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An Easter Egg Hunt in Style

March 31, 2013

There’s nothing like a vigorous Easter egg hunt to bring out the competitive fury and springtime energy in all of us. Who doesn’t love boiling a batch of eggs to decorate and display, or spending hours finding the tiniest nooks for the foil-wrapped chocolate eggs that everyone else will scour for – or being one of the people who gets to scour the house, backyard or park?

Easter is a treat, and you can enliven it even further with any number of themed posters, greeting cards, tote bags and more that capture the holiday’s playful spirit.

Start with an Easter Eggs poster that makes a colorful, festive decoration on any household wall:

Easter Eggs Poster
Easter Eggs Poster by pdphoto

Take some beautiful eggs around with you every day with the Easter Eggs iPhone 5 case, featuring elaborately dyed and painted eggs:

Easter Eggs iPhone 5 Case
Easter Eggs iPhone 5 Case by corbisimages

And stock up on all your Easter supplies with the adorable Happy Easter Chick tote bag, showing a newborn chick calmly hatched out of a colored egg:

Happy Easter Chick Easter Egg Tote Bags
Happy Easter Chick Easter Egg Tote Bags by ECInvites

Happy Easter and happy hunting!


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