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How to make sure all of your knock knacks are put away, still look good, and are within easy reach when you need them? Product Marketing Manager Monica shows how acrylic trays are the chicest way to kill two birds with one stone: tidy storage + glam décor!

5 Tips for Getting Started as a New Designer

Our ever-growing community of talented designers is a huge part of what makes Zazzle special. We love helping artists share and sell their work. Are you ready to show off your skills? Join the fun with your own free account and store, and follow some of our tips to get started as a designer on Zazzle!

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Gear Up for Bike to Work Day

Strap on your helmet and check your tire pressure—we’ve got all the biking accessories and essentials you need to make Bike to Work Day a daily occurrence.

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DIY Cut and Sew Unicorn Plushie

Crafters, dust off those sewing machines! We’re here today with a special post on a creative DIY use for Zazzle fabric: a cut and sew unicorn plush toy, demonstrated by the creator of the fabric herself, Zazzle designer lovliday.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Party/ Entourage

A wedding is the perfect way to gather your favorite folks together to celebrate this happy day. Your wedding entourage has guided you along in months of planning to prepare for the big day. Reward your wedding entourage with our top choices for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

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Congratulations to the April Associate Challenge Winners!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the April Associate Tier Challenge and congratulate all associates that reached one of the giveaway tiers of 50, 100 or 150+ referrals! We had an exciting 45 Associates who reached at least one of the levels and we’re hoping to have an even higher number for the May Associate Tier Challenge. Today we’re featuring one Associate from each challenge tier and asking them to tell us a bit about themselves and their background, as well as share some best practices and tips for finding success with the Zazzle Associate Program.

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5 Tips & Tricks Posts You May Have Missed

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but with graduations, weddings, holidays and other occasions it can get quite busy. We know that there isn’t always an opportunity to drop by the blog to check out what’s going on, so we’ve created a list of the latest tips and tricks posts for you to take a look at in case you missed them.

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