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Time to Hit the Slopes

January 8, 2013

We’re counting down to the next weekend to hit the mountains, and can’t resist browsing our thousands of fun and handy ski products for everyone at the chalet. Skis and boots don’t go on sale until end of season, so who can resist some smaller-scale gear in the meantime?

Après-ski is even more heavenly with a fuzzy hoodie to pull over your thermals while tucking into nachos and a crisp ale (or hearty stout) — see this snazzy Ski Nevada Hoodie:

Ski Nevada Hoodies
Ski Nevada Hoodies by magarmor

On the runs, keep your iPhone 5 warm and toasty with the gorgeous Extreme Skiing Case so you can easily snap those photogenic moments and keep tabs on your buddies:

Extreme Skiing iPhone 5 Case
Extreme Skiing iPhone 5 Case by OceanBlueStudio

And when you have to be back on flat land, at least you can tote your non-skiing gear around in the stylish Ski Blade Army Messenger Bag:

Ski Blade Winter Sport Stripe Army Messenger Bag
Ski Blade Winter Sport Stripe Army Messenger Bag by pixipig

Here’s to high-speed chairlifts and the next big dump of snow.

It’s Mustache Madness

December 12, 2012

Movember may have come and gone, but we’re still seeing the popular “stache” across many Zazzle products. For those of you who don’t know about Movember, it’s an annual, month-long event put on by the Movember Foundation, and mustaches are grown and flaunted to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Mustache Pacifiers
Mustache Pacifiers by the_little_gift_shop

The popularity of the mustache has exploded, and we’ve noticed some pretty interesting trends here at Zazzle:

  • When did the mustache madness start? It wasn’t too long ago. We started seeing mustache sales take off in October 2010. We’ve also seen around a 35 percent increase in sales this Movember versus Movember of 2011.
  • Think you’re going to find a product on Zazzle that’s sold without ever having a mustache grace it? Think again! Almost every single product line we have has sold with a mustache on it in the last 12 months.
  • Where are these mustaches going? Would it be easier to spot a mustache on a Zazzle shirt or on a Zazzle button in the wild? Our top five products that have sold with a mustache on it are shirts, mugs, iPhone cases, buttons and stamps, in that order.

They’re also on pun shirts:

i mustache you a question tee shirts
i mustache you a question tee shirts by kerrinsellstshirts 

Engagement postage:

Kissing Booth - Mr + Mrs Postage Stamps
Kissing Booth – Mr + Mrs Postage Stamps by Envelopments

Staring at you when you sip your morning coffee:

Mustache Coffee Mug
Mustache Coffee Mug by JBB926

Decorating your pretty iPhone case:

Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Covers
Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Covers by kicksdesign

Next time Movember rolls around or you’re feeling in the mustache mood, check out our products!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

December 5, 2012

For all of you animal lovers out there, we are pleased to announce the National Wildlife Federation store on Zazzle which features more than 1,000 great wildlife photographs and paintings on a wide range of products. All of these breathtaking images were donated by nature enthusiasts so the National Wildlife Federation can pursue partnerships (such as this one with Zazzle) as a way to raise funds to help protect wildlife. These images are beautiful and adorable and make perfect gifts for loved ones or gifts for yourself.

These lion cub triplets don’t won’t give anyone nightmares and could be a perfect addition for a child’s bedroom – that is, until they get old enough to learn how to roar.

Lion Cub Triplets Mattas Print
Lion Cub Triplets Mattas Print by nationalwildlife

This Sumatran tiger is a rare tiger that inhabits the Indonesian land of Sumatra. Sadly the tiger was classified as critically endangered a few years ago, but now you can help raise awareness about its beauty and power.

Sumatran Tiger Pettitt iPhone 5 Covers
Sumatran Tiger Pettitt iPhone 5 Covers by nationalwildlife

This brown bear and her cub were spotted in the wilds of Finland and caught on film for everyone to appreciate their intensity. Impress your friends and call them by their Latin name, Ursus arctos.

Brown Bear Randall Ward hires Ornaments
Brown Bear Randall Ward hires Ornaments by nationalwildlife

Snuggling up to the three-toed sloth – the adorable tree-living mammal — more your style? This pillow would be the ideal way to bring the animal into your home for afternoon naptime.

All of these beautiful creatures can be customized to appear on various Zazzle products including shirts, posters, canvas, iPhone and iPad cases, mugs, stationery, and much more. Please visit here to learn more about the National Wildlife Federation.

Exciting Updates to Zazzle Instant!

December 1, 2012

Zazzle Instant guru, Ben, is here to tell us all about some updated features: 

(But that’s not all — for the next two #Zaturdays, we’ll be unveiling some more awesome app features and surprises. Stay tuned.)

Hello! I’m Ben and I spend most of my time working on Zazzle Instant. In case you haven’t tried it, Zazzle Instant is an iPhone app that makes it easy to create products on the go. So next time you’re jumping 128,000 feet from a hot air balloon, you’ll be able to snap a shot and get that formidable view on a postcard right away. Here’s a look at some updated features that I’m excited about:


I don’t space jump, but I do sit in this box.

1. Facebook photo integration

As a creative person, you know that your next inspiration for a masterpiece could come from anywhere. So we’d like to allow your designs to draw from as much creative material as possible, not just your phone’s camera roll. The next version of Zazzle Instant will (optionally) provide you access to your own Facebook photos when designing a product, so your next maddeningly trendy messenger bag can feature that photo you took four years ago of your roommate wearing seven hats.


2. Easier image adjustment

The driving principle behind Zazzle Instant is to minimize the effort it takes for you to create products. To that end, one upcoming feature to watch for is the ability to adjust your image at any time while designing, rather than having to crop the image in advance. For those designs where you just wanted to use the whole image, this eliminates an unnecessary step. For those situations where you want to take extra care to crop the lurker out of your beach photo, this feature makes that adjustment nearly effortless.


Pinch the product and the image follows your fingers.

3. Panorama posters

The next time iOS 6 leads you to Ulan Bator rather than Starbucks, your only solace will be to capture a panorama of the austere landscape. The updated version of Zazzle Instant can transform that into an austere poster.


It was cold.

Most Popular iPhone 5 Case Designs

November 5, 2012

What makes for a great iPhone case? Besides successfully protecting your precious iPhone from catastrophic falls and award-winning klutzy moments, the best cases are eye-catching, creative and help show off your personal style.

Here at Zazzle, we took a look at the great iPhone cases on display, crunched some numbers and highlighted some of the most popular cases to share with you all. Obviously, the top cases are the ones where you can create your own designs, but if you’re feeling like outside inspiration might be the way to go, here are some good picks below.

Also, we’ve partnered with Klout to hand out $20 off an iPhone 5 case through their Klout Perks program. So if you’re addicted to Mashable and know your Klout Score like the four digits of your ATM PIN number, head on over to Klout or click this link to check out our campaign to see if you qualify.

Girly Pink and Gold Peacock Bird Photo Print iPhone 5 Covers
Girly Pink and Gold Peacock Bird Photo Print iPhone 5 Covers by Second_Skin
Andes iPhone 5 Case
Andes iPhone 5 Case by Chulart
Retro Camera Scroll FX iPhone 5 Monogram Case iPhone 5 Case
Retro Camera Scroll FX iPhone 5 Monogram Case iPhone 5 Case by DigitalDreambuilder

Zazzle Introduces Panoramic Photo Products!

October 18, 2012

We’ve all been there while taking a picture. You’re on vacation in the tropics and you’re trying to fit the palm tree and the entire double rainbow into the shot, and it…won’t. Or you’re out about town and you can’t get your kid and the complete street mural into an entire frame. Frustration ensues.

Apple had iPhone photographers everywhere overjoyed when they announced the panorama feature on the new iPhone 5. Zazzle has now taken this innovative feature and worked it into our offerings.

We’re excited to announce that you can now snap a beautiful panoramic picture and put it on mugs, posters (small and large) and triptych canvas wall art prints. Zazzle’s the first to offer the ability to create uncropped panoramic photoprint products from your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (if you’ve got iOS 6), all in one click from your desktop. This makes us extra-excited. Check out our piece in CNET, as well.

Looking forward to seeing your panoramic creations from our site!


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