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Mother’s Day Series: Gifts That Will Make Her LOL

April 20, 2013

In the spirit of tongue-in-cheek showings of love, we present some of our favorite LOL Mother’s Day gifts.

First, let’s be honest, children can be a headache. Remember your cuts, colds, stains, snot, very long recitals and many after-school activities? Yeah, you owe her. You can start with a Retro Mother’s Day Card that’s totally true:

Funny Retro Mothers Day Card
Funny Retro Mothers Day Card by Whatsbuzzin

For her many cups of coffee or tea throughout the day, remind her of all the times she saved you and took care of you — perhaps even more than needed. Give her the Original Seatbelt Mom mug:

Original Seatbelt Mom Mugs
Original Seatbelt Mom Mugs by hallmarkmothersday

And for a smug show of pride that she can carry everywhere, there’s the Keep Calm Call Mom iPhone case:

Keep Calm Call Mom Heart iPhone 5 Case Distressed
Keep Calm Call Mom Heart iPhone 5 Case Distressed by zarenmusic

This post is the last one in our heartfelt Mother’s Day series. We hope you’ve found it helpful, and we hope you embrace this Mother’s Day as much as we will.


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