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Exciting Updates to Zazzle Instant!

December 1, 2012

Zazzle Instant guru, Ben, is here to tell us all about some updated features: 

(But that’s not all — for the next two #Zaturdays, we’ll be unveiling some more awesome app features and surprises. Stay tuned.)

Hello! I’m Ben and I spend most of my time working on Zazzle Instant. In case you haven’t tried it, Zazzle Instant is an iPhone app that makes it easy to create products on the go. So next time you’re jumping 128,000 feet from a hot air balloon, you’ll be able to snap a shot and get that formidable view on a postcard right away. Here’s a look at some updated features that I’m excited about:


I don’t space jump, but I do sit in this box.

1. Facebook photo integration

As a creative person, you know that your next inspiration for a masterpiece could come from anywhere. So we’d like to allow your designs to draw from as much creative material as possible, not just your phone’s camera roll. The next version of Zazzle Instant will (optionally) provide you access to your own Facebook photos when designing a product, so your next maddeningly trendy messenger bag can feature that photo you took four years ago of your roommate wearing seven hats.


2. Easier image adjustment

The driving principle behind Zazzle Instant is to minimize the effort it takes for you to create products. To that end, one upcoming feature to watch for is the ability to adjust your image at any time while designing, rather than having to crop the image in advance. For those designs where you just wanted to use the whole image, this eliminates an unnecessary step. For those situations where you want to take extra care to crop the lurker out of your beach photo, this feature makes that adjustment nearly effortless.


Pinch the product and the image follows your fingers.

3. Panorama posters

The next time iOS 6 leads you to Ulan Bator rather than Starbucks, your only solace will be to capture a panorama of the austere landscape. The updated version of Zazzle Instant can transform that into an austere poster.


It was cold.


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