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New Summer Games Gear!

August 6, 2008

The torch is ready, the athletes are prepared and everyone else is set for Friday, the big opening day of the 2008 Summer Games! But wait, are you ready? Do you have all the gear you need to show your country pride?! That’s what I thought, don’t worry though, we have everything from USA t-shirts to Jamaican mugs to make sure you support your nation properly. Check out all the great gear in the newly remodeled Zazzle International Center (now with more countries!) to get outfitted for this momentous international sporting event.

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Team USA t-shirt Normay t-shirt Team Canada t-shirt

Team Brazil t-shirt Team Jamaica t-shirt France t-shirt

Learn more about China t-shirts, Japan t-shirts, Argentina mugs and more at the Zazzle International Center.


Free Tibet T-shirts

April 10, 2008

Recent protests of the Olympics have spawned a flurry of new designs on Zazzle in support of the Tibetan cause and in support of China. See all of the Free Tibet t-shirts, support China t-shirts, and other China related products at Zazzle. Some interesting ones below.

Dalai Lama Support Crew I love Beijing Free Tibet

Also, don’t forget about the Children of Tibet Foundation on Zazzle, a member of the Zazzle Community Giving program that helps educate Tibetan children in need. 20% or more of every product sold goes back to the charity.



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