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What if your art had the power to create opportunities for makers on the other side of the world? Makers who, until recently, had little control over their own livelihoods? As you know, our mission here at Zazzle is to give people everywhere the power to make anything possible — including a better life. That’s […]

New Zazzle Products: What Did You Miss?

One of the best things about Zazzle is our breadth of product offerings. We are constantly adding new, exciting items each and every week, which may cause you to miss a couple. Never fear! I’m here to give you a rundown of some of our recently launched products so you can get your hands on […]

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Tips and Tricks: Self-Inking Stamps by Hampton Technologies

A stamp, a signature, a signoff – a hallmark that is truly personal! Customizable rubber stamps are a recent addition to Zazzle’s product offering and we want to tell you more about how to design on them! We are super excited to share with you these fantastic rubber stamps by Hampton Technologies. With the launch […]

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Video: What’s User Generated Content?

Let’s take a moment to watch this week’s Zazzle Chat! This week, we’re learning about User Generated Content! Learn everything from what an in-situ shot is to the importance of UGC in our beautiful Inspiration Gallery–

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Featured Associate Interview with Diane Dempsey from Vintage Wedding Invitation

Today we’re chatting with Diane, a professional graphic designer, illustrator, and enthusiast of all things vintage! Diane is a Zazzle Designer and Associate who owns the website Vintage Wedding Invitation where she creates an easy way for brides to find their perfect vintage invitations and get inspiration for their wedding celebration. Tell us a little […]

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Earn Referrals with Associate Banners

Associate banners are a great way to earn referrals while adding a little extra flare to your blog or website! In this Tips & Tricks post, we’ll give you an overview of our Associate banners page, go over uploading and tracking your banners, and recommend a few questions to ask yourself about what Associate banners will work for you.

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Happy Independence Day!

On June 14th, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution, which adopted the 13-star version of the Star and Stripes as the American Flag. President Woodrow Wilson established June 4th as Flag Day, and an Act of Congress in 1949 established National Flag Day. It is not a federal holiday, but many states […]

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Meet Jessica Swift of Pattern Camp

“I thought I was creating an e-course, but it quickly became so much more than that, right from the start. It’s really a place for people to discover their potential and to celebrate themselves and one another. It’s awesome to witness and an honor to know that I created and am holding that space for them. ” – Jessica Swift

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5 Ways to Personalize A Superhero Party For Your Child

When the world is in danger from the forces of evil, who will you call for protection? Why not your son or daughter?!? What better way to help your child live out their superhero fantasies than a party filled with superhero designs! While you may think it’s a bunch of hard work to put this […]

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Dad Jokes

“Dad, I’m hungry!” “Hi Hungry, I’m Ron, nice to meet you!” *Classic dad joke!* My name is Monica and I’m a dad joke survivor. You might be wondering, what are dad jokes exactly?  And why are they even called “dad jokes? It’s a dad joke because dads tell them to their children since they are […]

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