal Tunnel! Use Templates for Quick Product Create!

December 19, 2008

Now that you’ve mastered the bulk product creator, err, the Quick Product Create tool (QPC),  I wanted to share with everyone how to make templates for the Quick Product Create tool. Using templates will drastically cut down your product creation time!  Since all of you are veterans of making Zazzle products in bulk by now, you are probably at the same point that I am with this new tool. I am finding that the QPC tool is very handy when it come to making multiple products, but I still have a desire to cut down the time I spend adjusting each product after they are generated. This means the editing part or even adding the same tags over and over again to these products. When it comes to some of the ‘repetitive’ things that you do when making your products with the QPC tool, you can use templates to avoid redoing the same thing over and over.

For example, lets say I plan on making a whole line of t-shirts using a variety of designs for the front of these shirts, but the back will consistently have my brand logo below the nape of the neck and rather than going in there and adding it to every single product, one by one, I can create templates with the logo already on the back so that when I choose these templates, the design is placed on the fronts all the apparel I have selected and the logo is already on all of the backs.

Let me show you how this works. First things first, go to while logged in and the Quick Product Create  pop up window should appear (if not click the ‘Get Started’ button).


The first thing you will be asked to do is to choose what sort or products you want to create in bulk. There are a few default product ‘templates’ that you can choose from, but when it comes to using custom templates that you have set up, you need to create them first and save them as templates to be used later for QPC. Once you create this initial set of template products, you can then use them the next time you choose which products to create.

The first time around you must choose from the default templates that are available. You can add up to 100 products on your create list. Once you have added the first line of products, you can keep adding more and more until you have the desired selection of products.  In my case, I will choose the ‘Light Apparel Only’ to generate a bunch of products to tweek and then save as templates. I will also delete all the additional products that I don’t want and keep adding more until I have the exact line up of products that I plan on making into templates.


Next you will be prompted to select an image for your products that will eventually become templates. I simply use the default ‘Your Image Here’ image that is already available for you use. By selecting this default image, you can give your products an image place holder. Once the products are generated with this image place holder on them, you can always replace them with your own version if you like. You will also be asked to choose your fit/fill options (#3) but since you will be creating templates, you can leave it on ‘Use Template Defaults’. Next just click ‘Create Products’ and you will see the first batch of Light Apparel products appear.


Once all the Light Apparel products are created next its time to prune and tune each product to meet your template needs. In some cases You will need to delete the products that you don’t want in the mix, as I mentioned earlier. Remember, you can make up to 100 products at a time, so make sure that you add all the products you want to make for this particular template set.


Above you will see the products that were generated for me. I don’t want hats or ties for this particular product template set, so I will delete those 3 products.


Next I will go in and individually customize each product so that its showing the right model and shirt style that I want for my templates. I will also add a brand logo to the back of every shirt so that later when I call upon these templates, all the shirts will be set to the right style, model type and will come with the logo on the back already positioned the way I set it. This will drastically cut down on the time I would spend repeating this process over and over again.


As you can see above, I’ve changed a few of the shirt styles and the models as well. What you cant see in the image above is that I also set a logo on the backs of all the products. See below.


Once you have set up all of your products the way you want them, click on the NEXT tab to go to the next step.


Here you will find all all the fields for pricing, product info and setting categories etc. Since you are creating templates, the most important part to take notice is the ‘Quick product create options’ section you see below:


By choosing ‘Templates for reuse for quick create’ you have now set these products to be templates for use later with the Quick Product Create tool. Once you set all the other things like Titles, descriptions, categories etc, click the ‘Post It’ button and your template products will be created and placed into your product selection. These products WILL BE LIVE and your customers will be able to create and customize products using your templates. This is great to make a sale off of a customer that didn’t find what they were looking for in your store. If you don’t want your customers to see these templates, you can make them private products, which will hide them from the public, but still allow you to use them as Quick Product Create templates.

The next time you go to use QPC, you will notice that there is a new selection available to you. In this case, I placed my QPC Template products in a folder called ‘Templates’ and as a result, there is now a ‘Templates’ category that I can choose when selecting what ‘templates’ to use when bulk creating products the next time around.


When you choose this option, you will notice you will have all the products that you selected and set up previously popping up with the design you selected on them.

Now get started on those templates and if you have any questions, post a comment below!


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