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Hallmark Mother’s Day on Zazzle

April 30, 2013

Still haven’t picked out the perfect Mother’s Day card yet for your mom? Never fear, our selection of Hallmark cards is always a solid bet. Check out some Mother’s Day cards, pairing the perfect twist of humor and fun with the classic Hallmark aesthetic, below:

World's Greatest Mom Card
World’s Greatest Mom Card by hallmarkmothersday
I realized that I'd turned into you Greeting Card
I realized that I’d turned into you Greeting Card by hallmarkmothersday
Funny Mothers Day - Original Seat Belt Mom Greeting Card
Funny Mothers Day – Original Seat Belt Mom Greeting Card by hallmarkmothersday

Pink Flowers Happy Mother's Day Cards
Pink Flowers Happy Mother’s Day Cards by hallmarkmothersday

Life is good at Grandma's Greeting Card
Life is good at Grandma’s Greeting Card by hallmarkmothersday
Happy Mother's Day Tag Coffee Mugs
Happy Mother’s Day Tag Coffee Mugs by hallmarkmothersday

Customized School Merchandise Now Available on Zazzle

December 4, 2012

Zazzle has partnered with Louisiana State University, Stanford University, Tulane University, University of California Berkeley, University of Florida, and University of Missouri and is now offering customized merchandise.

Now fans of all ages can connect with their favorite school and purchase customized merchandise online. By giving you the power to create unique products and gifts instantly, you can achieve a whole new level of interaction with your school. Customizable merchandise includes messenger bags, water bottles, cases, invitations, mugs, and much more.

For example, an alumni could purchase a product with a specific class year, undergraduate major, or student organization. Now alumni, family members, and students all over the world can create and buy customized merchandise for their school. Perfect timing for gift ideas for the recent college grad who is proud of their alma mater, or the alum who gets nostalgic for the college days.

Stanford Tree Graduation Alumni Pride Canvas Bag
Stanford Tree Graduation Alumni Pride Canvas Bag by Stanford

You can easily choose your own design and select specific products to customize. Products are instantly and accurately visualized on the Zazzle site and offered in the Zazzle marketplace. Each product is made on-demand, when ordered, typically within 24 hours. Time to get shopping!

Seller Spotlight: Lora Severson

November 15, 2012

While some photographers opt for capturing the entire scene, Lora Severson (Lora Severson Photography) prefers the close-up. And for good reason — residing in the countryside of rural Illinois, she’s surrounded by vibrant meadows, colorful flowers and old barns, all of which are detailed subjects for her lens. Known for her original high resolution floral photography, she’s a lover of the rustic and the weathered. We’re glad that she turns her shots into invitations and greeting cards on Zazzle for all of us to enjoy.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I wasn’t really serious about it until my kids got older. I poked around some stock photography sites and it really piqued my interest. We have a fantastic arboretum near here that offers certified floral and nature photography classes. I decided to dive right in and it took me about two years at night to get my certification. I knew a lot about photography, but I didn’t know about the technical details, like how you lay out flowers to get the perfect micro-shot.

Soft White Daisy iPhone 5 Case-Mate
Soft White Daisy iPhone 5 Case-Mate by loraseverson

I especially love designing for rural farm, barn ranch and country weddings — they’re especially popular with Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Illinois residents. I’ll incorporate photos of antique farm equipment, rusted wagon wheels and aged saddles. Many customers love to order whole sets of invites, including matching envelopes, thank you notes and custom postage to create a coordinated set.

Rustic Daisy Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards
Rustic Daisy Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards by loraseverson

There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into my invitations. I brainstorm how I want to position the space for words, how that fits with the flowers I want to incorporate, and which flower arrangements go well with others. We have all four seasons here, and sometimes when it’s cold and there’s nothing to do, I’ll go outside and look around to see what would make for great close-ups that I can later turn into wedding invites, greeting cards, special occasion announcements and even ornaments. One time I found an old barn that was being torn down, and decided that the barn wood would make for the perfect picture, especially with flowers against it. I find that some of my best photos (and later, products) come from creative serendipity.

Red Barn with Fence Greeting Card
Red Barn with Fence Greeting Card by loraseverson

Rustic Daffodils Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards
Rustic Daffodils Country Wedding Favor Tags Business Cards by loraseverson

Seller Spotlight: Little Prints

October 25, 2012

An avid artist since the age of 2, Little Prints spent most of her free time as a child drawing and painting. After focusing on art in high school and attending an art and design college in NYC for advertising and packaging design, Little Prints soon found herself interning for a well-known beauty company. It was there that she realized that she enjoyed designing kids’ items after having worked on products like bubble baths, holiday gift boxes and lip balms. When she had her first daughter, Little Prints decided to leave the corporate world and go into designing for babies and children full-time.

It’s all about the cute factor – a special touch that brings my designs to life and gives them personality. This can be a bow on a girl monkey’s head or a sweet, smiley face. I love designing invitations, party supplies, nursery art and I strive for a style that’s modern, colorful and adorable. Finding inspiration is easy. Being a mom to my own children, I keep my eyes open when I shop for them in clothing, bedding and toy stores.

The focus of my business is mostly baby showers, birthday invitations, party décor and nursery décor. My favorite events to design for are children’s birthday parties. For me, conceptualizing a new theme and designing all the matching items is just too much fun. Once an invitation design is done, I usually do a printable party pack with matching thank you cards, stickers, gift tags, banners, cupcake toppers, candy bar wrappers and water bottle labels.

My best-selling holiday designs are my winter and candy penguin designs for baby showers and birthdays. This design is my biggest seller – it usually starts selling in September and orders continue all throughout the winter.

Winter Wonderland Penguin Baby Shower Invitations
Winter Wonderland Penguin Baby Shower Invitations by PoshPartyPrints

I love knowing that my baby shower designs are being used to decorate a shower or that my nursery art is hanging in a baby’s room. Customers have emailed me photos and it amazes me to see the creative things that they do with my designs.

Designing for babies and children never feels like work for me. There’s a huge market for baby shower and birthday invitations and there are many themes I haven’t gotten to yet that I look forward to designing. Being an illustrator with a background in graphic design, this area allows me to create cute animals and characters in bright, fun colors and have so much fun doing it.

Where to find Little Prints

On Zazzle: little_prints, LittleBabyBundle, littleprintsart, poshpartyprints, polkadotpapershoppe, trendytotshop, simplymoderncards

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Nautical Whale Boat Nursery Wall Art Name Print
Nautical Whale Boat Nursery Wall Art Name Print by LittlePrintsArt
Spring Butterfly Flower Girl Postage Stamps
Spring Butterfly Flower Girl Postage Stamps by little_prints
Mod Pink Elephant Custom Baby Shower Invitation
Mod Pink Elephant Custom Baby Shower Invitation by little_prints
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