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Father’s Day Series: LOL Gifts for Funny Dad

May 15, 2013

As we continue our Father’s Day series, we salute the hilarious dads in our lives — the comedians, the think-they’re-comedians and the ones who just love a good laugh.

In the spirit of taking ourselves not at all seriously, this “Reserved Parking” Card is the perfect vehicle (so to speak) to express your love and appreciation — or verbally shake your fist:

Reserved Parking Cards
Reserved Parking Cards by Worlds_Greatest_Dud

If your dad is the bankroller type (lucky you), he’ll love the tongue-in-cheek “First National Bank of Dad” Mug to hold his gold-flecked coffee or tea:

1st National Bank Of Dad Mug
1st National Bank Of Dad Mug by christmasmuggifts

And for the kind of dad who has “his chair” (think: the unforgettable Martin Crane from Frasier), get him a Mr. Lazy Trucker Hat in honor of the lovable book series that he may or may not have read, but definitely fits into:

Mr Lazy Classic Trucker Hat
Mr Lazy Classic Trucker Hat by littlemissandmrmen

We love a funny dad, and this Father’s Day, he’ll love the kind of gift that says, “You deserve a laugh, today and all year round.”


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