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“Dad, I’m hungry!” “Hi Hungry, I’m Ron, nice to meet you!” *Classic dad joke!* My name is Monica and I’m a dad joke survivor. You might be wondering, what are dad jokes exactly?  And why are they even called “dad jokes? It’s a dad joke because dads tell them to their children since they are […]

Guest Post: The Crafted Life

Today, we have a special guest post from The Crafted Life. Rachel of The Crafted Life was recently inspired by the adult coloring book trend and put her own spin on it. She’s all about making DIY projects fun, easy, and colorful for her readers. Check out her DIY coloring book tote here!     […]

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Fractured Fairy Tale: The Story of Finley’s House

Lend me your imagination, if only for a few minutes. Imagine a 20 year old man and an 18 year old woman meet at a church camp. They really hit it off, but are separated when the camp ends and they lose contact with each other. Imagine they find each other again in Bedford, England, […]

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Video: Let’s Get Social!

Let’s learn how to get social on today’s Zazzle Chat!

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Shell-Shocked: Return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Go ninja, go ninja, go! Go ninja, go ninja, go! …huh? That’s not the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie I’m supposed to be talking about? But I had so many Vanilla Ice jokes cued up! *Sigh* Oh, well…I’ll just put those jokes away until later. Anyone who gets the reference to the “Ninja Rap” […]

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Beautiful Handcrafted Candles

I LOVE candles! It’s one of the small luxuries that I don’t splurge on too often, but when I do, I appreciate that extra ambiance the warm glow brings.  I recently went to a candle lit yoga class and the difference it made was almost worth the cost of the class. Almost.   If you […]

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What’s Shiny and New

We add a lot of products to Zazzle each and every week, so you can be forgiven for missing a few of them. Here are some of our latest releases that we know you cannot live without!   Luggage – Too many of us let our vacation hours build up while we only take a […]

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Make A Ball

Need a unique gift for a sports fan in your life? Make-a-Ball just joined the Zazzle family and they offer fully customizable sports balls that are perfect to add photos, logos and text to. These balls are especially great for players or coaches to commemorate a winning season or big game. You’re also bound to […]

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Featured Associate Interview with Tracie Kaska from Oh So Girly Boutique

Today we’re chatting with Tracie Kaska, a photographer, mom of six and Zazzle Associate who promotes Zazzle products (her own and other Designers’) on her two websites Oh So Girly Boutique and Girly Business Cards. Tell us a little about you!  I live in Washington State, and have been in the same area for most of my […]

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Zazzle Road Trip: Texas

With summer merely a calendar page away, it’s time to fill your tank full of gas, load the car with your favorite people, tap Waze, and head out on an epic summer road trip! We’re kicking off our summer Zazzle Road Trip series with The Great State of Texas.

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