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2013 Custom Postage Price Changes

January 15, 2013

Soon the USPS will be changing the price of postage, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The U.S. Postal Service has proposed new rates for 2013, and price changes will be seen on Sunday, January 27.

Here at Zazzle, we culled a tidy round-up of all of the price changes to prepare you before your next mailing:

  • Postcard: $.33 (1 cent increase)
  • 1 oz, first class: $.46 (1 cent increase)
  • 2 oz, first class: $.66 (1 cent increase)
  • 3 oz, first class: $.86 (1 cent increase)
  • 1 oz, first class large envelope: $.92 (2 cent increase)
  • 3.5 oz, first class letter: $1.06 (1 cent increase)
  • 2 oz, first class large envelope: $1.12 (2 cent increase)
  • 3 oz, first class large envelope:$1.32 (2 cent increase)
  • 4 oz, first class large envelope: $1.52 (2 cent increase)
  • 5 oz, first class large envelope: $1.72 (2 cent increase)
  • 6 oz, first class large envelope: $1.92 (2 cent increase)
  • Priority: $5.60 (45 cent increase)

You can purchase all of the postage denominations above on our site on January 17th. Custom postage come 20 per sheet, in three sizes for all types of cards, envelopes and mailings. If you have need custom postage for a rate not shown on the above chart, please contact us with your special request.

Also, custom postage prices on Zazzle will increase on January 17th to reflect USPS’ changes. While you’re checking out what new custom postage you’re going to need, here are some of favorites:

Love with a bright pink heart postage stamp
Love with a bright pink heart postage stamp by JustWeddings
Rose White Postage
Rose White Postage by CyrScenesStamps
Vintage Save the Date Stamp Stamps
Vintage Save the Date Stamp Stamps by seasidepapercompany

It’s Mustache Madness

December 12, 2012

Movember may have come and gone, but we’re still seeing the popular “stache” across many Zazzle products. For those of you who don’t know about Movember, it’s an annual, month-long event put on by the Movember Foundation, and mustaches are grown and flaunted to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Mustache Pacifiers
Mustache Pacifiers by the_little_gift_shop

The popularity of the mustache has exploded, and we’ve noticed some pretty interesting trends here at Zazzle:

  • When did the mustache madness start? It wasn’t too long ago. We started seeing mustache sales take off in October 2010. We’ve also seen around a 35 percent increase in sales this Movember versus Movember of 2011.
  • Think you’re going to find a product on Zazzle that’s sold without ever having a mustache grace it? Think again! Almost every single product line we have has sold with a mustache on it in the last 12 months.
  • Where are these mustaches going? Would it be easier to spot a mustache on a Zazzle shirt or on a Zazzle button in the wild? Our top five products that have sold with a mustache on it are shirts, mugs, iPhone cases, buttons and stamps, in that order.

They’re also on pun shirts:

i mustache you a question tee shirts
i mustache you a question tee shirts by kerrinsellstshirts 

Engagement postage:

Kissing Booth - Mr + Mrs Postage Stamps
Kissing Booth – Mr + Mrs Postage Stamps by Envelopments

Staring at you when you sip your morning coffee:

Mustache Coffee Mug
Mustache Coffee Mug by JBB926

Decorating your pretty iPhone case:

Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Covers
Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Covers by kicksdesign

Next time Movember rolls around or you’re feeling in the mustache mood, check out our products!

Our New Gift Center Makes Holiday Shopping a Cinch

November 28, 2012

What do you get for the crafty gal, the animal lover and the space cadet? If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Twitter the past few days, we’ve been showcasing personas from Zazzle’s brand-new Gift Center. We’ve filled it to the brim with all of our holiday gifts to make it easy to find the perfect present for every special person in your life, and to have your holiday shopping covered in one place.

We’ve got you covered for the people with real personality — the Crafty Gal, Mr. Mom, Vintage Betty and more.

We all know a Vintage Betty — someone who loves to wear red lipstick and curl her hair. How do you find her a nifty holiday gift?

Show her what’s buzzin’ with a Retro Cherry Wallclock:

Red Retro Cherry Wallclocks
Red Retro Cherry Wallclocks by opheliasart

Keep her phone hip with a Ringy Dingy iPhone Case:

One Ringy DIngy iPhone 5 Case
One Ringy DIngy iPhone 5 Case by digitalgirlies

And help her haul in style with a Red Cherries Gingham Messenger Bag:

Red Cherries Gingham Messenger Bag
Red Cherries Gingham Messenger Bag by suncookiez

Besides our fabulous Gift Center, remember to browse through our stocking stuffersfestive cardscustom postage and gifts for every holiday — from Christmas to Hanukkah to New Year’s.

Or create your own gift that’s made by you, just for them. Find Dad the perfect tieCreate an ornament with the latest family photo. Find the wristlet in your BFF’s favorite colors. Or customize a skateboard for your little bro.

Next up in our Gift Center series: the perfect presents for Young Bucks and Bros.

Seller Spotlight: Lora Severson

November 15, 2012

While some photographers opt for capturing the entire scene, Lora Severson (Lora Severson Photography) prefers the close-up. And for good reason — residing in the countryside of rural Illinois, she’s surrounded by vibrant meadows, colorful flowers and old barns, all of which are detailed subjects for her lens. Known for her original high resolution floral photography, she’s a lover of the rustic and the weathered. We’re glad that she turns her shots into invitations and greeting cards on Zazzle for all of us to enjoy.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I wasn’t really serious about it until my kids got older. I poked around some stock photography sites and it really piqued my interest. We have a fantastic arboretum near here that offers certified floral and nature photography classes. I decided to dive right in and it took me about two years at night to get my certification. I knew a lot about photography, but I didn’t know about the technical details, like how you lay out flowers to get the perfect micro-shot.

Soft White Daisy iPhone 5 Case-Mate
Soft White Daisy iPhone 5 Case-Mate by loraseverson

I especially love designing for rural farm, barn ranch and country weddings — they’re especially popular with Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Illinois residents. I’ll incorporate photos of antique farm equipment, rusted wagon wheels and aged saddles. Many customers love to order whole sets of invites, including matching envelopes, thank you notes and custom postage to create a coordinated set.

Rustic Daisy Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards
Rustic Daisy Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards by loraseverson

There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into my invitations. I brainstorm how I want to position the space for words, how that fits with the flowers I want to incorporate, and which flower arrangements go well with others. We have all four seasons here, and sometimes when it’s cold and there’s nothing to do, I’ll go outside and look around to see what would make for great close-ups that I can later turn into wedding invites, greeting cards, special occasion announcements and even ornaments. One time I found an old barn that was being torn down, and decided that the barn wood would make for the perfect picture, especially with flowers against it. I find that some of my best photos (and later, products) come from creative serendipity.

Red Barn with Fence Greeting Card
Red Barn with Fence Greeting Card by loraseverson

Rustic Daffodils Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards
Rustic Daffodils Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards by loraseverson

Seller Spotlight: TDSWhite

November 8, 2012

Matthew and Trevor are the dynamic duo behind one of Zazzle’s most popular stores, TDSWhite. Specializing in awesome holiday products and all things classic weddings, they’ve been selling their creations on Zazzle since its early days. Trevor has a background in photography and design, and Matthew has the writing chops, which is put to good use copywriting descriptions for their products.

If we had to describe our style, we’d say it’s timeless, classic and long-lasting. When we’re focusing on designing Zazzle custom postage or wedding products, we’ll make sure to include a beautiful white gown, flowers that don’t go out of fashion (like roses) or popular colors for the season.

We’re especially proud of our Zazzle custom postage for the holidays, which incorporate winter scenes and snowflake patterns. They’re a hit with customers. As for weddings, our background in floral photography helped us design successful products. We started out with Zazzle custom postage, and as more products were added, like invitations or towels, we adapted our designs to fit the products.

One of our biggest pieces of advice when designing for weddings is to pay close attention to color in your products. We try to keep our designs timeless, but we also pay attention to popular colors for each season. The color selection for wedding products in the fall and winter is different than spring and summer. There’s more earth tones, bright oranges and reds. As you go into winter, cool colors like blues, greys, bright red and white are popular all the way through the holiday season.

As if creating and designing on Zazzle isn’t enough to keep Matthew and Trevor busy, Matthew is also a screenwriter & novelist. Trevor designs all of his book covers. Check out their work at Matthew’s website:

Silent Night Christmas Postage Stamp
Silent Night Christmas Postage Stamp by TDSwhite

Graduation Postage

May 14, 2008

Hey CLASS OF 2008!!! Remember there’s no better way to embellish your graduation invitations than with some custom graduation postage from Zazzle! Get postage with your images and text or with designs from the community. It’s a great way to show off on your graduation invites and to show that you actually used your computer for something other than a coaster.

TDSwhite graduation 2008 stamp holidaytshirt 2008 grad holiday tshirts 2008 graduation stamp

graduate 2008 postage spice graduate 2008 graduate pasley postage 2008

Also, shop the graduation center for everything you will need for that big new job or your first day on campus at a new school (have you seen our cool profile cards?!).



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