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Seller Spotlight: KenKPhoto

November 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is no longer the center of national news, but many on the East Coast are still displaced and recovering from Sandy’s devastating destruction. This holiday season, we’re thankful for Zazzle sellers and designers, like KenKPhoto, who have created and tagged (“hurricanesupport”) products to show their support for relief efforts. Zazzle will be donating all of the gross profits from tagged products to nonprofit organizations funding relief and recovery efforts.

I’m an amateur photographer from New Jersey, and I’ve been taking photos now for over ten years. I love night skylines, coasts and landscapes and you can often find me snapping pictures when I’m on vacation in the Grand Canyon or on a cruise.

I also like to photograph lighthouses and NJ’s Barnegat Lighthouse is one of my favorites. My Buildings and Architecture category has products based on photos taken a few years ago. When I found out that Zazzle would be donating profits to help the hurricane victims, I generated products from these photos to help in the relief effort.  Buyers can find them in my new Hurricane Support category:

Barnegat Lighthouse Hurricane Support Magnet
Barnegat Lighthouse Hurricane Support Magnet by KenKPhoto

Also known as “Old Barney” to New Jersey residents, the lighthouse is located on the northern end of Long Beach island. It was a simple picture, and I had no idea that it would become a symbol of strength and recovery for me after Hurricane Sandy. Designed by a famous Civil War general, the lighthouse was built to withstand everything. Despite the damage caused by the superstorm, it’s still standing!

People are still suffering from the after effects of Sandy, but I’m so moved to see so many people donating, pitching in and coming to the aid of total strangers. If there’s anything I can do to help — even the smallest earnings and proceeds from my products — I’m happy to do it.

NJ Rocky Shore Hurricane Support Shirt
NJ Rocky Shore Hurricane Support Shirt by KenKPhoto
NJ Shore Postcard
NJ Shore Postcard by KenKPhoto

Coney Island Hurricane Support Shirt
Coney Island Hurricane Support Shirt by KenKPhoto
More Brooklyn T-Shirts

Supporting the Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Sandy

November 2, 2012

Our hearts go out to all of the people who are affected by the hurricane, as many people have lost their lives, their homes, or are suffering without power or water. We wanted to show our support for the relief efforts, as we know the recovery is going to require a lot of resources and a lot of patience from everyone.

We listened closely to our seller community who asked us to create a way for them to sell designs that would support the relief efforts. Sellers can create products for this special cause and tag them “hurricanesupport” so that we can donate the proceeds to recovery efforts. We’d like to encourage sellers with existing products or who are creating new ones to help show Zazzle’s collective support for the recovery efforts. All of the gross profits (including commissions that would ordinarily be paid to sellers) from sales of products that are tagged “hurricanesupport” will be donated directly to nonprofit organizations who are funding the relief and recovery efforts.

We’re asking our sellers and the Zazzle community to help make a difference during this difficult time. We also want to encourage everyone to contribute what they can – supplies, time, or money – to help the recovery that is impacting so many people and their families.


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