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iPad Mini Cases Are Now Available

November 20, 2012

The iPad Mini has just arrived – it’s perfectly sized and has excellent battery life. It may be the perfect accompaniment for your holiday travel plans. What better way to pass the time at the airport or in the car than by reading a magazine or playing a word game? A Zazzle iPad mini case could be the perfect gift for the gadget guy or gal in your life, or even better, a gift for yourself. You can customize your own to express your individual style and select one of two finishes, matte or glossy.

So if you want to get trendy with an owl –

Girly Funky Modern Owl Personalized IPAD Mini Case
Girly Funky Modern Owl Personalized IPAD Mini Case by Pip_Gerard

Or if you want to harness your superpowers –

The New 52 - Justice League #1
The New 52 – Justice League #1 by dccomics

Or be unique with a photo of your own, even an autumn landscape such as this one of New York’s Central Park –

A view from above: Autumn in Central Park 01 Case For The iPad Mini
A view from above: Autumn in Central Park 01 Case For The iPad Mini by NYCisMyMuse

Or for the love of anything British –

Vintage British Red Telephone Box Case For The iPad Mini
Vintage British Red Telephone Box Case For The iPad Mini by EnglishTeePot

You wouldn’t walk around naked, so don’t let your iPad Mini go bare! Zazzle’s got your back – err, or rather, your iPad Mini’s backside covered. All of the cases are available now on The cases allow access to all ports, controls and sensors. They are made from a flexible plastic shell that is both lightweight and durable.

Cerealize: Coming Soon to the Breakfast Table Nearest You?

October 30, 2012

Most people in the tech and design community are familiar with SXSW, but fewer know about a special kind of crazy that happens on the way to the event. Called StartupBus, it’s an annual competition where coders, marketers and designers (mostly strangers) lock themselves in a bus on the way to Austin and are given 72 hours to hack together the next genius business idea. This year, the winner for their out-of-the-box (ahem) disruptive thinking was Cerealize.

Cerealize’s mission is to provide a simple, convenient and personalized breakfast experience for the modern consumer. Cerealize concocted an easy-to-use cereal builder, where consumers can choose from a myriad of options such as organic millet, gluten-free cereal, cornflakes (or even random combinations) and then add extras like goji berries, cashews and…bacon (“Warning: sounds better than it tastes,” describes Cerealize’s website).

But that’s not all – they also offer custom boxes, making the cereal perfect for novelty or gift items for family and friends. Once you’ve created your favorite cereal, they’ll have it delivered to your door.

Giving customers the ability to customize what they want, while also making the entire process fun? At Zazzle, that’s something we can get behind.

The data out there supporting Cerealize’s efforts seem to be on their side. Breakfast cereal is a huge market, and there’s talk that soon mass customized food will take over the entire food industry.

“More people are buying food online and want the ability to pick exactly what they would like,” cereal entrepreneur and Cerealize CEO Chris Bauman told Zazzle. “There’s definitely a lot of interest behind this – we’re giving consumers the ability to really personalize their cereal, inside and out. Mass customization is taking off.”

And so what’s up with the Romney Flakes and Obama O’s on their homepage?

“If you are what you eat,” Bauman explains, “Support the candidate of your choice this election season with some Romney Flakes or Obama O’s.”

Cerealize is not available just yet, but the company’s been flattered by all the interest it’s getting. If you love this idea, check out their website and show them a little love. Perhaps you’ll soon see a Cerealize box on the breakfast table nearest you.


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