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Snap Up Your Lucky Swag Photo Contest

March 7, 2013


Got green pride? We want to see you get your green on! Show us your best and most creative St. Paddy’s Day Zazzle product or look.


Snap a photo of your best St. Paddy’s Day slogan on a stein, you rockin’ your lucky shamrock tee, you covered in a hundred green Zazzle stickers (possibilities are endless) – and upload it for a chance to win. (If you’re uploading with Twitter or Instagram, use #zazzleluckyswag). You and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries. Contest runs from 3/7 to 3/19. Winners announced on 3/20.

The top five winners will receive $50 Zazzle gift certificates!

Enter here:

It’s Election Day

November 6, 2012

Votes are being cast today at the polls for this 2012 election (if you still haven’t voted, go out and vote!), and everyone’s eagerly awaiting each state’s results.

It’s been a hard-fought battle on both sides. No matter what your stance, everyone can agree that if you’ve already cast your ballot, the election is mostly out of your hands at this point.

While you’re waiting for the big outcome, check out our store with Creative Allies that’s recently launched. Creative Allies is a design contest engine and social media campaign platform for crowdsourcing designs. This year, Zazzle partnered with Creative Allies to reach out to their artistic community and gather submissions reflecting people’s opinions around the election. It’s no surprise that with an anxious election season and record-low public approval ratings, participants were feeling some political angst.

We received over a hundred submissions (even some internationally) featuring a wide range of designs and political positions, and we’ve showcased some of the best here. These amazing designs from submissions can be ordered on our election merchandise, such as posters, t-shirts, stickers, cases and mugs.

Also, check out all of the entries for our contest on Creative Allies’ main site.

Optical Illusion Shirt
Optical Illusion Shirt by creativeallies

Zazzle iPhone 5 Case Design Contest

September 17, 2012

One of the most anticipated product releases of the year has arrived!  Zazzle, in partnership with Case-Mate, is adding to this historic moment by having the first custom iPhone 5 cases available! To celebrate this beautiful gadget (that many of us will be dreaming about), we are hosting an iPhone 5 Case Design Contest. The theme of this contest will be “5″ so show us your best design that incorporates the number 5, 5 of something, or just the spirit of 5! The Grand Prize winner will be walking away with $200 and a copy of their winning Case. Two honorable mentions will also receive $25 Zazzle Gift Certificates. See below for prize information and the details on how to enter the Zazzle iPhone 5 Case Design Contest. Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: You may only submit ONE entry for this contest and must by a US Resident to receive the monetary prizes. International members are encouraged to participate and if chosen as the winner or runner-up will receive placement of their winning design on a Case-Mate cases page as well as a post in the blog.

Grand Prize = $200 and a copy of your winning case

Honorable Mention Prizes = $25 Zazzle Gift Certificate

How to Enter the iPhone 5 Case Contest:

  1. Create a Zazzle Account (It’s free!)
  2.  Create your iPhone 5 case:You must submit a design for the new Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 5 case product. Only one entry will be allowed per person!
  3. “Post for Sale” your Case with the tag zazzleiphone5casecontest in the Zazzle Marketplace (learn how to tag your product here)
  4. You’re done, good luck!

 View Entries   

Contest entries must be received by September 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PT         

Contest Rules:

  1. You may submit one entry for this contest.
  2. Entry must be a Case-Mate iPhone 5 case product.
  3. Entries must be received by September 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PT, to be eligible.
  4. Entries will be judged on uniqueness of design, overall creativity, and best use of the case space.
  5. Entering a contest is done by tagging your product with a specific contest related keyword (or “tag”). If you don’t know how to do this, please read the instructions here. You should also leave a comment under the contest announcement with a link to your product to give it more visibility.
  6. Read the Official iPhone 5 Case Contest Rules.

Banking off Zazzle's Elite Edition T-shirt

January 23, 2009


As you may’ve already heard, ARTSPROJEKT launched an exciting new initiative today: ARTSPROJEKT/LABz.

With this launch comes two exciting opportunities for all you sellers out there to earn cash and get recognized.  How do you do it?  Check it out …

1. Offer this Elite Edition tshirt to your buyers and fans. You earn 15% on all purchases – and you keep your buyers interested by featuring a product that is new and totally cutting edge.  Use this link and be sure to add your referral ID:

It’s the tshirt to wear this season.

2. Submit your own design to be considered for the next round of products.  Ever want the chance to see your design in a retail shop?  Interested in exploring mind blowing embellishments?  Now is your chance.  The deadline to submit is February 20th – so get rollin’!

More juicy marketing info on the project

The shirt will only be available for a limited time, and features an original design and collaboration by internationally renowned artist Luca Ionescu of Like Minded Studio in Sydney Australia and the fashion apparel brand Drifter.  The design is called “NEON DREAMS” and features a 3-D chrome skull illustration with neon reflections.  This one of a kind shirt features many high-end embellishments including specialty inks, silver and black foil, textured flock, and high-density raised ink.

ARTSPROJEKT/LABz is powered by Zazzle’s manufacturing R&D laboratory and also leverages Zazzle’s innovative on-demand retail platform.  ARTSPROJEKT LABz will feature original art from ARTSPROJEKT artists combined with cutting-edge product embellishments. We will release new, mind-blowing products on a regular basis.

Each new product will also bring a new opportunity to enter your own designs for a chance to be featured alongside your favorite international artists & brands, with the release of your very own AP/LABz BREAKOUT EDITION product!



LUCA Ionescu’s iconic identity and illustration work can be found in films, television, magazines, and galleries worldwide. Luca guides the interview and design magazine Refill, and counts MTV, VH1, Tiger Beer, Etnies, Reebok, and Zoo York among his clients.

Drifter supplies LA’s fashion elite with finely tailored apparel using high end blends of Supima cotton, modal, and mercerized jersey.  Featured in top retailers including Saks 5th Avenue, American Rag, and Fred Segal, Drifter is worn by Adrian Grenier of Entourage, hip hop icon DJ Shadow, and in such publications as Glamour, Stuff, and URB.  The men’s and women’s Drifter SKUs used for the ARTSPROJEKT LABz0001 Elite Edition are double-layered 60 single Supima Twofer Tops, which are stylishly fitted and extremely soft.


Each time we launch a new LABz product, we’ll also kick off a new BREAKOUT EDITION Design Challenge. The BREAKOUT EDITION Design Challenge will transform today’s underground visionaries into tomorrow’s global success stories. We’ll pick ten winners for each contest. If you win, your design will be sold in the LABz Special Editions Gallery. We may also show the winning designs to potential buyers for high profile retail lines, so you could find yourself checking out your T-shirt in your favorite boutique.  Each time we launch a new product, we’ll tell you how to submit your designs! You’ve got one month to cook up a design to send back.


It’s easy to submit your designs. Have a look at the AP/LABz0001 Neon Dreams design, download our design template and cook up your own version. When your design is done, just fill in the submission details on the Labz Contest PageThe deadline to submit design for the LABz BREAKOUT EDITION 0001 – the Luca inspired t-shirt – is Wednesday, February 20th, 2009., and upload your design.


1.      We’ll make your design, including the hangtag, and package it up with your sticker design. It’ll be the real deal.

2.      We’ll promote and sell your design on the website. You’ll get 10% royalties on every shirt we sell.

3.      We’ll also be showing the winning designs to buyers for high profile retail lines, , so you could find yourself checking out your T-shirt in your favorite


Luca Ionescu Designs Insane Skull for Labz 0001!

Australia based artist Luca Ionescu applied his crazy mix of technology and art in the creation of the 3D rendered ‘Neon Dreams’ design.


Luca currently operates Like Minded Studios where he has created incredible stuff for clients like Nike, Zoo York, MTV, VH1, ONeil, Etnies, Absolut Vodka, Reebok and Coca-Cola. He also co-runs and publishes Refill Magazine along with curating the Refill Seven Laser Skate Deck exhibition.

We caught up with Luca – over the phone of course – we’re way too low budget for a trip to Oz, and learned about his background, design inspirations and that amazing Skull.

Q: Tell us something about your background?

I come from the eastern land of Romania. I was raised in the land of OZ, and now deliver the typographic message worldwide.

Q: How does the world REFILL?

Through the global network known as Synchronicity.

Q: How do you define synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the way we are all connected globally. It is why so many community websites pop. They are networks driven by synchronicity, showing how we are all connected within six degrees of freedom. It is the way people inspire each other.

Q: What is Refill magazine?

Refill magazine started locally in Sydney in 2003. There were no magazines to bring artists together, globally. And there was all of this fresh work and new ways of doing things. I wanted to document the global art scene and bring that global flavor to my local audience. It was a period of self-discovery, bringing the design community together, creating something collaborative and being able to give something back to the community. Creating a physical magazine was important because it’s something tangible – something you can hold. It’s a quality magazine, versus an abstract digital media presence. With print, the smell of the ink and the feel of the paper complement the artists’ work well. We grew up on prints and books; it’s traditional. However, we embrace digital media as well and there will be a stronger online presence for the Refill re-launch, with daily community exchanges and artist interviews. This will be paired with a quarterly release of the physical magazine.

Q: What is Like Minded Studio?

Like Minded Studio is an umbrella for four artists. We each have different skill sets that complement well and we do work for various clients and agencies, ranging from answering briefs on a commercial level to t-shirt design. Sometimes we bring other artists on-board for individual projects.

Q: What is one word you would use to describe yourself, and why?

Progressive. I am always changing and evolving as a creative and applying that to my work. I like to use older, traditional techniques and bring a new translation to traditional design work.

Q: Describe 3 inspiring encounters you have had as a designer and magazine publisher.

1.     My first inspiring encounter was discovering the work of the Designers Republic while I was a design student. This snowballed into a hunt for more knowledge and who was behind the work. I discovered one of the men responsible for much of the goodness was Michael C Place. His amazing layout skills and typographic work includes brilliant use of one of my favorite typefaces at the time, Helvetica. He motivated me to keep producing what I loved doing most: design. I got in touch with Michael and since then he has been both a friend and a source of inspiration.

2.     My second inspiring encounter was meeting Futura 2000 in 2002. He triggered what was to become one of my greatest learning journeys via Refill Magazine. The concept behind Refill Magazine was for me to learn about and showcase artists such as Futura. Since launching Refill, we have showcased several hundred artists and have tried to enrich the Sydney art and design community by cross-pollinating with international artists through exhibitions, collaborations and the like.

3.     I would have to say my most recent inspirational experience was meeting my beautiful partner Bianga and the birth of our son, which without I wouldn’t be producing the work I am today. The love I feel for my family and which they give me is an endless source of inspiration for my work.

Q: Tell us about the story of “Neon Dreams”

It was originally a white skull on my homepage. It represented me. Faceless, it was the bare framework or structure that clients would come to my studio for work on. It was a starting point, from which I would flesh out my designs.

I redesigned the skull in titanium for a client, and while playing with it in my 3D rendering program, was excited about the look of all of these multicolored lights reflecting off of the surface. It is a stand-alone piece but could also be developed into a series, which I’ve considered. It represents Like Minded Studio’s love for design and that we’re here for the long haul, and we’re going to let the work shine. But it’s also open to interpretation, and overall it’s just a cool-looking skull.

Q: Snapshot the Sydney scene for our friends around the world.

Sydney has a lot of talent to offer. For a small sample, keep your eyes on and My agent, Rebecca Wolkenstein also represents a group of amazing photographers and artists who I am honored to be on books with.

Friends and Family:





Monster Children


Terrence Chin






What are you working on right now?

Something I love. View some of it here.



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