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Father’s Day Series: LOL Gifts for Funny Dad

May 15, 2013

As we continue our Father’s Day series, we salute the hilarious dads in our lives — the comedians, the think-they’re-comedians and the ones who just love a good laugh.

In the spirit of taking ourselves not at all seriously, this “Reserved Parking” Card is the perfect vehicle (so to speak) to express your love and appreciation — or verbally shake your fist:

Reserved Parking Cards
Reserved Parking Cards by Worlds_Greatest_Dud

If your dad is the bankroller type (lucky you), he’ll love the tongue-in-cheek “First National Bank of Dad” Mug to hold his gold-flecked coffee or tea:

1st National Bank Of Dad Mug
1st National Bank Of Dad Mug by christmasmuggifts

And for the kind of dad who has “his chair” (think: the unforgettable Martin Crane from Frasier), get him a Mr. Lazy Trucker Hat in honor of the lovable book series that he may or may not have read, but definitely fits into:

Mr Lazy Classic Trucker Hat
Mr Lazy Classic Trucker Hat by littlemissandmrmen

We love a funny dad, and this Father’s Day, he’ll love the kind of gift that says, “You deserve a laugh, today and all year round.”

Mother’s Day Series: Gifts That Will Make Her LOL

April 20, 2013

In the spirit of tongue-in-cheek showings of love, we present some of our favorite LOL Mother’s Day gifts.

First, let’s be honest, children can be a headache. Remember your cuts, colds, stains, snot, very long recitals and many after-school activities? Yeah, you owe her. You can start with a Retro Mother’s Day Card that’s totally true:

Funny Retro Mothers Day Card
Funny Retro Mothers Day Card by Whatsbuzzin

For her many cups of coffee or tea throughout the day, remind her of all the times she saved you and took care of you — perhaps even more than needed. Give her the Original Seatbelt Mom mug:

Original Seatbelt Mom Mugs
Original Seatbelt Mom Mugs by hallmarkmothersday

And for a smug show of pride that she can carry everywhere, there’s the Keep Calm Call Mom iPhone case:

Keep Calm Call Mom Heart iPhone 5 Case Distressed
Keep Calm Call Mom Heart iPhone 5 Case Distressed by zarenmusic

This post is the last one in our heartfelt Mother’s Day series. We hope you’ve found it helpful, and we hope you embrace this Mother’s Day as much as we will.

Mother’s Day Series: Gifts for the Pet Lover

April 19, 2013

As we continue our Mother’s Day series, we want to salute the pet-loving moms out there and highlight the gifts available especially for them — to remind them that the humans in their family also love them.

You can start with a Corgi Mom Reusable Water Bottle, perfect for her daily walks and especially at the dog park:

Corgi Mom Reusable Water Bottles
Corgi Mom Reusable Water Bottles by epicdesigns

She can also use the Proud Shelter Dog Mommy tote bag to cart around litter bags, snacks and other essentials on the go:

Proud Shelter Dog Mommy Bag
Proud Shelter Dog Mommy Bag by FamilyCares

And for the cat-loving mom, the Instagram Cats Water Bowl adds the custom touch to a daily necessity — you can use your favorite photos, texts and designs to make the bowl your own:

Instagram Cats Cat Water Bowls
Instagram Cats Cat Water Bowls by Antepara

Next (and last) in our Mother’s Day series, we’ll showcase hilarious gifts to make her ROFL.

Mother’s Day Series: Gifts for the Sporty Mom Who’s in a League of Her Own

April 17, 2013

We have a lot to appreciate from our supportive, dedicated mothers, and for the sporty ones among them, the best gifts are often the most handy and convenient ones. The Hockey Mom Water Bottle is a great example — it’s portable, dishwasher safe and a full 24 ounces to last through a full day of sports, driving and errands:

Hockey Mom Drinking Bottle
Hockey Mom Drinking Bottle by eBrushDesign

The Baseball Mom Canvas Bag is hefty enough to pack in athletic gear, snacks, a change of clothes and a towel — and shows off her passion for one of the greatest sports ever:

Baseball Mom Canvas Bag
Baseball Mom Canvas Bag by koncepts

(There’s also a long-sleeved tee if she’d rather wear that with pride.)

If she’s a soccer lover, reward her with a Soccer Mom Shirt that’s as standout as she is — on and off the field:

Soccer Mom Shirts
Soccer Mom Shirts by magarmor

To you and your sporty mother we say, play ball! Next up in our series: gifts for the vintage mom.

Geektastic Gifts for the Space Cadet

December 4, 2012

Our brand-new Gift Center is your one-stop shop for holiday gifting — stocked full of ornaments, greeting cards and gifts for every person on your list.

As we’ve seen in our Gift Center series, you can “shop by personality” to find the perfect gift for Vintage Bettys, Young Bucks and Yo Bros, Crafty Gals — and finally Space Cadets, who just can’t get enough of the stars.

It’s easy to indulge their passion with an intergalactic Custom Dry-Erase Board for all of their wild new ideas and brainstorm sessions –

Higgs Boson Dry-Erase Board
Higgs Boson Dry-Erase Board by Funkyworm

Or get them a pixelated Mosaic Messenger Bag to cart around their gizmos and gear (portable telescope, anyone?) –


And salute the days of using real, handheld calculators for square roots, division and factorials, with a Vintage Calculator iPhone 5 Case –

Vintage Calculator Geek iPhone 5 Case
Vintage Calculator Geek iPhone 5 Case by zlatkocro

We’ve been highlighting special gifts for all kinds of personalities — and on the Gift Center, there’s even more. Check it out to easily and quickly find a gift for every holiday, budget and loved one in your life. Happy Holidays!

Our New Gift Center Makes Holiday Shopping a Cinch

November 28, 2012

What do you get for the crafty gal, the animal lover and the space cadet? If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Twitter the past few days, we’ve been showcasing personas from Zazzle’s brand-new Gift Center. We’ve filled it to the brim with all of our holiday gifts to make it easy to find the perfect present for every special person in your life, and to have your holiday shopping covered in one place.

We’ve got you covered for the people with real personality — the Crafty Gal, Mr. Mom, Vintage Betty and more.

We all know a Vintage Betty — someone who loves to wear red lipstick and curl her hair. How do you find her a nifty holiday gift?

Show her what’s buzzin’ with a Retro Cherry Wallclock:

Red Retro Cherry Wallclocks
Red Retro Cherry Wallclocks by opheliasart

Keep her phone hip with a Ringy Dingy iPhone Case:

One Ringy DIngy iPhone 5 Case
One Ringy DIngy iPhone 5 Case by digitalgirlies

And help her haul in style with a Red Cherries Gingham Messenger Bag:

Red Cherries Gingham Messenger Bag
Red Cherries Gingham Messenger Bag by suncookiez

Besides our fabulous Gift Center, remember to browse through our stocking stuffersfestive cardscustom postage and gifts for every holiday — from Christmas to Hanukkah to New Year’s.

Or create your own gift that’s made by you, just for them. Find Dad the perfect tieCreate an ornament with the latest family photo. Find the wristlet in your BFF’s favorite colors. Or customize a skateboard for your little bro.

Next up in our Gift Center series: the perfect presents for Young Bucks and Bros.

It’s Finally Here — Amazing Black Friday Deals!

November 23, 2012

The turkey’s been eaten and the dishes have been done (well, maybe not…). One of the most exciting days for deal lovers and shopping aficionados is here: Black Friday. Hurry, we’ve got some great deals for you all, but it all ends at 10 AM PT today.

EDIT: We’ve decided to extend our Black Friday sale all day long. It’s on! 

  • Decorate the Halls: 60% Off Canvas, Posters & Enlargements
  • Send, Share and Make It Special: 50% off Cards, Invites, Postcards, Photo Cards & Ornaments
  • Give Personal. Get Practical: 30% Off Mugs & Calendars
  • Fashion by You That’s Totally Them: 20% Off T-shirts, Messenger Bags, Laptop Bags & Tote Bags
  • Go Go Gadget: $10 Off Cases & Sleeves
  • Naughty or Nice? No Matter! 15% Off Everything Else

Check out this link to keep tabs on all things Black Friday.

For all you social media-savvy fans out there, remember to like Zazzle on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We’ve got some highlights from our Gift Center planned…#zGiftCenter…

We’re here to help you make holiday magic!



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