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When you purchase a Bears For Humanity™ Teddy Bear, we donate another teddy bear just like it to a child in need. We have partnered with reputable charitable organizations to help put our teddy bears in the hands of those who need them most. We build our bears with love – and the world’s first […]

An Ode to Best Buds

Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, chocolate and bacon, Zazzle and its brand partners … some things are just better together. With National Friendship Day just a couple of days away, we’re paying homage to a few of our favorite besties—and that includes you!

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Featured Maker Interview with Sara Gould of In A Flash Laser

Today we have a special interview with the founder and CEO of one of our impressive Maker partners. Sara Gould heads up In A Flash Laser, Maker for Zazzle’s customizable iPad covers and brand new flip flops. Tell us a little about you! I love cats.  I have two of my own, and in the […]

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Why Our Unique Vision Means Unique Success

Check out what CNBC has to say about the one-of-a-kind history and bright future of the world’s custom marketplace: Zazzle!

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Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Sprucing up the smallest room of them all can make your home feel more comfortable and stylish. Small as it may be, you can still have big style with a couple items from our bathroom offerings!

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Guest Post: Tips on Having a Successful Website

Our tech-savvy friend, WebJess, is back once more to tip us on how to have a successful website today. No matter what kind of website you have, we promise these tips will be useful to all!

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Treat the Chef: It’s Culinarian’s Day!

If there’s one thing that’s truly universal, it might be this: everyone loves food. It’s Culinarian’s Day today – let’s treat those in our lives who treat us to the tastiest dishes.

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Meet a Zazzler: Fernando

Today, we’re introducing yet another amazing Zazzler. Let’s meet Fernando, our fun foodie Customer Service Hero!

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Up the Ante on Poker Night

Don’t get me wrong, I love roll the dice games like Candy Land, but for some reason it just doesn’t have the same allure it once did when I was 6. Ante up, folks, it’s personalized poker time!

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