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July 31 marks the birthday of our favorite wizard of all time: Harry Potter, or The Boy Who Lived.

Welcome to the new Zazzle blog!

We are so excited to start a brand new chapter for Zazzle and our community of artists, shoppers, and creative people all over the world!
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Punchy ways to make your space pop

Spice up your house - and your life! - with a pop of color from Zazzle.
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Featured Designer Interview with Heather Kerr

Heather Kerr talks about her color inspirations, her self-employment journey, and learning design skills along the way.
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Give ’em what they want: 3 steps to swag nirvana

Swag is like eating a sundae: when it’s awesome it’s heaven, but when it’s not, you wish you hadn’t had it.
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Template tips for easily customizable designs

Wondering how to make the most of all of the customization options that Zazzle designs have to offer? Check out our template tips.
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Christmas in July

It might be the middle of summer, but we’re already gearing up for the holiday season! Here are our best tips to get your Zazzle store ready for the holidays, too!
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Zazzle Featured Designer Interview with Thaneeya McArdle

Thaneeya McArdle talks about her nomadic lifestyle, her vibrant art, and bringing both together in one colorful Zazzle store.
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Design is Only Half the Battle

Creating an original design is the first step to having a successful product - the second is making your design visible!
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Baby Blankets = Dog Blankets

Our new soft and cozy baby blankets aren't just for babies!
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